Blueberry Kush Marijuana Strain Review & Growing Info

Blueberry Kush Marijuana Strain Review & Growing Info, weed, cannabis, seeds
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Blueberry Kush Strain Review & Growing Info

Blueberry Kush is a 100% indica strain resulting from a cross between the famous Blueberry and O.G. Kush. This strain is renowned for its potent effects, delightful flavors, and high yields.

If you want a relaxing and euphoric strain that can assist you with stress, pain, insomnia, and depression, then Blueberry OG is an excellent option.

However, this strain is not recommended for beginners as it can be challenging to cultivate, and it has a high THC content ranging between 22% and 24%.


Blueberry Kush is a powerful indica that can induce deep and lasting relaxation. This strain can make you feel calm, sleepy, euphoric, happy, and uplifted. It is ideal for evening or nighttime use, as it can help you unwind and drift off to a peaceful sleep. Blueberry OG can also stimulate your appetite and make you crave some snacks.

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Blueberry Kush Marijuana Strain Review & Growing Info, weed, cannabis, seeds

Flavors Profile

Blueberry Kush has a delicious flavor that matches its aroma. You can taste the blueberry, sweet, berry, lemon, woody, and fruity notes on your tongue as you inhale and exhale. The smoke is smooth and creamy, and it leaves a sweet aftertaste in your mouth.

Adverse Reactions

Blueberry Kush has some common adverse reactions that are typical of most cannabis strains. The most likely ones are dry mouth and dry eyes, which can be easily alleviated by drinking plenty of water and using eye drops.

Some users may also experience dizziness, headache, or paranoia, especially if they consume too much or are not used to high-THC strains. These effects are usually mild and short-lived, and they can be avoided by starting with low doses and increasing gradually.


Blueberry Kush is a strain of cannabis that offers numerous medical benefits, making it an effective treatment for various conditions. It is commonly used to relieve stress, pain, insomnia, depression, and muscle spasms. It may help to calm the mind and induce relaxation, which makes it effective in alleviating stress.

It also helps to numb the body, reduce inflammation, and alleviate pain. With its ability to induce sleepiness and improve sleep quality, Blueberry OG can also help with insomnia.

The strain is known for its mood-enhancing effects, which make it an effective treatment for depression. Additionally, Blueberry Kush helps to relax the muscles, preventing cramps and muscle spasms.

Blueberry Kush Marijuana Strain Review & Growing Info, weed, cannabis, seeds


Growing Blueberry Kush is not an easy task, as it requires a certain level of experience and attention. This strain can be grown either indoors or outdoors, but it thrives the most in a warm outdoor climate with plenty of sunlight.

It has a high resistance to diseases but can be vulnerable to mold and mildew in case of high humidity levels.

Regular pruning and trimming are necessary to maintain its shape and airflow, as it has a medium height and bushy structure.

Flowering Time


Blueberry Kush has a flowering time of 8 to 10 weeks indoors. It can produce an average yield of 7 ounces per square meter.


Blueberry Kush can be harvested in late September to early November outdoors. It can produce a generous yield of 23 ounces per plant.


Blueberry Kush is a cross between Blueberry and O.G. Kush. Blueberry is a classic indica strain that was created in the 1970s by DJ Short. It is known for its blueberry flavor and color, as well as its relaxing effects. O.G. Kush is a legendary hybrid strain that originated in California in the 1990s. It is known for its potent effects, kush aroma, and high THC levels.

FAQ About Blueberry Kush Marijuana Strain

Blueberry Kush can produce a moderate to high yield of 7 ounces per square meter indoors, or 23 ounces per plant outdoors.

Blueberry Kush has a high THC level of 22% to 24%, making it one of the strongest indica strains available.

Blueberry Kush is 100% indica, meaning it has no sativa genes at all.

Strain info:


Blueberry Kush Marijuana Strain Review & Growing Info, weed, cannabis, seeds
Blueberry Kush Marijuana Strain Review & Growing Info, weed, cannabis, seeds
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