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Ice Cream Cake strain review

Ice Cream Cake Strain grow weed flower

Ice Cream Cake 


Hybrid (Sativa 25%/ Indica 75%) Wedding Cake x Gelato33 


Harvest XXL, up to 400-500 gr/sqm.


9 – 10 weeks 


THC 20-25%, CBD 0.2%


New school 

Temperate / continental

Ice Cream Cake Strain grow weed flower buy buds cannabis

Ice Cream Cake strain:

Ice Cream Cake is a suggestive cross between the Wedding Cake and Gelato # 33, created by Seed Junky Genetics. Completely fluffed by ice trichomes, the buds are marked with vivid orange, deep purple shades. Ice Cream Cake has a rich taste profile of pleasant varieties of espresso and extra sweet pastries.
The lineage of Ice Cream Cake is ambiguous. Some claim that it comes from a connection between Wedding Cake and Gelato 33, and some claim the connection between Dream Cookie and Cheese Cake.
Although its genetics are questionable, many reviewers have similarly described its effects. The user should be reputed to provide profound relaxation, soothing suicidal feelings, increasing morale, and settling the body into a lock-couch that can contribute to better evening sleep. Some have even stated that they have used it to stimulate nausea and appetite. The levels of THC often decrease between 20 and 25%. Caryophyllene, limonene, and linalool are common terpenes.
So many are among the most frosty nuts you’ve ever seen! Which also in comparison to certain 10/10 strains this looks fine.
Additionally, the bud consists of thick, compact, and layered tugs, coated with white trichomes that look like frosting caked all over the blossom. It also features a high-quality hand finish, plus a cool, dry cure.
This strain has a sweet, vanilla, tart, and creamy overall aroma.  The tokers would experience to inhale a thick and nutty flavor, and a little cheese and sugar aroma are experienced on the exhale.
The Ice Cream Cake is mainly sativa and can be grown indoors and outdoors (where the plants would need to bloom ±60 days). The ICC is a powerful form of THC from Mad Scientist Genetics which has never been licensed as feminized seeds.
The genetics of these species knocked it down from the park itself! A really strong look with the color, texture, or results will not struggle to please, and a pleasant and tasty ingestion experience – none of this, perhaps.
Ice Cream Cake Strain bud cannabis
Ice Cream Cake Strain
Ice Cream Cake Strain

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