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DUTCH PASSION Autoflowering Seeds

DUTCH PASSION Autoflowering Seeds

Dutch Passion was the second European cannabis seed company founded in 1987 in Amsterdam. The mission of Dutch Passion is to provide the recreational and medicinal home grower with the highest attainable quality cannabis seeds in those countries where cultivation is legally permitted. After many years of dedication, Dutch Passion is still a leading supplier of the world’s best cannabis genetics. Our experienced team does its utmost to ensure the quality of our existing varieties. We constantly strive to find new varieties and genetics using an extensive global network. AutoFlower cannabis seeds are typically grown in a permanent light cycle of 20 hours per day, followed by 4 hours of darkness. About 10–11 weeks after germination, they are ripe for harvest. Automatically flowering, feminized cannabis seeds, or AutoFlower seeds, have become hugely popular with people who want to grow their own top-quality cannabis at home.
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