Cannabis jobs: a new outlook

Cannabis jobs: a new outlook on the new career path, marijuana, weed, pot, plant, dispensary
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Cannabis jobs: a new outlook on the new career path

Think about this if you are looking for a new opportunity and an exciting field: next year the legal marijuana industry will add 410,000 new jobs —Cannabis jobs to say the least and that may be a modest estimation. Cannabis is reportedly legal in 11 states and Washington, DC for recreational as well as medicinal use, although 35 states only legalize medical marijuana. By the end of 2020, ten more Member States will vote on legalization, which will intensify the growth of the sector.

No Mary Jane experience? It is not a big deal. With existing businesses continuously and startups rising, the lucrative Cannabis jobs,  they need people with the same kind of expertise from attorneys, web developers, truck drivers, and others. As the business is very fresh, the experience of cannabis is generally not required, and other skills can be quickly imported from somewhere else.

Actual work, real pay for Cannabis jobs

For eg, retail outlets require buddies (the title comes from a bartender, the work is like that). A good background in customer service is important, but employers will teach you when it comes to learning the product.

Granted, a wage guide that provides tips for state-by-state job searching to help figure out what skill is most needed and salary scale for these positions was published in Denver by Vangst, a cannabis recruitment service. According to Vangst, the major tasks of specialist occupations (often known as ‘plant-oriented’ or ‘plant-touching’ jobs) are served of four primary categories: cultivation, production, and processing.

In fact,  as  in every sector, salaries differ according to their geographical position, expertise, and other factors. The latest names and pay rates are listed here. Here are the breakdowns from‘s report.

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Cannabis jobs
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Now let us say you want to translate prowess into cannabis production or retailing.  For this purpose, these companies advertise on large forums, hire and fight via social media.  To this end much like all other candidates, and getting a career in the marijuana sector is no different from seeking jobs in any other industry, with one small exception. In summary, it is “crucial,” says Karson Humiston, Vangst’s CEO, to introduce itself at online conferences and events in the cannabis industry. “Job applicants should go straight to the representatives, which will slash the time taken to find a job dramatically” she added.

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