How to make Rick Simpson RSO oil

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How to make Rick Simpson RSO oil

Rick Simpson Oil RSO refers to cannabis oil with a THC range of 90%, produced by powerful Indica strains, decarboxylated and solvent extracts (99% alcohol, butane, ethanol, or another solvent), used with great success to treat or control cancer, asthma, pain, diabetes, infections, depression, arthritis, inflammation, hypertension, and many other pathologies…If you are interested in medical cannabis this article and what is right for you:

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Rick Simpson Story

It can be said that it all began way back in 1977 when Rick Simpson, a Canadian engineer, working in the boiler department of his city’s hospital, remained intoxicated by the toxic fumes caused by the spray glues he was using and by poor ventilation of the room, which caused him a temporary shock of the causing the collapse and subsequent fall and blow to the head.

Brought by his colleagues in the emergency room Rick saved himself but with consequences in the “I’m not going to go into the details of what happened,” he says cannabis. Advised by his doctor, I start to procure cannabis from the black market, I start to cook having immediately obvious improvements.

Everything was fine until 2003 when after a visit to the doctor he was prognostic a basal cell carcinoma, a form of skin cancer. As in the past, after careful research comes across a study in the Journal of National Cancer Institute in which it was discovered that THC killed cell tumors in the topics.
He then made the decision to treat skin cancer topically, applying the concentrate of cannabis oil directly to the skin, and in a couple of days, the stains disappeared. From that day on, his mission and goal were to distribute cannabis oil to those who needed it, free of charge. 
It has helped to cure more of 5,000 patients, but his journey was not all simple, he faced arrests and persecution in his country. His house was searched on several occasions with more than 2,600 plants seized by the police. Simpson continues to spread his story and discoveries, promoting legalization and cannabis research.
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Which strains to use for RSO?

The varieties recommended for RSO Oil are of Indica strains, rich in THC with powerful sedative effects:
Variety of Purple Kush Indica – with a THC content of 22%, has a euphoric head that eliminates pain, makes you feel sedated.
Afghan Kush, Indica variety contains 20% of THC, 6% of CBD and 1% of CBN. It is sedative, soothing, relaxes muscles.
The L.A. Chocolat hybrid has the mood-lifting qualities of a Sativa with the sedation of a heavy Indica variety.
The effects of Blue Cheese are sedatives, helping patients sleep with ease. Over 20% of THC.
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How to make RSO oil

How to make RSO Make Rick Simpson Cannabis oil at home is not difficult or complicated. First of all, we will need the raw material, to extract about 5 grams of cannabis oil, we should start from a quantity of cannabis equal to 30g (the amount from the quality of cannabis used and with a CBD-THC ratio equal to the source material)- 600 ml of isopropyl alcohol the most suitable should be at least 91%, preferably 99%.
 A metal or glass container of the size suitable to hold our 30 grams of cannabis and 500ml of alcohol


1.   First, we have to decarboxylate  lA CANNABIS, practically we will have to cook our precedent trial inflorescences at a temperature of 110 degrees for about 1 hour we’ll be ready to start our work. With this process, we induce the THCA that and the precursor acid of thc (non-psychoactive) to remove a carrier group and turn the THCA into usable THC.

2.   Now we take our 30 grams of cannabis and put them in the glass container by covering them with 500ml of alcohol.

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3.    We check the mixture vigorously for 5 minutes.
4.   Filter the mixture through a colander covered with a coffee filter, thus separating the solid matter from the liquid compound.
5.   We will re-use a second wash, reaching the previously used cannabis, covering with another 100ml of alcohol, shaking it again for5 minutes and repeating the filtering operation.6 at this point we take our 600ml of filtered alcohol and bring them to the boil at the minimum temperature, making sure not to exceed 60 – 70 degrees.

6.   At this point we take our 600ml of filtered alcohol and bring them to the boil at the minimum temperature, making sure not to exceed 60 – 70 degrees.
IMPORTANT – When boiling the solvent, the room is fine and use a fan to eliminate fumes. Make sure that there is no overheating or the possibility of sparks, the fumes caused by the abolition of the solvent could ignite. 
7.   Set a timer to take a look at the mixture every 10 minutes to check that the boiling process is constant and non-violent.

8.  When boiling ends what remains and cannabis oil with an 80% cannabinoid concentration.
9.   At this point and it is advisable to turn the stove on the minimum and continue to heat the mixture for another half an hour, it is possible that small amounts of ethanol and terpenes have been left behind and can be removed with further processing.

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