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Blueberry strain review

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Blueberry strain


Indica hybrid, Afghani X  Thai landrace strains


Prize Winner,  1st High Times Prize Cannabis Cup 2000,  3rd High Times Prize Cannabis Cup 2001


Harvest L, 350 to 450 grams per m2


8-9 weeks


THC 16% up to 23.5%


Old school classic

Sunny climate  / continental

Blueberry strain:

Blueberry is an old lineage strain, there is a large difference between plants. Though Blueberry is commonly referred to as an indica, it is a hybrid with lineage in Afghani and Thai landrace strains. It is 80% leaning towards indica, this tends to occur with crossbred strains, especially those as common as Blueberry. This bud has content from 16% up to 23.5% THC.

This bud appears to be much denser, like many other indica-dominant varieties. The nubs usually make an unusual swirling of pure and red due to its high amount of anthocyanin. This only really will thrive if it can dry correctly and if it develops sufficiently well to reach its full potential.

The way it smells, the blueberry tastes. The scent is so distinct that it would not be difficult for most recreational users to infer the aroma. Blueberry‘s sticky buds promise an abundance of tastes that hold your tongue and make it like delicious blueberries and vanilla.

This fragrant flower takes an average time to develop indoors, the normal floral duration being 9 weeks. Blueberry will yield around 18 ounces per square meter on an approximate average during harvest.

Blueberry can flourish in a natural setting best grown outside. This strain loves the best available soil and a sunny climate. Blueberry can be generous, with an average of 25 ounces of clocking per crop during harvest. This plant can be expected to be ready for plucking by mid-October.

Hydration is also important here, as you can get dry eyes and cottonmouth from this strong indica. You should have some water nearby so that when smoking Blueberry, you do not feel dehydrated. This strain can promote healthy eating by intensifying its effects on the palate of cancers that are suffering from intense nausea and a lack of appetite. 

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