Coronavirus and stoner stereotype

Does coronavirus push many of us to practice the typical Stoner stereotype at home?, covid19, cannabis, marijuana, weed, pot
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Does coronavirus push many of us to practice the typical Stoner stereotype at home?

Over millennia, the stoner stereotyping has become rooted in the minds of people. The “Star” (the word “The Stoner,” a word stolsheed by alcoholic use) was the “insult” of the government since the beginning of the drug war, the southern house for dwelling, couch-surfing, television binging, Pajama wearing. The question arises, does coronavirus push many of us to practice the typical Stoner stereotypes at home?

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Let's define Stoners

“Stoners,” nonetheless, restored the expression and caricatured the derogatory term with celebrities like Tommy Chong [who was too socially pompous from the late]. In films, TV shows and to a certain degree countercultural anti-hero was Stoner’s captivating side characteristics.

The individual “Fuck-society-I’m-smoking-weed” were often depicted as intelligent, but more often than not the stoner had been depicted as idle, quite dumb and more frequently relegated to a single space where they could have the best of their days to make nothing and survive off the teeth of those around them.

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So, what's the Big Fuss? Coronavirus and Stoner stereotype:

Okay, for all the chaos and suffering in this country, the coronavirus and as a stoner stereotype hype later turned to be the best antidote to the whole thing. In one manner or another, everyone on the planet is a stoner nowadays.

Since we have figured out, that almost everyone is some form of pothead – during the time of the catastrophe. But as an occasional hippie – people would consider that “decelerating” and “thinking within” really have much value.

For instance, I don’t say that every slacker is an exception – others are just slight-hearted people who are smoking marijuana. No – the true potheads are what I’ve been talking about. Those who did not “fit” into human society. Those extremely pro-status quo icons who consume the cannabis in disrepute while the people ballsed their existence in the face of their governments – all right, now! How did you get that done? Are you still feeling comfortable?

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Weed and grub


Many individuals spend a lot of time on the internet, browsing their mates, trying to find new interests, studying things nowadays. Quarantine processes They still take a lot of time to watch shows – and there are many boys [or girls]!

Instead, the majority of the people live in quite the same limited area with endless physical and digital computer games, DIY ventures, wellness services, before that is accomplished.

Sure – also naturally throughout that intensified state of paranoia and the struggle to “delete the body’s resources,” there are undoubtedly quite a lot of burdens falling and babies emerging. So, you’re producing an account for someone with an inventory of Kleenex!

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Coronavirus and stoner
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Is this a good thing? What do you think?

I suppose sometimes – almost everyone wanted to play the goal are one of the key drivers of this “disease outbreak” of terror. Many people are stuck in their homes-spend time among themselves and their friends exuberantly.

This will have a profound influence on society, from what I have noticed. Maybe – we had been in hypnotherapy despite realizing what we were in for. we moved forward. Perhaps – this was triggered by some capitalist corrupt establishment in the hope of bringing people into a totalitarian society. The biosphere may be angry and basically declared that she isn’t having fun.

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