Medical Marijuana in Florida thriving

Medical Marijuana in Florida thriving despite Covid19 pandemic, coronavirus, weed, cannabis, pot
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Medical Marijuana in Florida thriving despite Covid19 pandemic

“There has been a rise of two to three-fold in distribution at least given all that has happened,” said Vinit Patel, Operational Director for 28 Curaleaf dispensaries in Florida. And so more Floridites have shipped medicinal marijuana directly to their homes. ” We have personally seen an incredible rise in revenue. The first week in April, perhaps last week of March, when all this news started in Florida, ” said Patel. There are reportedly about 334,000 Floridians with medical marijuana cards.

You probably learned at the moment that Florida’s medical marijuana is legal. But what does it say, precisely?

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Increasing sales in Medical Marijuana in Florida

“In light of everything that’s been happening, we’ve seen at least a two-to-three fold increase in delivery,” said Vinit Patel, Operations Manager for 28 Curaleaf dispensaries in Florida. “We saw a tremendous spike in sales. Probably the first week of April, last week of March, when all of this news started to become reality here in the state of Florida,” Patel said. About 334,000 Floridians currently have medical marijuana cards.

“I can live without it, but I don’t want it,” said Love, who was around one year old when he started medical marijuana. Medical marijuana is a necessary undertaking. The industry has posted record sales since Governor Ron DeSantis issued his emergency order last month. Since mid-January, the number of holders of medical marijuana cards in Florida also has increased by almost 30,000.

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This is a pace of approximately 300 patients per day. “Obviously, we have really taken off in the last four to six weeks,” Peyton Moseley said. He is the Production Vice President of Vidacann, which operates in Florida. Moseley notes that his corporation protects consumers and staff by offering no contact curbing services, which were temporarily approved last month by the state.

“We have dedicated a number of car parks in front of our shops where our workers come out to your car,” said Moseley. Moseley also says its delivery drivers restrict customer direct communication. Jessica Walters of Canna said: On March 15, the General of the State Surgeon issued an emergency command which required us to begin the offering of telehealth arrangements. Your organization operates Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors’ statewide network.

The next time he wants weed, Allan Love says he plans to take home delivery. In the marijuana sector, people hope that these new actions will continue and give patients additional options.

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