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Do-si-dos strain review

Do-si-dos strain review marijuana weed cannabis seeds bud



Hybrid (Sativa 30%/ Indica 70%) OG KushGirl Scout Cookies


Harvest indoor  up to 400 gr/sqm, outdoor up to 400g/plant


8 – 9 weeks 


THC 19-30%, CBD <2%


New  school 

Sunny / semi-humid climate

Do-si-dos strain:

Do-si-dos is the prevalent strain of the indica-conserving species known as the Girl Scout (GSC) strain regardless of its relation to its parent strain. This 70/30 reveals the prevailing hybrid equilibrium of sativa and indica such that you feel at once ecstatic and relaxed.
The plant Do-si-dos cannabis is pretty nice to see. There is a mixture of lavender and lime green leaves, with shining, glossy pistils. If Do-si-dos full of taste and has strong effects based on its origin, it is expected. These qualities are a product of the peculiar past of Girl Scout Cookies, a strong, mind-altering strain known as Face-Off OG.
This predominant strain with a magnificent aroma is blessed by the combination of OG Kush and Girl Scout Cookies. The Do-si-dos variety first smells nice with extraordinary fruity leaves. When the aromas are smoked, they become a skunky diesel scent, which reveals their Indian heritage.
This strain gives the tongue a euphorically soothing and soft yet gritty and earthy flavor. The taste begins very much like girls scout cookies, but like an aroma it subsequently turns into a kind of rotten diesel flavor.
Do-si-dos plants grow like girl scout cookies, but are developing a little bigger? The majority of farmers are keen to keep them indoors because this strain prefers a sunny and a little humid environment.
Do-si-dos require between 8-9 weeks for flowering time. Do-si-dos is ready for the selection by the end of September towards the beginning of October.
By far the most widely known treatment is relaxation for the Do-si-dos strain. The prevailing indica qualities make this hybrid a good choice for mental and physical stress relief. Users experience a warm, comfortable feeling in combination with delicate exuberance all over their bodies.
Do-si-dos is an ideal strain to render cannabis edibles and oils for those who stop smoking or vaping.
Do-si-dos strain review marijuana weed cannabis seeds bud
Do-si-dos strain review marijuana weed cannabis seeds bud
Do-si-dos strain review marijuana weed cannabis seeds bud

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