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The Lebanese Parliament: marijuana legalization cultivation for medicinal use

Last April 22nd of 2020, the Lebanese Parliament marijuana legalization cultivation for medicinal use has emerged.  A highly profitable trade to a workforce in catastrophic danger of collapse foreign exchange as it struggles with a crippling great recession. “We have moral and social reservations, but today there is a need to help the economy by any means,” Reuters said.

Hezbollah, a Shi’ite Islamist group supported by Iran, was one of the only parties to denounce the legislation adopted at a session on Tuesday.

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Viewpoint on marijuana legalization cultivation in Lebanon

The notion of legalizing cannabis cultivation to generate cost-added medicinal products for export, was explored in a report by the consultancy firm McKinsey commissioned by Lebanon in 2018.

“As part of the new legislation, Lebanon would also aim to foster a new legal industry producing cannabis pharmaceutical products. Including wellness products and CBD oil to say the least. Industrial products, such as textile fibers, could also be produced from the plant. “The proposal was presented to the Lebanon Parliament last month. As a bid to help lift the country’s tattered economy, which was further damaged by the coronavirus pandemic.

The law that was drafted and brought before Parliament would not address that long-standing market. However, it would instead establish a completely new one.

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Aims of pushing the bill for Lebanese Parliament marijuana legalization on farming

The Parliament Member Yassine Jaber then said that “We have a strategic and comparative advantage in the cannabis industry. “Our soil is among the best in the world for this, and the cost of production is low compared to other countries.”

The history of cannabis culture in Lebanon has been long, dating back at least a century in Lebanon. The officials of the country have long wanted the country to play a similar role.

In 2018, Lebanese caretaker economics and trade minister Raed Khoury interviewed Bloomberg to state that Lebanese Parliament marijuana legalization would revitalize the struggling economy of the country.

And that marijuana could produce $1 trillion in income. Khoury said at the time: “The consistency we have is one of the strongest in the world.

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Finally finding common ground

Thanks to the hospitality of the area in large part, the Middle East could emerge as unlikely. In the same way, but a significant player in the booming global marijuana industry.
Israel has a long background in the growing of cannabis since medical marijuana was legalized in the 90s. The Los Angeles Times reported last year “thousands of acres and millions of dollars have been devoted to the production of the plant”‘. 
In addition, is “under controlled conditions” and “almost 100 start-ups that manufacture cannabis medicines and goods.”
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