Cannabis Cup 2020 update, inception, and more!

Cannabis Cup 2020 update, inception, and more!, CANNABIS FESTIVAL, WEED, POT, MARIJUANA
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Cannabis Cup 2020: Slated towards Southern California People's Choice Edition

On Friday, High times revealed that it would be stopping in Southern California later this year for its Cannabis Cup 2020: People’s Choice series of competition. Since limitations imposed on the coronavirus pandemic have caused High Times to cancel their signature festivals of cannabis goods earlier this year following a string of house-judged cases.

The People’s Choice Version will feature the weed cup for the first time, and the new High-Times service offers calculated kits directly to users. Since 1974, the  Cannabis Cup 2020 firm has become a leading voice in the cannabis industry and in June announces the introduction of the first High Times Distribution retail company in selected markets in California.

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Cannabis Cup 2020 update, inception, and more!, CANNABIS FESTIVAL, WEED, POT, MARIJUANA
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Cannabis Cup 2020 categories and rivalry

Also, the People’s Choice Version will feature ten types of competitions that include Indian flora, sativa flora, hybrid flora, sun-grown flora, pre-rolls, solvent concentrate, solvent concentrates, non-Solvent concentrate, steaming styles and cartridge; edible, and topics + tincture + capsule. The trial is the first High Times cannabis trial in southern California with an open verdict for the 21 + population which aims to act as the region’s biggest judge pool ever. Registered cannabis brands will have the chance to position their products in the hands of distinguished customers and gain valuable input from their public judges’ pools. The rivalry should not become blind, which requires all brands to send their goods to their ordinary buyers with the packaging, logos, and other details they normally offer.

Participation in the SoCal:

On the other hand, The cannabis cup people’s choice is available to cannabis companies approved by the California Cannabis Control Bureau, California Public Health Department, or the California Food and Agriculture Department as needed. The market is open to legal California-manufactured recreational cannabis products only. The specifications are 228 single-gram flower units, 228 pre-rolls, 228 steam types or cartridges, 228 half graph concentrate units, or 60 edible or topical units. Input volumes are required. The entrance fees are $500 for one object, $250 for 2 entrants, and all the entry fees for three or more tickets will be waived by High Times.

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Cannabis Cup 2020 update, inception, and more!, CANNABIS FESTIVAL, WEED, POT, MARIJUANA

Entries information

Cannabis Cup 2020 SOCAL entry fee is set for the 1st to 4th of December. Adult juicing boxes are exclusively available via High Times Distribution for adults of 21 years and over, with deliveries beginning on December 5 and beginning on December 9 making it an excellent treat for seasonal auto-donation or a fun cannabis enthusiast present on the list. During the judging period scheduled for 9 December to 20 January 2021, product ratings may be requested. The results of the competition will be released on Sunday, January 24, 2015, at 4:20 p.m. via streaming awards show. PDT.-PDT.

In March, High Times launched its iconic series of online cannabis tournaments as a reaction to the epidemic of coronavirus in consumers ‘ homes. The High Times Hemp Cup was held in Austin, Texas, inaugurated on 4 April, and is set to compete as a traditional individual sport in eight divisions. The activities continued during the summer and autumn and halted in Colorado, Oklahoma, and Illinois more. Judging kits for the Oregon Cannabis Cup: The People’s Choice version Cannabis Cup 2020 is set to be released on December 6 and is postponed by the fires that devastated the West Coast this summer.

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Cannabis Cup 2020 update, inception, and more!, CANNABIS FESTIVAL, WEED, POT, MARIJUANA
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Cannabis Cup and its history

You have already read of the Cannabis Cup 2020, a big marijuana gathering in the country. The Cannabis Cup presents coveted prizes and is a perfect event to showcase the best in the industry.

The Cannabis Cup was created by Steven Hager in 1988, also known as the Cannabis Cup in the “High Times.” The Cup has been developed to demonstrate cannabis farmers and growers their products. It offers them all the ability to contend for rank and titles.

Any phase in the development and use of cannabis has been honored by the Cannabis Cup from the outset. Plants, end goods, and accessories are tested. During the expo, you can see a variety of marijuana-related items as well as many corporations that have a certain effect on cannabis.

Manufacturers and growers must apply their goods for independent review to compete in the Cannabis Cup. This tests both their THC and CBD ability.

It also offers informative workshops in addition to introducing cannabis and cannabis-related items. These lectures and courses are suitable for disseminating cannabis awareness to the public. Themes vary from usage to history to development.

Without judging, no contest is complete and the Weed Cup tests over various categories. A professional judge jury from different locations around the world is gathering for the event organizers. This variety removes prejudice and gives many insights during the selection process.


The best sativa, best indica, best hybrid, best foreign hash, best nederhash, best hash, best new stuff, the best glass, and the best booth are some of the most famous categories of the Cannabis Cup. There are a variety of categories in which voters, including the best bottle, best stand, and best goods, vote on the winner.

Historical location

In Amsterdam, known for its tolerance to cannabis, the first Cannabis Cup took place. In the years, almost all the annual Cannabis Cups have taken place in Amsterdam. After 27 years of hosting the Weed Cup, several considerations decided to move sites. Those issues included speculation over the future of the regulations on cannabis in the country and a safer climate for cannabis in other parts of the world.

As weed is permitted, other cities have already begun to hold the Cannabis Cup variant. Many of these occurrences center on medicinal cannabis rather than recreational cannabis.

With this intention, Cannabis Cups in Southern and Northern California, Jamaica, Vegas, Colorado, Rhode Island, Portland, and the United States, are only a couple of the latest ones you can see. Midwestern. Midwest.

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Across Sites Location

In the United States, the first Cannabis Cup was held in 2010. The Medical Cannabis Cup “High Times” is intended to honor legal marijuana states. It provides the activities and items planned, but medical marijuana is the main focus.

Correspondingly, the U.S Cannabis Cup is designed for nations that are promoting marijuana recreation. The activities in the key cannabis cup are very close to those in Amsterdam. In other words, after test strains, judges show awards for different categories and members vote for those categories.

The Movie

With the aid of DVDs created to record activities, you can taste the Cannabis Cup without attending. After the 2003 festival, producers made the ‘Cannabis Cup,’ a film from last year’s event, which celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the event, during the Summer of 2008. Redman and Tommy Chong hosted this particular Cannabis Cup.

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The Cannabis Cup Police Raid in Amsterdam 2010

For the first time in 2010, police searched the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup venue. This event was not well finished and has helped to change the position of the Cannabis Cup since 2014.

The raid was unbelievably controversial, followed in the Netherlands by Conservatives that year. Any of the country’s coffee shops, known for their hemp in addition to coffee, were already closed by these conservatives.

The most information about the raid was collected from tweets at the time of the incident. The police informed the authority that they saw pot booths that were counter to laws. On that basis, they shut down the event and left everyone but the exhibitors.

One of the High Times lawyers issued a letter after the drama. The issue has become a permission misunderstanding, according to David Holland. Nobody was arrested and the participants were never at risk of any such damage or detention. The police only guaranteed, according to him, that no seller can offer more weed than permissible. The Opium Act provided on all manufacturers to be below a cap of 500 grams at the site and only one barely was over.

Given this points, the Police, Weed Cup organizers, and dealers all worked friendly the following day. However, the intervention of the police brought the case to the attention of the stigma and derogatory coverage.

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A Look at previous champions

Many of the former Cannabis Cup holders are still fighting for themselves until today. Look at the previous winners of the Cup and find some repeat victors that prove which businesses deliver premium goods reliably. Just a handful of the winners in recent years are here:

1st Cannabis Cup in 1988 Skunk #1 – Cultivator’s Choice

2nd Cannabis Cup in 1989 Early Pearly/Skunk #1 and Northern Lights #5/Haze – Seed Bank, Snocap – David Swenson

3rd Cannabis Cup in 1990 Northern Lights #5 – Seed Bank

4th Cannabis Cup in 1991 Skunk – Free City

5th Cannabis Cup in 1992 Haze and Skunk #1 – Homegrown Fantasy

6th Cannabis Cup in 1993 Haze and Northern Lights #5 – Sensi Seed Bank

7th Cannabis Cup in 1994 Jack Herer – Sensi Seed Bank

8th Cannabis Cup in 1995 White Widow – Green House

9th Cannabis Cup in 1996 White Russian – De Dampkring

10th Cannabis Cup in 1997 Peace Maker – De Dampkring

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The most recent Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam was in 2014. First-place winners at that event included:

Best Coffeeshop Strain Cookies Kush – Barney’s Coffeeshop

Best Sativa by a Seed Company Tangie Crockett’s Cut – Crockett Family Farms

Best Indica by a Seed Company Colorado Bubba – The Vault Genetics

Best Hybrid by a Seed Company Larry OG – The Vault Genetics

Best Import Hash by a Coffeeshop Super Lemon Haze Cream – The Green House

Best Import Hash by a Seed Company Super Lemon OG Concentrate – Loud Pack Extractions & Greenwolf, LA

Best Nederhash by a Coffeeshop Barney’s Coffeeshop – Cookies Ice-Cream

Best Nederhash by a Seed Company The Kong 73 Non-Solvent Hash – The Vault Genetics

Highest CBD – Concentrates CBD Simple: CannaVest

Highest CBD – Flowers CBD Rene by House of the Great Gardener

Best Product The Loud Seeds Gift Bag

Best Glass Roor – Sublimator

Looking at the champions of the Cannabis Cup 2014 in Amsterdam, you would have an outstanding idea about the expansion of the different divisions over the years. Ultimately, there were 12 divisions for first, second, and third place each. And there were also 12 prizes. Just two of them, the highest CBD, had just one winner. This indicates that the Weed Cup has been fairly big to draw enough manufacturers for too many categories and winners. It also reveals ample product to give variety. Overall, each seller was not rewarded by the Cannabis Cup, which means that 36 titles showed substantial participation.


So-Cal 2018 event is the latest Cannabis Cup event with results on the official website. Included in the event categories:

  • Best Indica Flower
  • Best Hybrid Flower
  • Best Sativa Flower
  • Best Indica Concentrate
  • Best Hybrid Concentrate
  • Best Sativa Concentrate
  • Best Non-Solvent Hash
  • Best Edible
  • Best Topical
  • Best CBD Flower
  • Best CBD Concentrate
  • Best Medically Infused Product
  • Best Vape Pen Cartridges
  • Best Preroll
  • Best CBD Edibles
  • Best CBD Cartridges
  • Best Booth
  • Best Product
  • Best Glass
  • Best Vape Pen

The broad scope of categories shows that the attendance is strong, again most of them with first, second, and third place winners.

The Hall of Fame of Counterculture

Multiple cannabis-related competitions and awards are held globally in addition to the Cannabis Cup 2020. The Hall of Fame Counterculture is geared at honoring those who have influenced the cannabis industry. And opened its doors in 1997. Bob Marley, in his induction the same year, was also the first to be inducted. It was inaugurated in 2012, Steve Hager. Other members of the publication are Louis Armstrong, Cheech Marin, Tom Forcade, Coke The Rock, Jack Herer, John Grigs, Ben Dronkers, Ann Shulgin, Jack Armstrong, William S. Burroughs, Bob Kerouac, Bob Dylan, Ben Dronkers.

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Cannabis Cup 2020 update, inception, and more!, CANNABIS FESTIVAL, WEED, POT, MARIJUANA
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Other cannabis cup 2020 festivals

The cannabis Cup isn’t the only major event for marijuana, it’s no surprise. Throughout the year, there are numerous activities across the globe focusing on countries with more legislation to promote marijuana.

Summit and Expo on the Cannabis Industry

The next annual celebration in San Francisco will take place in June 2020. The event offers exchange and education for market promotion. This is a business-to-business event. This cannabis gathering is coordinated by the National Cannabis Industry Association.

Panel on Cannabis

The cannabis conference this year took place in Las Vegas in April, but even in April of 2020 in Las Vegas, you will get a super early bird ticket. This case gives insight into the operations and production of cannabis, consumer commitment, and market management. It has started giving insights into the production and distribution of cannabis and cannabis goods.

Cannabiz Expo

The Cannabiz Expo in Sacramento, California also had the most recent in May 2019. The annual celebration was organized for the second time. Therefore, Cannabiz Expo is focused on pot firms instead of relying on plants and products such as cannabis cups. It is an opportunity to network with legal practitioners, expand companies, dealers and everyone else in the industry. The following case will be held in Sacramento in May 2020.

The CannaGrow Exhibition

In August at Palm Springs, Calif., the most recent CannaGrow Expo was held; the next one was scheduled for November 2020 and will mark the tenth year of the show. The show is devoted to cannabis research and craft. It is proud that it is available to anyone over 18 years of age. It attempts to cater to pot farmers, managers, and hobbyists. There are hundreds of culture-oriented training sessions, a seller’s show hall, and numerous networking opportunities.

Cannabis Expo HempFest

The HempFest Cannabis Expo is a Canadian festival with a variety of activities during the year in cities like Winnipeg and Calgary. It is an incentive for individuals to learn and test out products and for firms in the industry to connect. The next activities include HempFest CUP and Calgary October and Edmonton and Saskatoon 2020 dates. October and 2020 dates.

Con MJBiz

MJBizCon is one of the most important cannabis gatherings for marijuana firms. About a thousand exhibitors, networking activities, and leading speakers are in attendance. This conference costs more than other ones, but the business people believe that it is worthwhile. The next one is in Toronto in September, with others set in Bogota in September and October and Las Vegas in December. In 2020, the MJBizCon NEXT, the MJBizDaily European Cannabis Symposium, and The Hemp Industry also will host at least three events.

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Cannabis Cup 2020 update, inception, and more!, CANNABIS FESTIVAL, WEED, POT, MARIJUANA
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Awards that cover such activities are:

Awards and tournaments are also used at other cannabis activities. For example, MJBizCon identifies businesses or entities with a large market presence or popularity or substantial change in the industry.

In summation

The 1988 Cannabis Cup was developed as an award for those interested in the cannabis industry as well as for the knowledge they spread. The event started in Amsterdam and now takes place in many cities worldwide and is still powerful. The Cannabis Cup  in cannabis is an important event, but not the only one.  

There are more locations to consider and hopeful growers to succeed in the next gathering. And we cannot wait to see who are the new and upcoming contestants and their winning bet would be! 


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