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Blueberry Kush Strain review

blueberry OG kush plant, weed, marijuana, cannabis, pot

Blueberry Kush 


(100% Indica)  OG Kush x Blueberry


Prize Winner


Harvest XXL, indoor 300gr/sqm, outdoor up to 700g/plant


8-10 weeks indoors, late September to early November outdoors


THC 17,5-22%, CBD 0.2%


Ols school classic

sunny mediterranean climate

Blueberry Kush Strain:

Blueberry Kush is a hybrid of Blueberry weed and the famous OG Kush. OG Kush, a strong Indica cannabis type, is the hallmarks of this award-winning strain. The product of OG Kush was the powerful and perfect Blueberry Kush. It wasn’t the fruit but the strain that was cultivated in the 1970s.

Blueberry Kush has lengthy green leaves, has a sticky resin, and several trichomes. The latter appears white over its green leaves, and the middle of its buds is violet, just like bleeds.

Their fragrance, taste, and scent are fruity, with a leisurely scent that relaxes until it becomes light. The sweetness of the weed makes the smoke not so abrasive as you smoke it.

Smell and taste both appear to be new and is very peculiar to any other type of cannabis on the market. Your taste buds will feel the Berry, earthy, sweet, tangy, blueberry, fruity, potpourri, strong, fresh, nature. Besides, the fragrance would be earthy and herbal ingredients. It is perfect for inexperienced smokers to test and start it because of the non-abrasive smoke.

People who never heard about this strain were remembered by many cannabis fanatics after receiving the commercial. Its scarcity has also caused tremendous chaos because more people demand it and therefore its popularity has increased.

On the other hand, growing Blueberry Kush certainly isn’t for beginners or inexperienced growers as it can mess up the entire method. It needs a certain amount of experience because it can be a complicated way of growing. The strain can be grown with seeds or cuttings, but the yield is not high, because the quality is more critical than quantity.

Average Yield

Once they begin to grow, they’ll be very needy and require the grower to give a lot of attention. When grown on indoors, the rate of production is higher but the yield is affected and fertilizer is also required. This will yield up to 300 grams per meter squared when grown indoors, Meanwhile, for the outside, because of the direct sunlight, this strain may have a higher yield but lower power rate. The Outdoors yield of Blueberry Kush can be up to 700 grams per crop, but even if fertilizers are used indoors this quantity is substantially reduced.

Medical Use

Blueberry is a perfect herb or nausea relievers and an appetite for relaxation. It is useful also for chronic pain, for example, muscle spasms and anxiety-related moods. The weeds in the Blueberry Kush are medium-high in THC and low in CBD. The levels of THC can be predicted from 17,5% to 22%. For a casual street smoker, this is a high norm, but for lovers of high strength weeds and dabs, it is medium. This is a very strong medical strain, but will not leave you comatose.

Blueberry Kush cannabis is revered or the capacity to relax is revered. In certain medical conditions, this may be beneficial. It can lead to chronic stress and chronic pain that wraps your mind. This variety of weeds is a calming comfort for people with anxiety and depression.

Blueberry Kush is effective against the nausea of various causes, including chemotherapy or radiation treatment of cancer, like many other varieties of high THC cannabis. 

blueberry OG kush plant, weed, marijuana, cannabis, pot
blueberry OG kush plant, weed, marijuana, cannabis, pot
blueberry OG kush plant, weed, marijuana, cannabis, pot
blueberry OG kush plant, weed, marijuana, cannabis, pot
blueberry OG kush plant, weed, marijuana, cannabis, pot

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