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BLUE DREAM strain review

BLUE DREAM strain review, cannabis, marijuana, weed, pot, plant

Blue Dream 


Indica: (30%-Sativa: 70%) Blueberry x Super Silver Haze


Prize Winner


XXXL, indoor 600gr/sqm, outdoor 600gr/plant


9 – 10 weeks 


THC: 19-24% – CBD: 2%


New school

Sheltered in bright and sunny mediterranean environments

BLUE DREAM strain :

Blue Dream strain is as strong as it is pleasurable and identified as following the initial fruity and spicy fragrance one recalls mingling in a mixture of freshly picked blueberries with its wide-range influence from euphoric to calm to vitality and motivational. 

Foundationally, a hemp controlled form is the Blue Dream strain weed variety. It’s unknown to the breeders. The herb produces the benefit of Indica stimulation and enhances neurological sensation showing the strains of Sativa. Moreover, BWD weed provides long-lasting pain relief without excessive sedation, thanks to the elevated level of THC up to 21 percent. Primarily, it is recommended for the first and novice patients as the herb has a gentle onset and sustained pain relief. Cannabis from Blue Dream is perfect for day and night.

In fact, this is a speedy plant that will bring pleasure to the new or beginner grower. Such jewel has flowering cycles for indoor structures for around 10 weeks (49-63 days) or for outdoor installations between September and early October. With a yield of approximately 600gr per plant, you may want to top it early so that you can grow up to five feet to keep this chick satisfied indoors.

Likewise, a solid cross between Blueberry and Haze is a mildly Sativa strain shrouded in mystery. It has an effective cross between the already common conventional breed. The nuts are long, bushy, and have dark violet, amber, and gray hair and a multitude of milky white trichomes.

Naturally as a pacer at its core, this plant is sure to elevate your attitude and shift your body. Lastly, for minor muscle spasms and wounded or diseased pain, it is often recommended.

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