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Cannabis drinks, convenience stores ; Thailand, businnes, marijuana, grow, weed, pot

Cannabis drinks now being sold in convenience stores in Thailand

Ichitan Group, the nation’s largest bottled tea producer, has been launching 2 new drink flavors with cannabis terpenes. The cannabis drinks Ichitan, which are launching aims, not particularly at the crowds of parties. Not to mention other combinations of beverages and methodical substances. One of which is a terpenous, sweet green tea, without sugar. And the other is a sweet green tea infused with lemon and terpenes. The teas were left with cannabidiol or other psychoactive elements.

On the other hand, these cannabis beverages are selling in 711 shops, convenience stores, and over 13,000 sales machines for 30 baht across Thailand. This year, Ichitan hopes to be the first company to sell 500 million baht teas in the national mass market.  With this in mind, the CEO states that the “new urban generation” is their population target.  And in addition that marketing is an important strategy first.

Cannabis drinks, convenience stores ; Thailand, businnes, marijuana, grow, weed, pot

Cannabis-infused drinks readily available

Under those circumstances, Thailand initially legalizing medicinal marijuana registration in 2019. In contrast, the prohibitions on various products last January release. The bars and restaurants have created hemp-infusion cocktails and cookery hemp dishes. People can now obtain permission for cannabis growing and manufacturing and selling. Correspondingly, Hemp and cannabis treat differently in Thai law since hemp is almost entirely free of THC. In addition to typical use in making its strong fibers in clothes, clothing, paper, and resembling items.

Therefore, Ichitan recognizes that cannabis use for their drinks is fully legalizing and successful. Although it expects to be admissible throughout the supply chain and process as soon as the trend of cannabis legalization increasing worldwide. For the purpose of, only strict regulation monitoring permits farming. In addition to only cultivation, research, and medicine are permitted for use with narcotics.

Cannabis drinks, convenience stores ; Thailand, businnes, marijuana, grow, weed, pot

Cannabis legalization foreword

Recreational use is still not permissible in Thailand. Whereas 16 states in the United States are allowable, and legislation in Mexico is pending. In 50 countries already, medicinal marijuana is legal. The devastating effects of COVID-19 delaying an upturn in cannabis development in Thailand.  With lock-down companies and the Bangkok Convention postponing cannabis from 19-20 April (4/20 – the Magic Number of Cannabis Enthusiasts) to 19-20 July.  Along with the seminar canceling cannabis extracts.

However, with MFC asset management planning for Thailand’s first mutual fund relates to hemp, the government views enormous potential. The expectations are to grow over 17 percent annually during the next five years. Farmers could grow high profits from hemp and cannabis.  For this reason, the Thai Government is well on its way to boosting its Tourism and economic industries.

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