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Animal Cookie strain review

animal cookies strain

Animal Cookie 


Indica hybrid (Sativa 25%/ Indica 75%) Girl Scout Cookies X Fire OG


Harvest ,indoor Up to 300g/m², outdoor Up to 350 gr/plant


9 – 10 weeks 


THC 23%, CBD 0.2%


New school 

Temperate / continental

Animal Cookie strain:

As a medicinal plant, the Animal Cookies strain has a fairly potent THC dose, averaged in around 23%. As a result, medication is a safe choice for someone who has a chronic pain disorder. This also has a sweet profile of cookie tips, cherry, and vanilla, and it is also very scrumptious.

Animal cookies are a medium to large plant with thick, popcorn-shaped buds when fully grown. The big fan leaves are dark green and occasionally violet with edges. The entire plant arrives to harvest, complemented by bright orange pistils growing around the stems, with rather generous clothing of sticky, white, and cloudy-colored trichomes.

A combination of sweet and salty scents mixed with a soft, earthy pungent odor is the aroma of Animal Cookies. BC Bud Depot describes the flavor and taste of animal cookies as cherry cookies and has been described by numerous consumers as sweet, vanilla, nutty, earthy, and poisonous.

Terpene cookies have an appealing appearance. When a bottle is open, a soft musky fragrance of citrus fruit and pine overtakes the space. The smooth smoke produces a special flavor so that you can try it to grasp what I mean – it tastes like a mixture of plum, grape and brown sugar.

The flora cycle is between 9 and 10 weeks for an animal-cookie plant and September is the perfect month to harvest. Those growing on the outside of the plant should expect an average yield of around 350 gr/plant whereas a plant grown indoors would produce an average yield up to 300g/m².

Aberrant cookies are a bit to heavy, identified as dizzy as well as more nervous or even suspicious by other smokers, mostly beginner smokers or people new to THC substance strains. Luckily, these adverse effects are much less severe and more seasoned smokers who do not overdo any of these harmful effects are certainly not.

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animal cookies
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