Birthday Cake Strain Review & Growing Guide (Aka Birthday Cake Kush)

Birthday Cake Strain Review & Growing Guide (Aka Birthday Cake Kush), MARIJUANA, WEED, CANNABIS SEEDS, DR.SEEDS
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Birthday Cake Strain Review & Growing Guide

Birthday Cake, also known as “Birthday Cake Kush,” is an Indica-dominant hybrid that has a sweet, cake-like flavor and strong body effects.

This strain is a result of crossing Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie, and its buds are covered in a crystalline glaze of THC-rich resin.

Birthday Cake is a perfect strain to end the day, as it has deeply relaxing effects that calm the body without sedating the mind, just like any dessert.


Although some tests have recorded a maximum THC concentration of only 14%, Birthday Cake is still a moderately potent strain that can reach THC levels of up to 25%. This may not be the best strain for novice users, especially those with a low tolerance to THC.

Birthday Cake is a predominantly Indica strain, up to 60%, capable of producing some exquisite cerebral effects. At first, users will experience a rapid improvement in mood, which can manifest as an irresistibly happy feeling with occasional giggles.

After a few minutes, users will start to feel a little heavy throughout the body. This marks the beginning of a deep, relaxing sensation that can make users feel sluggish and sleepy.

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Birthday Cake Strain Review & Growing Guide (Aka Birthday Cake Kush), MARIJUANA, WEED, CANNABIS SEEDS, DR.SEEDS

Birthday Cake Terpenes

Terpenes are the aromatic compounds that give cannabis strains their unique smells and flavors. They interact with the endocannabinoid system and other receptors in the body and mind, producing various effects.

Terpenes can enhance or modify the effects of cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD, which creates a synergistic phenomenon called the entourage effect.

Birthday Cake has a complex terpene profile that contributes to its sweet and savory taste, as well as its balanced high.

Dominant terpene:

Caryophyllenespicy, cinnamon, clover

The most abundant terpene in this strain is caryophyllene, which is responsible for its spicy and peppery flavor.

Caryophyllene is known for its anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, and mood-enhancing properties. It interacts with the CB2 receptors in the endocannabinoid system, which regulate immune response and inflammation.

Additionally, caryophyllene can counteract some of the negative effects of THC, such as anxiety and paranoia.

Secondary terpenes:

Limonenecitrus, lemon, orange, tangerine
Myrceneearthy, musky, fruity, clover, hop, pungent
Pinenesharp, turpentine, pine, rosemary

Limonene contributes to the strain’s flavor and aroma by adding a fruity and citrusy touch. It also has uplifting and energizing effects, as well as anti-stress and anti-depressant benefits. Limonene can enhance the absorption of other terpenes and cannabinoids, resulting in a stronger entourage effect.

Myrcene is an earthy and musky terpene that is also present in mangoes, hops, and thyme. It has sedative and relaxing effects, as well as anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Myrcene can increase the potency of THC, making it more psychoactive and inducing a couch-lock sensation.

Pinene is a sharp and piney terpene that is also found in conifers, rosemary, and sage. It has bronchodilator, anti-inflammatory, and memory-enhancing effects. Pinene can also counteract some of the cognitive impairment caused by THC, such as short-term memory loss.

Birthday Cake cannabis Strain Review & Growing Guide (Aka Birthday Cake Kush), MARIJUANA, WEED, CANNABIS SEEDS, DR.SEEDS

Aroma & Flavor

If you cure your Birthday Cake properly at harvest, it should smell of damp earth with a hint of citrus. Once ground, you may notice some spicy sandalwood notes which can be harsh on the sinuses when burned.

Although most people describe the aroma as sweet vanilla with skunky and earthy notes, there are other scents to consider. The aroma of this strain is not just the typical vanilla cake scent, but rather a weed cake scent that still maintains the classic weed aroma.

The flavor of Birthday Cake is sweet, nutty, and buttery, but the sweetness of the strain depends on certain phenotypes. Some variations may have a prominent cake-like flavor, while others may be a little tart and spicy with just a hint of creaminess.

However, when you exhale the smoke, the sweetness of the strain comes out along with some rich and creamy flavors that can be compared to that of a real cake.

Adverse Reactions

Birthday Cake can cause some side effects when smoked. Some of the most common reactions are dry mouth and dry, red eyes, which are usually not a big issue.

However, some users may experience other side effects such as dizziness and anxiety, so it’s important to be aware of these potential effects.


This strain of medical marijuana is a delightful treat for users and patients, just like a real cake. It has mood-boosting properties that make it an excellent option for those looking to relieve stress and depression.

Additionally, its analgesic and sedative properties can help alleviate pain caused by various ailments such as fibromyalgia, inflammation, headaches, and migraines.

Birthday Cake marijuana Strain Review & Growing Guide (Aka Birthday Cake Kush), MARIJUANA, WEED, CANNABIS SEEDS, DR.SEEDS

Birthday Cake Strain Grow Info

The Birthday Cake strain is generally easy to grow. It has good resistance to pests and can handle some environmental stressors. However, it’s important to monitor humidity levels to prevent mold and mildew from forming in the plant’s dense flowers.

It can be grown both indoors and outdoors, and growers can expect this strain to produce dense, flavorful buds in the right conditions. In general, this is a low-maintenance strain that can suit both inexperienced and experienced growers.

If you’re growing Birthday Cake indoors, it’s best to use tents or grow rooms. Like most modern hybrids, it likes strong lights that can fuel its vigorous growth and flowering. It’s important to provide plenty of ventilation to prevent mold and mildew from forming. To ensure even canopy growth and maximum yields, growers may want to use training methods such as topping or low-stress training (LST).

If you plan to grow Birthday Cake outdoors, choosing a location with plenty of sunlight and good soil drainage is important. These plants can grow very tall, so they may require some staking or other form of structural support. This strain is best suited to warm, dry climates, but it can also be grown in more temperate regions with proper care and attention to humidity levels.

Birthday Cake Flowering Time


Birthday Cake can grow up to 1 meter in height and takes around 8-9 weeks to flower.


Birthday Cake can be harvested outdoors in late September or early October.

Birthday Cake weed Strain Review & Growing Guide (Aka Birthday Cake Kush), MARIJUANA, WEED, CANNABIS SEEDS, DR.SEEDS


This strain can produce moderate to high yields depending on the growing method and conditions. Indoors, it can yield around 12 to 16 ounces per square meter, and outdoors up to 16 ounces per plant.


Birthday Cake was created by crossing two popular strains: Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. Both of these strains are known for their potent effects and complex terpene profiles.

Girl Scout Cookies is an Indica-dominant strain that has a high THC content and a balanced mix of cerebral and physical effects. On the other hand, Cherry Pie is a Sativa-dominant strain that has a fruity and spicy taste and a relaxing and euphoric high.

By combining these two strains, the breeders in Los Angeles, created a strain that has a balanced ratio of Indica and Sativa genes, a moderate to high THC level, and a rich and diverse array of terpenes.

FAQs about Birthday Cake Marijuana Strain

Birthday Cake is a high-yielding strain that can produce 12 to 16 ounces of buds per square meter in indoor settings and more than 16 ounces per plant in outdoor environments.

The THC content of this strain can vary depending on the quality and cultivation of the plant. However, most samples range from 10% to 25% THC, which is higher than average for most strains.

Birthday Cake provides a well-balanced high, combining both cerebral and physical effects. It can induce feelings of happiness, relaxation, upliftment, and euphoria, while also stimulating the appetite.

However, it may also cause some negative reactions such as dry mouth, dizziness, anxiety, and dry eyes. Users need to be cautious of the dosage and stay hydrated when consuming this strain.

Birthday Cake is a marijuana strain that is easy to grow. It has a natural resistance to pests and can handle some stress, but it requires low humidity to prevent mold and mildew from forming in its dense buds.

This strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors, and it produces potent and flavorful buds under optimal conditions. It is a straightforward strain that is suitable for both novice and experienced growers.

  • Indoor growers should use tents or rooms with strong lights for this strain. They should also ensure good airflow to prevent fungal issues. To achieve the best yields and even growth, techniques like topping or LST can be used.
  • Outdoor growers should choose a sunny, well-drained location for this strain. These plants can grow very large, so they may require some support. The strain prefers warm, dry weather, but it can also thrive in cooler areas with proper care and monitoring of humidity levels.

Birthday Cake is a hybrid strain that offers the best of both worlds – the relaxing body high of India and the euphoric mental uplift of sativa. With a balanced ratio of 60% Indica and 40% Sativa, it’s perfect for users who want to experience a well-rounded high.

Birthday Cake has a sweet, nutty, and buttery taste with hints of vanilla and citrus or berry. It offers a balanced high and a delicious flavor profile that resembles a classic cake.

This weed strain has a unique scent that blends the sweetness of vanilla with the pungent aroma of skunk and the earthy smell of soil. While some users may find the fragrance pleasant, others may find it too overpowering or unpleasant. The aroma can also differ based on the growing environment and the quality of the buds.

Birthday Cake and Wedding Cake are two popular marijuana strains that share some similarities but also have some differences.

  1. Both strains are hybrids derived from Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie, but Wedding Cake has a higher percentage of Indica genetics than Birthday Cake.
  2. Both strains have a sweet and fruity aroma, but Wedding Cake has a more earthy and spicy undertone.
  3. Both strains are potent and can produce euphoric and relaxing effects, but Wedding Cake may be more sedating and couch-locking than Birthday Cake.
  4. Both strains may help with chronic pain, stress, insomnia, and depression, but Wedding Cake may also have anti-inflammatory and appetite-stimulating properties.

Birthday Cake weed strain info:


Birthday Cake Strain Review & Growing Guide (Aka Birthday Cake Kush), MARIJUANA, WEED, CANNABIS SEEDS, DR.SEEDS
Birthday Cake Strain Review & Growing Guide (Aka Birthday Cake Kush), MARIJUANA, WEED, CANNABIS SEEDS, DR.SEEDS
Birthday Cake Strain Review & Growing Guide (Aka Birthday Cake Kush), MARIJUANA, WEED, CANNABIS SEEDS, DR.SEEDS


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