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Forbidden Fruit strain review

forbidden fruit

Forbidden Fruit 


(75% Indica/25% Sativa) Cherry Pie X Tangie


Prize Winner


Harvest XL, indoor Up to 450g/m², outdoor Up to 500 gr


9 – 10 weeks 


THC 24%, CBD <2%


New school 

Temperate / continental

Forbidden Fruit Strain:

This 70/30 hybrid is created to produce a healthy, tasty nighttime bud by crossing two incredibly flavored and effect-heavy varieties, Cherry Pie, and Tangie. In this indica-dominant strain, the THC rates frequently hit 26% or higher. This bud, as indicated by its parentage, is infused with sugar, tropical fruity, citrus and pine tones and a smooth musky taste.

The nubs are vivid, with hues of violet, purple, and even orange, starting from forest green. When you open a flower, you can see orange hair rolled up. The palms are dense and compact and typical of an Indica strain and have a white crystal veneer on each bud.

Expect the full profile taste of Forbidden Fruit strain to contain the following flavors, Cherry, Citrus, Topical, and Grapefruit.
Frequent users state that Forbidden Fruit is one of the tastiest cannabis strains they have ever come across.

This is a quick seed for indoor/outdoor use, however, regulated conditions are better. Flowering time in the right circumstances of around 10 weeks and an expected return.   This strain produces a good amount of weed, up to 450 for indoors per meter squared and for outdoors up to 500 gr/sqm.

If you haven’t got the forbidden fruit flavor profile, it’s high. This sweet burning spiral gives coughing fits to consumers and instantly causes a relaxed mind which is perfect at the end of the day for relaxing. That nightcap pressure rises across the head and neck and carries you almost gently to the rest of your body. While it won’t throw you out entirely, the pressure will be euphoric and uplifting, so it will certainly help you sleep in a better night. As odd as the name implies, it’s not completely unlikely to find this strain, even though you might be doing well.

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Forbidden Fruit Cannabis strain

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