ILGM Reviews 2022 [ILoveGrowingMarijuana]❤️Is It Worth It?

ILGM reviews 2022, cannabis seed bak, company, marijuana, weed, plant, pot, autoflower, feminized
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ILGM reviews 2022: Is It the Best or One Of The Worst Online Seed Banks?

After we see a lot of fake ILGM reviews, I’m going to give you a candid review of the popular seed bank ILoveGrowingMarijuana. I’m going to explain the pros and cons of ordering from them, as well as how they compare to other top seed banks. The ILGM Seed bank is one of the leading marijuana seed providers in the world. Not only do they have a wide variety of products, but they also have a great reputation for shipping and customer service.

ILGM has been around for over 25 years, and their experience shows. It’s easy to see why they’re so popular among marijuana growers. ILGM is an acronym for ILoveGrowingMarijuana. It is a very reputable cannabis seeds company that is based in the Netherlands. They sell over 100 different strains of marijuana seeds, both feminized, and auto-flowering. Some of their bestsellers include White Widow, Bubble Gum, Girl Scout Cookies, Northern Lights, Jack Herer, and many others.

We tested them out with some Bubblegum, Banana Kush, Bruce Banner, and Super Lemon Haze seeds. They all germinated within 2 days (we used the paper towel method). The plants were healthy. If you’re looking for high-quality marijuana seeds, ILGM is a top choice. Read on to learn more about ILGM, including our pros and cons, product selection, and more.

Reputation 97%
Customer Service 96%
Pricing 72%
Shipping 94%
Seeds Quality 98%
Seed Selection 97%
Payment Methods 95%





ILGM is one of the latest online seed companies–they were founded in 2012 by Robert Bergman who used to run a marijuana blog called I Love Growing Marijuana. The blog still exists today, but it has been rebranded as ILGM.

According to Robert started growing marijuana in Amsterdam in 1991. He moved back to the USA after several years and started his blog in 2010 to share his knowledge and experience with other cannabis growers. After gaining thousands of subscribers to his blog, he started selling a small selection of marijuana seeds in 2012, which led to the creation of ILGM. Robert currently lives in Amsterdam, where he runs his company with the goal of providing high-quality marijuana seeds to growers around the world.

ILGM has built up an impressive library of genetics over the years, including both regular and feminized strains. They offer discrete shipping worldwide and have an excellent reputation for delivering on time.

ILGM reviews 2022, cannabis seed bak, company, marijuana, weed, plant, pot, autoflower, feminized


Since 2012, ILGM has been helping people to grow marijuana both for medical and recreational purposes. They have one of the best customer support systems in the industry. Their delivery times are also faster than most companies, and they have a 90% germination rate.

If you’re looking for a reliable seed bank with an incredible selection of strains, then ILGM is where you want to shop. This company has an extensive lineup of marijuana seeds, including automatic and feminized strains. They will also ship your order in discreet packaging so you don’t have to worry about it getting lost or seized by customs.

ILGM is also highly rated by customers for its shipping and customer service. They offer stealth-shipping to some countries and a variety of payment options, including cash, credit cards, and Western Union and Bitcoin with a 10% discount.

While the prices for their seeds are a little higher than average, the quality is worth it. When you shop at ILGM, you’re getting high-grade genetics from reputable breeders like DJ Short and Green House Seed Co. ILGM ships worldwide and offers express shipping that takes between 2-4 business days. If you want to learn more about this seed bank, read on for our comprehensive review of ILGM below. They are extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of growing cannabis and offer their customers free guides on how to grow their own marijuana at home.

ILGM Coupon Code & Discount

You can use ILGM coupon code THXFROMROBERT$ to induce 10% off your first order with them. If you then return and order again, you’ll be able to use coupon code 5fromrobert to induce $5 off each subsequent order.

Their hottest deal is their buy 10 get 10 offer. That’s right: you purchase ten ILGM seeds and you get ten free seeds. This deal is great for those looking to test out ILGM for the primary time who don’t want to shell out a bunch of money. With this, you get 20 of the best seeds around for 50% off. Don’t let this one slip you by.

ILGM Loyalty Program

ILGM, like every great cannabis seed company, offers a rewards program. You earn points as soon as you make your first purchase, so you’re encouraged to pick up some of the best cannabis products around while they’re on sale. The more points you have, the greater the perks! When you’ve collected 100 ILGM Points, you earn $5; at 200 points get you $10, and so on. Show your support on social media and refer your friends to ILGM and earn extra points.

Germination Guarantee

When you buy marijuana seeds from ILGM, you can trust that the germination rate will be high. As a result, ILGM offers 100% germination on all of its orders.

ILGM Customer Service

ILGM’s customer service team is a model of excellence. Not only do they answer all queries promptly, but they also scan other cannabis forums for questions that ILGM’s customers might have. So, if you have a question but don’t need an immediate answer from ILGM, you can post it on their forum for other weed seed enthusiasts to answer and help you out.

Just recently, I placed an order and inquired about a specific type of cannabis from one of ILGM’s helpful customer service representatives. Not long after, I received a response via email describing some of its characteristics (specifics about it that were difficult to find online) and instructions on how to germinate it based on its size. After reading the email, I could tell that ILGM places an immense amount of value on customer satisfaction, so it’s safe to say that this seed bank really cares about its customers!


ILGM seeds can’t ship to Canada or the UK. Each packet of seeds costs $15 unless you buy at least 10 or 20, in which case you’ll enjoy a special discount. They’ll also charge a tracking fee of $25.

ILGM Seeds Prices

One thing to be aware of that may cause a bit of difficulty for some customers is that ILGM sells its quality seeds online at prices high compared to its competitors. While ten feminized White Widow seeds may cost between $60-$80 at many seed banks, ILGM sells ten White Widow seeds for $129. But there is an argument to make that higher-quality seeds are going to cost more money, and I agree with this.

However, I have found other online seed banks that sell their seeds for much lower prices, and are just as reliable. But the real reason ILGM seeds have such a premium price is that they offer such a premium service; their shipping speeds and germination guarantees are second-to-none, so you’re paying for quality. If you’re looking for a more cost-efficient option with fewer frills, I recommend checking out Seedsman instead.


ILGM reviews 2022
ILGM reviews 2022

If you want excellent customer service, fast shipping, and guaranteed germination, then ILGM is the seed bank for you to buy cannabis seeds. Keep in mind that their seeds are not the cheapest ones out there. If price is important to you, then check out Seedsman or Dutch Passion. Both are big companies without great customer service, but they do not have restrictions on where they ship seeds. ILGM does not ship to the UK or Canada.


For USA customers:

ILGM gives you several ways to pay.

They accept Bitcoins, which helps you to buy your marijuana seeds in total anonymity. If you pay with Bitcoin, you get an additional 10% off your entire order. You’ll be able to also founded an electronic payment or bank transfer to wire the cash straight from your account. It’s secure and safe.

By mail, they’ll accept cash and checks, so you have got many options to settle on the form. They also accept credit or debit cards, but it’s not recommended because of fees that apply to international transactions by your bank. To avoid frustration, give your bank a call and allow them to know that you’ll be making these purchases on your card before time.

For Australian customers:

Australian customers have the option of paying by:

If you’re an Australian customer, here’s a link to a currency converter that allows you to calculate your order in Australian dollars (AUD). An Australian customer can also pay with bitcoin for a 10% instant discount. Always remember that you can pay with a credit card, but it’s not recommended as most card companies will reject the marijuana-related transaction. But if you want to pay with a credit-card, mention nothing in reference or ask ILGM to explain how to pay with the card.

However, if you would like to pay in cash for your order, it’s the best way to maintain your privacy. Australia is waiting for you!


1. Feminized Cannabis Seeds ILGM

ILGM reviews 2022, cannabis seed bak, company, marijuana, weed, plant, pot, autoflower, feminized

As of right now, currently stocks over 100 different strains. That’s a lot of seed varieties! With these many selections to choose from, no matter your grower type, there will be the perfect strain for you.

ILGM only selects the highest-quality, most popular strains available. They stock some of the better genetics, promising to leave you satisfied with every sale. Plus, if your seeds don’t germinate, don’t sprout, and start growing, you get your money back guaranteed.

ILGM Feminized Seeds selection

ILGM produces high-quality feminized seeds and houses a variety of strain selections, each with its own flavor. Some of the most popular ILGM strains include Blue Dream, Gorilla Glue by ILGM, White Widow, and Girl Scout Cookies. If you’re interested in particular terpenes or effects, ILGM has a variety to choose from.

ILGM Sativa Seeds selection

ILGM has a wide range of sativa strains in its collection, all of the highest quality.

When growing sativa seeds indoors, you’ll need to know that the plants will get big. They can get as high as 20 feet outdoors and 6-8 feet indoors. If your space is limited, you might grow indica seeds instead. Otherwise, hang onto your hat because when they are ready, they are going to be impressive! Sativa strains have taller, thinner leaves and grow longer buds with loose flowers. This makes them ideal for making hash or concentrates.

When grown indoors, they can take between 10-16 weeks to flower. Outdoors should be ready by the middle or end of October in the northern hemisphere or March in the southern hemisphere. Sativa strains are perfect for a fun day out with friends because they like warm climates and full sun.

ILGM Indica Seeds selection

When choosing Indica seeds, there are a few things you should keep in mind. You can choose your seeds based on the desired effects you want your plant to have. Do you want a strain that will give you a powerful body high? Or would you prefer a strain for relaxation?

Maybe you’re looking for a strain that produces delicious marijuana smoke and has a fruity or sweet smell. Perhaps you are interested in how much time to grow. Some strains are easy to grow, while others require more work.

If this is your first time growing weed, ILGM has several high quality strains that are ideal for beginners. They have great genetics, so they’re resistant to many of the common problems new growers experience. They also are fairly low maintenance and easy to grow, so they’re perfect if you’re still getting used to the entire process.

ILGM Indica seeds produce powerful plants with strong sedative effects. If you’re looking for a strain that will help with insomnia or chronic pain, look no further. They will produce heavy buds that can knock out even the most severe symptoms and send you off into dreamland with ease.

ILGM Autoflower Cannabis Seeds selection

ILGM sells some of the highest quality auto-flowering marijuana seeds available anywhere. Whether you’re new to growing or an old pro, ILGM has a variety of easy-to-grow auto-flowering strains that will help you enjoy your own premium stash in no time.

Choose from 19 different auto-flowering marijuana strains to find the perfect match. Some great beginner strains include White Widow, Granddaddy Purple, Bergman’s Gold Leaf, and Girl Scout Cookies. If you can’t decide on one variety, ILGM also offers mixed packs of autoflower seeds.

ILGM CBD Seeds selection

ILoveGrowingMarijuana has a vast selection of CBD-rich strains. If you are looking for hemp seeds, the ILGM CBD Seeds collection is a great place to start!

The CBD Seeds collection includes 14 different strains for almost any situation. They were selected by Robert Bergman, founder of ILGM, based on their high CBD content and their popularity among growers. If you are looking for hemp seeds with high CBD content, ILGM’s inventory is a great place to start.

ILGM High THC strains selection

The High THC Marijuana Seeds section contains all our premium marijuana seeds that have a high potency level.

Most people choose this type of marijuana for relaxation and recreational purposes. These strains also have medical benefits for people who suffer from mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, or stress. They contain around 20% to 25% THC content, which is a powerful dose compared to the standard 10% and below content found in normal seeds. High potency strains usually have an Indica dominant type hybrid structure, although there are Sativa dominant ones as well.

ILGM Highest yielding strains selection

ILoveGrowingMarijuana offers over 20 strains of high-yield seeds that can be grown indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse. High-yield seeds selection often produces higher yields when grown outdoors under optimal conditions. And all of our strains come with ILGM Grower’s Guarantee: They will replace any seed that doesn’t germinate within 7 days at no cost to you.

Buying high-yield seeds means you get more cannabis for your money. But there are good reasons to buy high-yield seeds beyond just getting the most bang for your buck. High-yield seeds are bred to produce the biggest buds possible, which usually also means they have higher THC content and stronger effects than average. They also are resistant to mold and other pests, making them easier to grow if you live in a damp climate or if you don’t want to deal with pest control.

ILGM beginner Seeds selection

ILGM beginner seeds selection is a superb choice for all new growers. These strains are easy to grow and can be grown indoors or outdoors. With a little love, you’ll get significant results. These strains are also commonly grown by experienced growers who want to make their life easier or want to increase the number of harvests they get per year.

ILGM Mix Packs ILGM feminized cannabis seeds

ILGM Mix Packs are a great way to stock up on marijuana seeds and save money. With all options available in packages of 15, 30, and 60 seeds, it’s easy to collect different marijuana strains without breaking your bank. This seed bank has over 38 options to choose from, but my favorite is the Fruity Kush Mix Pack.

2. ILGM Grow Kits Bundles

ILGM reviews 2022, cannabis seed bak, company, marijuana, weed, plant, pot, autoflower, feminized, grow kit bundle
ILGM Grow Kit Bundles

ILGM has several grow bundles, too. They offer kits for beginners and experienced growers alike. Each pack contains everything you need to get started growing your favorite strain—including 20 marijuana seeds, plant food, and a protectant. These grow kits help you through the entire process, from planting your seeds to harvest time.

3. ILGM Fertilizer

If you’re ready to give your plants all the love they deserve, check out the complete I Love Growing Marijuana grow set, which includes all the fertilizer and protectors your plants need to produce a bountiful harvest. Just give them a source of light and water, and the nutrients and protectors will do the rest.

Bergman’s Seedling-Fertilizer  provides the perfect nutrients for your young plants. The key is to use them at the beginning, the moment you plant your seed. This fertilizer is full of phosphorus and potassium. These two ingredients help nourish your young plants. Even if you are using it on soil or hydroponics, make sure you’re applying this fertilizer when you first plant a seed. The reason for this is that it creates a healthy balance to help ensure your seeds get off to a good start.

With 11% nitrogen, 40% phosphorus, and 13% potassium, Bergman’s Seedling-Fertilizer provides your developing plants with the nutrients they need to grow stronger, healthier roots so that you can get a great harvest.

Your cannabis plant needs nutrients to grow big and strong. Bergman’s Growtime-Fertilizer is balanced and works directly with the growing medium to give your plants the most effective nutrients for the vegetative stage. Not only will it help your plants grow big and robust, but it also can help increase yield, too. The balance of nutrients in the Growtime-fertilizer is 19% nitrogen, 5% phosphorus, 20% potassium.

Bergman’s Plant-Booster contains only the best quality of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium to force your cannabis plants to grow their buds as big as possible. Feed your plants with this fertilizer when they flower. This will boost the quality of your final product. The plant-booster is a hands-off fertilizer with a perfectly balanced NPK ratio of 0-27-27.

Bergman’s Flowering-Fertilizer is the flowering fertilizer for your cannabis plants. This fertilizer works to help flowers flourish, give strength to the plant, and stimulate growth. Your buds will love it. Bergman’s Flowering-Fertilizer has a nutrient balance of NPK of 15-6-30.

You can’t always prevent bugs or mold, so you need something to protect your plants. Bergman’s Plant-Protector can do just that. (I love this product for outdoor growing.) These three-pack bottles of 20ml contain formulas designed to protect plants from bugs and mold. They’re an added layer of security to help protect your plants.

4. ILGM Grow Bible For Beginners (Free)

ILGM Grow Bible For Beginners (Free PDF Download)

To get started, visit the ILGM ( website! You can find out everything you need to know about growing cannabis. From germinating seeds to harvesting and storing your buds, you’ll find all the information you need here.

ILGM growing guides are committed to helping others grow their best plants and hope that you’ll share your knowledge with others; after all, knowledge is free! Good luck!


The cannabis forum is the perfect place to learn about marijuana seeds and ask questions. You’ll be delighted to hear that they offer a free marijuana forum on ILGM! It’s open to everyone, and it’s full of people with an interest in marijuana (much like you!). This is a great opportunity to connect with fellow cannabis lovers, get advice, and even make some new friends.

The cannabis forum is a great way for you to get support and advice from our community. It’s also a place where you can learn more about the world of weed, including things like growing tips, the different strains they offer, and much more.

As a community-driven website, they encourage their customers to use the cannabis forum as much as they like. After all, it’s just another way for them to connect with their customers and show how dedicated they are to helping them grow amazing weed.


strains reviews, ILGM reviews 2022, cannabis seed bak, company, marijuana, weed, plant, pot, autoflower, feminized
ILGM Strains Reviews

ILGM best strains are of the highest quality. Their genetics will keep even the most discerning cannabis connoisseur satisfied. The company has been in business for years, and they have always strived to provide only the best cannabis genetics for its customers. They have won multiple court battles, which is a testament to their expertise in growing high-quality strains.

All of their seeds are 100% feminized and all of them are grown with love from seed to harvest. These strains include both feminized and auto-flowering marijuana seeds and there are both Indica dominant and Sativa dominant strains available.

Here are our ILGM best strain reviews we’ve grown. We’ve tried each one of these, and they’re all great.

ILGM Frequently Asked Questions

I Love Growing Marijuana has one warehouse in the Netherlands and one in the United States, which allows them to ship regular and priority packages worldwide within a few days.

If you’re looking for an online seeds company that is committed to doing business the correct way, this is the one you are looking for. ILGM reviews Trustpilot has a score of 4.7/5, on over 10,000 reviews. In fact, the company has only a handful of negative user reviews and they all seem to stem from minor concerns like shipping and delivery issues that were easily corrected. Almost all the negative reviews show a swift customer service response. It’s clear that ILGM takes its customer service seriously and acts on any problem quickly to satisfy its customers.

This brand is one of the most popular in the world, and for good reason. LGM seeds are some of the highest-quality cannabis strains out there. Their feminized, auto-flowering, and medical marijuana seeds are consistently popular–but their dominant potency and healthy plants definitely contribute to it!

The quality of ILGM’s seeds is outstanding. Every single seed we’ve ever purchased from them has sprouted and grown into healthy adult plants producing big, beautiful buds. But what we like about ILGM is that they have an enormous selection of strains, they create all of their strains in-house and back up their genetics with a guarantee of 100% germination.

ILGM cultivates many of the strains it sells and maintains relationships with an elite group of breeders who provide ILGM with excellent strains.

Yes! ILGM freebies mean they give away 10 free seeds with every order of 10 seeds on many of their most popular strains. However, ILGM seeds are quite expensive, so ordering 10 seeds will usually cost over $100. Remember that you can use coupons discounts to lower the price.

ILGM understands that growing cannabis can seem difficult. That’s why they supply cannabis nutrients for all stages of your plant’s life, making growing easy and providing the most comprehensive growing experience possible.

ILGM nutrients are suitable for producing high-quality buds. These products will facilitate your produce a top-quality product in as little time as possible. The effect is visible from the primary days of use. They sell individual or packs of nutrients, so it’s up to you. I’d suggest getting the pack, which will save your money and make sure you have what you need.

ILGM, short for “I Love Growing Marijuana”, is a Dutch marijuana seed company that originated as a popular marijuana blog. They now sell their own seeds and are one of Amsterdam’s best seed banks.

Yes, we have tried them ourselves and they are totally legitimate! Their customer service is amazing and they are one of the few online cannabis seed sellers who has a 100% delivery rate. They have tons of different varieties to choose from and many exclusive seeds that you won’t find anywhere else.

While looking for a seed bank online, most customers have concerns about the privacy of their packages and delivery. ILGM Seed Bank is one of the most popular seed banks in the world, as it has a discreet delivery system. Most of ILGM’s customers receive their packages at their doors promptly. If you have any delivery issues or concerns, you can contact ILGM’s customer support services. Their friendly representatives respond quickly and help resolve any issues.

ILGM ships seeds to the US, Western Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Canada and also the UK are excluded from our shipping policy. Buyers in the US and Western European countries will receive free stealth-shipping on all orders over $150. Domestic shipping fees are $25 on orders less than $150. there’s a flat fee of $30 for shipping overseas. Your orders are sent in discreet packaging to safeguard your privacy.

ILGM’s delivery of their seeds in the US is an average of between 4 and 6 days. Packages don’t need to go through customs since ILGM has a US-based warehouse, so they arrive without hassle. Worldwide, expect your seeds to get to you within 6–12 days depending on conditions. If you want your package to include tracking, though, you will need to pay extra at checkout.

For European orders, ILGM ships their seeds from their HQ in Amsterdam. However, they also have a warehouse in the USA, which allows them to ship seeds to US customers much faster.

ILGM is a seed company that ships your seeds in vacuum-sealed packages. They promise that if your seeds don’t arrive within 25 days of shipping, they’re going to re-send you your seeds at no extra cost. Ensure you allow them to know within 90 days that you just haven’t received your seeds. They would send replacements pretty quickly. If your marijuana seeds are damaged during shipping, simply take a photograph and hang on to them. Customer service will work with you to send you new seeds. Whether you use the wrong address when purchasing, they’ll resend you your seeds free.

ILGM offers stealthy, discreet shipping. This means your order is shipped in a way that gives no sign cannabis is involved. Your bank statement will also be protected by ILGM’s careful wording. This shipping is always free and provided. So you can order with total confidence every time.

Yes, ILGM will ship seed to many states where cannabis is illegal to cultivate. ILGM clearly states in its terms and conditions that it is the buyer’s responsibility to make sure they are not violating any laws by ordering.

ILGM Feminized Cannabis Seeds


These are the cannabis seeds that ILGM sells the most. They’re favorites of their clients and staff. If you’re new to growing, they highly recommend you start with one of these top-performing strains. They’re all feminized, so there’s no risk to you in growing them. They are robust and easy to grow, so even if it’s your first time growing — or you have trouble growing — you’ll find them easy to cultivate. ILGM best seller seeds comprise new and exclusive strains, as well as the best genetics from their breeders.

Durban Poison Feminized ilgm
Durban Poison Feminized
Super Silver Haze Feminized ilgm
Super Silver Haze Fem
Strawberry Kush Feminized ilgm
Strawberry Kush Fem
Granddaddy Purple Feminized ilgm
Granddaddy Purple Fem
Blueberry Feminized ilgm
Blueberry Feminized
Gelato Seeds Feminized ilgm
Gelato Seeds Feminized

ILGM Growing Kit – High Yield

ILGM Marijuana Growing kit-Bundles - High Yield [Direct Link]

The Big Bud Grow Kit contains everything you need to grow your beautiful marijuana plants, including nutrients, for each stage of the growth process. Your kit also includes the Plant-Protector Set, which helps protect you from magical surprises!

Grow Kit Contents

  • 20 Big Bud Seeds
  • Marijuana Plant-Protector
  • Marijuana Fertilizer

ILGM Growing Kit – Beginners  

ILGM Marijuana Growing kit-Bundles - Beginners [Direct Link]

Start growing your big buds with the Autoflowering Grow Kit! These seeds are ideal for beginners because they bloom automatically. Just plant the seeds and enjoy the plants growing in just 10 weeks! Nutrients help your plants reach maturity quickly, while the marijuana plant protection set keeps away the bad guys like insects.

Grow Kit Contents:

  • 20 White Widow autoflowering seeds
  • Marijuana Plant-Protector
  • Marijuana Fertilizer

ILGM Growing Kit – White Whidow

ILGM Marijuana Growing kit-Bundles - White Widow [Direct Link]

Stock up on White Widow buds with this grow kit. This exceptional kit also includes everything you need for the growth cycle and an additional bonus, the exclusive marijuana plant protection set that protects your plants from nasty surprises like insects and mold.

Grow Kit Contents:

  • 20 White Widow Seeds
  • Marijuana Plant-Protector
  • Marijuana Fertilizer

ILGM Growing Kit – Medical

ILGM Marijuana Growing kit-Bundles - Medical [Direct Link]

Get ready for the best tasting bud you’ve ever had with this grow kit! This package also includes nutrients for every step of the way, so you just have to worry about providing the right nutrition during the various stages of growth. As a bonus, ILGM inserts a series of marijuana plant protectors to protect your plants from nasty surprises such as insects and mold.

Grow Kit Contents

  • 20 Harlequin Seeds
  • Marijuana Plant-Protector
  • Marijuana Fertilizer

ILGM Growing Kit – Gold Leaf

ILGM Marijuana Growing kit-Bundles - Gold Leaf [Direct Link]

This complete marijuana growing kit comes with all the tools you need to produce a huge harvest of delicious Gold Leaf buds. Nutrients will keep your plants happy, healthy, and thriving at every stage of the growth phase. As a bonus, you also get several plant protectors to keep nasty creatures like insects, mold, and bacteria away from your precious marijuana crop.

Grow Kit Contents

  • 20 Gold Leaf Seeds
  • Marijuana Plant-Protector
  • Marijuana Fertilizer

ILGM Plant Protector

Plant Protector ilgm


ILGM Fertilizer 

Marijuana Fertilizer ilgm

Join ILGM Affiliate Program

and start to earn money

If you’re looking to earn money through your cannabis website, we can help. ILGM offers some of the highest fees in its industry. They pay affiliates 20% of all sales, with no minimum. On average, you earn $25 per sale. They have a cookie period of 90 days, so your friends and family have plenty of time to shop and shop without losing the chance to earn commissions. This can mean more commissions on a purchase! And if that’s not enough, they also offer a 5% commission program for new affiliates referred by existing ones.

Final Thoughts – ILGM Customer Reviews Conclusion Pros

ILGM is one of the most trustable online marijuana seed companies out there. When you order seeds from them, ILGM guarantees their seed quality with a 100% germination guarantee, guaranteed delivery, and excellent customer service. Any company that prioritizes customer service how they are doing may be a winner in my book. Sure, their seeds may well be a touch dearer than your typical seed company. But it’s over worthwhile for the premium service and guaranteed germination. However, you furthermore might have to remember that free shipping is included in these prices.

We hope you’ve found our IloveGrowingMarijuana review to be helpful. If you’ve questions about ILGM, please be happy to contact us on our social and don’t forget to subscribe to our email update.

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