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Candyland strain review

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Hybrid (Sativa 40%/ Indica 60%) Bay Platinum X Grand Daddy Purple


Harvest XXL, indoor Up to 400g/m², outdoor Up to 1000 gr/plant


8 – 9 weeks 


THC 23%, CBD 3-10%


New school 

Temperate / continental

Candyland strain:

Bay Platinum and the Grand Daddy Purple – are Candyland’s two popular strains in California. Mother Bay Platinum Cookies (Bay Platinum Cookies) is a sativa dominated cross of cookies that are also made by GP. Ken’s confirmed father is Purple Grand Daddy boy. There was a mistake. California and Colorado are best known for the strain.
The iconic weed grower and breeder Ken Estes are formed by these wonderfully aromatic strains. Ken has a tradition of developing high-quality varieties, including Granddaddy Purple, produced by the mixture of two varieties of Indicas, Purple Urkle and Big Bud.
Candyland is a rather large plant with thin, thick, green buds that can be almost purple in certain plants when fully grown. A Candyland bud is highly frozen by trichomes covering the entire plant as soon as it is ready for harvest. The leaves are dominated by the gold hair and long, small, dark orange pistils.
The sweet taste of this strain, hence the word, is popular. There are also several prominent tastes that come to the fore when smoked. Candyland has a fruity berry fragrance with an earthy, oak with sumptuous scent.
The average production from growing an outdoors Candyland plant is a night and day split, in comparison with indoors. This weed thrives when grown outdoors, as already described. A typical outside Candyland plant can yield up to 35 ounces per year, whereas an indoor year can generate around 14 ounces per meter on typical.
The flora is around 8-9 weeks for Candyland and the best period to harvest is late September or early October.
This strain is a decent alternative for the recreational or medical weed user, owing to the optimistic and elevating impact of Candyland. Candyland’s results should be uplifting for the occasional smoker and the good taste and smell.
candyland flower plant weed grow seeds
candyland flower plant weed grow
candyland flower plant weed grow seeds
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