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Capital de Jamaica "herb houses" coronavirus and cannabis, covid19, marijuana, weed, pot
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Capital de Jamaica and coronavirus: Makes online sales of Medical Marijuana at 'Herb Houses' to fight against the pandemic

Recently, the Capital de Jamaica government declared that it would permit medical marijuana patients to make online transactions to take cannabis from “herb homes” to combat the pandemic of coronavirus.

In coordination with the Ministry of Industry, Trade, Agriculture, and Fisheries, the Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA) has changed the provisional rules. The movement authorities say that “thereby reducing time spent on such licensed facilities. Thus limiting staff and patient exposure,” will be able to order products from those shops and take them up already registered at the cannabis dispensary.

Faith Graham, CLA ‘s Director, Enforcement and Monitoring, said in a press release that he is “knowing the far-reaching effects of the pandemic. And remains vigilant and proactive when taking action to secure the industry.”

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Capital de Jamaica "herb houses" coronavirus and cannabis
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Changes in Jamaica's legal cannabis law

Following broader government coronavirus risk management rules, ‘herb houses can be considered a retail services company,’ said CLA. “As such, all exemptions granted under these orders to these retail herbal house retail services may be treated as applicable.” CLA also set out provisional rules on cannabis importations and exportations in a separate step last week.

For online purchasing, the CLA will be requested to send documentation to CLA including government-issued photo identification and proof of medical cannabis certification to include online purchases. CLA will also be required to submit documentation. They also have to “send reports and inventories to the CLA within the time constraints and the necessary standards.”

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Capital de Jamaica "herb houses" coronavirus and cannabis
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Direct measurement by Capital de Jamaica to reduce possible safety issues of coronavirus

The latest example of how officials help the cannabis industry to adapt during a time of social differences and shelter orders is the political change. Although medical cannabis shops in many US states have been widely regarded as essential services that can continue to operate during the health crisis. The innovative practices to mitigate the spread of coronavirus are being implemented in several regulators.

In Washington, D.C., for instance, an emergency rule has been issued by the local government allowing the delivery of medical marijuana products for patients or the temporary collection of curbsides.

Louisiana also temporarily accepted the delivery of cannabis services due to a special pandemic, and laws that would make the policy permanent were now approved by the House.

Capital de Jamaica "herb houses" coronavirus and cannabis

Steps to work through the pandemic crisis

The medical marijuana deliveries started in March in some Colorado cities but were already underway in the works laid down by legislation last year and were randomly scheduled. Amid coronavirus, Delaware is moving towards providing medical cannabis but the regulators plan to continue this program after that pandemic.

The Jamaican government is likely to be encouraged by another recent development of cannabis policy in Congress. The House includes provisions to protect banks that serve marijuana companies against federally regulated penalties as part of an approved bill on coronavirus relief.

Capital de Jamaica "herb houses" coronavirus and cannabis, rasta, rastafari
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Making allies to build better opportunities

Last year, Jamaican officials said they would urge the US to enact the independent banking law because the country’s current absence of access has caused fear “being risk-free for its international counterparts in the USA.”

In recent years, various countries in the Caribbean have begun exploring the reform of marijuana. Significantly, in 2018, the representatives of nineteen Caribbean nations decided to “assess the legal status of marijuano with a view to their reclassification,” stressing the problems related to “human and religious rights.”

Legislators from the St. Kitts and Nevis dual Island nation have since announced that they will enact legislation on legalization. The Trinidad and Tobago government brought before Parliament this past year two cannabis reform bills, one designed to decriminalize low-level possession and one designed to legalize cannabis for medical and religious purposes.

Not only are patients with medical cannabis in Jamaica wanting domestically grown cannabis access.

Banking roadblocks and export challenges

Jamaican cannabis is available to patients and consumers around the globe and will eventually have their chance. However, legal shipments are likely to take place sooner rather than later. Jamaica is trying to find out how medicinal cannabis can be marketed on an international basis.

Export laws were expected a little while ago, but they tend to stall, unfortunately. Jamaican officials have already suggested in the US that federal cannabis prohibition creates banking issues for their medical cannabis industry.

With a federal prohibition in effect, this is going to be an ongoing obstacle in Jamaica’s cannabis industry. The prohibition could continue to have a negative effect. That means that patients can at least use technology to improve the purchasing experience of local patients.

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