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MIMOSA strain review


MIMOSA strain:



Sativa dominant Hybrid :(70% Sativa / 30% Indica), Purple Punch X Clementine


Prize Winner 2018 High Times Cannabis Cup in Santa Rosa


Harvest XL Indoor up to 400-500g per m2 – Outdoor 500g per plant


Fflowering time, 8-9 weeks


THC: 20-27%, CBD: 0.05%


New school

Mediterranean/ Sunny

Crossing the popular Purple Punch X Clementine varieties, Mimosa Strain is a Sativa dominant form of a hybrid (70% Sativa / 30% Indica). There was a mistake. This Mimosa strain wraps vibrant and cheerful results of the day to seek sleep and give you a good feeling while you are on your day.

Mimosa leans instead on the Sativa side, a hybrid like Purple Papa, with its effects which will make you feel much more energetic, uplifted, and concentrated before his soothing comedy. This beautiful bud tastes sweet citrus, with a touch of malt, like breakfast booze its name.

The exquisite citrus taste and aroma of Mimosas are even more reasons why cannabis smokers have become so popular with this strain.

The Mimosa strain has inherited from her parent strain Clementine all these marvelously delicious orange citrus aromas and flavors. It also has more subtle earthy and savory flavors.

This lovely Mimosa has a dense appearance, with large cone-shaped buds covered with the milky-white trichomes. A hint of violet, the Purple Punch parent strain, contrast beautifully with the Mimosa plant’s very frosty appearance.

Light orange pistils around the leaves and wintergreen calyxes create views over a Mimosa vine.

Flowering time for Mimosa cannabis can take from 8 to 9 weeks to bloom and is ready to be reaped, dried, cured, and smoked at maximum capacity. In the latter days of September or early days of the month of October, Mimosa weed should be ready for planting.

Its strong Sativa effects are very powerful and uplifting. With orange undertones, the scent is very sweet. Taking control of the strain is not recommended for a neophyte since its high Sativa implications are quite potent.

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