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Blue Bullet strain marijuana review

Blue Bullet strain marijuana review, sensi seeds, cannabis, weed, pot, plant

Blue Bullet


Indica/Sativa hybrid -Blueberry X Skunk #1 Auto


Harvest XL,  350gr/sqm


9 – 10 weeks 


THC 15-18%, CBD 0,1%


Old school 

Temperatur Cool /cold

Blue Bullet strain marijuana review, sensi seeds, cannabis, weed, pot, plant

Blue Bullet strain:

The automatic Blue Bullet strain is an Indica/Sativa hybrid that has a beautiful gene pool, with Skunk#1 and Blueberry being its parents, called by Sensi Seeds in Sensi#119. The plants are compact enough to be cultivated discreetly thanks to the influence of the Indicas. Also, in most climates, they are robust enough to grow and can generate significant yields. The effect of Blue Bullet is relaxing but also lifting and pleasing is anticipated by users.

These strains are not unlike a standard Indica with bushy branches in appearance. Blue Bullet make a lot of buds, resulting in good yields for an automatic strain. Although farmers may not generate super-abundant harvests, it is easy to grow. Furthermore, this Blue Bullet  Automatic is now even for beginners one of the simplest strains to cultivate.

The smell echoes a hint of fruit and sweetness in the Blueberry. There is also a skunky aroma that intensifies with the maturity of plants. The taste, with a note of citrus, shows these flavors.

Average Yield

Because of its small size, Blue Bullet is a good plant for discreet growth in the garden or the like. Outdoor growers will be able to cultivate more than one crop per season in warmer climate regions. Also, indoor are successful and preferable for space-restricting.

Flowers are given as “average” times, which should translate from seed to harvest into approximate lifetimes of about 10 weeks both for indoors and outdoors. They are bushy and produce very decent, if not outstanding returns, with a maximum yield of 350 grams per square meters.

Medical use

There are several sensory benefits to this strain. In the morning and during the day, Blue Bullet is used to lower stress and anxiety due to its brain effects. This strain can help people with minor to mild chronic distress and pain. In patients who are experiencing exhaustion and restlessness, this strain is also often recommended. Some people use the medication to alleviate nausea. Furthermore, Blue Bullet improves fatigue and chronic fatigue.  And lastly, it can also reduce nausea and encourage appetite.

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Blue Bullet strain marijuana review, sensi seeds, cannabis, weed, pot, plant

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