Netherlands News: Weed Growers wanted

Netherlands News: Weed Growers wanted, Amsterdam, marijuana, cannabis, pot, plant
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Netherlands News: Weed Growers wanted

As part of a pilot project,  from the Netherland News aimed at solving the gray area of illegal supplies to coffee shops.  It was said that the Dutch government will allow ten growers to produce a range of cannabis products. In order to satisfy the supply request legitimately and well-controlled.
Interested parties will be able to apply to start from the 1st of July, indicating where they intend to grow cannabis. In addition to what production they foresee, and how they plan to guarantee the safety of the storage.  Coupled with the transport of hashish and marijuana. The competition is reserved for growers domiciled in the Netherlands or companies that have their registered office there. Uncensored candidates must be able to produce at least 6.5 tons of dried hemp per year of at least 10 different varieties.
Already last year the government had launched an experiment by addressing the municipalities directly. But without obtaining large participation due to the conditions deemed most inapplicable. This new plan moves on different tracks and confirms the country’s willingness to move towards legalization..
Netherlands News: Weed Growers wanted, coffeshop
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Current weed situation on the Netherlands News

At present, the cultivation for the personal use of up to five hemp seedlings is possible in the Netherlands. The procedure must function as follows, dubbed the “pot test” locally. Only goods from legally licensed cannabis manufacturers in the Netherlands would be allowed for sale by the government. The coffee shops of participating communities will only be allowed to store weeds that are checked, verified and distributed.  Furthermore with correct labeling of THC rates by officially licensed municipal laboratories.
However, Amsterdam is not included in the marijuana test: it is limited to the rural, small to medium-sized towns too big for coffee shops. The study trials cover Groningen, Arnhem which Breda, which varies from 38,000 people to over 200,000. The method of identifying and accepting farmers still requires time: until 2021 this approved weed can not be published.
Netherlands News: Weed Growers wanted, coffeshop
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What are the trials for?

The trial will also provide a blueprint for many communities and states with the quasi-legal status of cannabis. By seeking a means of getting this activity entirely above ground. But that’s only because the experiment succeeds.
The current laws of the Netherlands may shock people who find the world to be a heaven for cannabis smokers. Cannabis will easily be marketed and ingested freely, so it seems to be simple for its production to improve demand. However, the illicit status of the growth of plants for cannabis processing is a noticeable deviation. From the more permissive regulations on sale and uses (the Netherlands’ use of cannabis has been considerably smaller than the European level for many decades).
Paul Depla, Mayor of Breda, said to the Dutch Broadcast Network:  “It’s exactly the same problem that I can buy beers in a café.  And also I can’t brew them.” “Tomorrow, an illicit brewery will be built in this case.”
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Are there pros and Cons?

This illegality renders it impossible for consumers to access a safe drug of documented consequences. Nevertheless, customer security is not the main thing emerging from it. In fact, the Netherlands News may be a very peaceful place to stroll the streets, but its reputation is bad for organized crime. The nation is a center for illegal European drug dealing and police demands for more support. They also have cautioned that it now “considers being a narco-state,” with an illicit alternative economy developing. 
The trade-in weed leads to this. The province of Brabant is also considered the ‘grass shed of Europe’. Where many towns involved in the system are situated, a region in which armed cartels take the chances smallholder farmers do not like. While their commodity may not be more dangerous than other solely legal products, their proceeds are poured into a network. Which includes trafficking of harder drugs and also uses teens to be sold. To say the least, it seems prudent to wreak the influence of development from these gangs.
It isn’t going to be easy to claim. The Netherlands’ policies are somewhat close to Canada ‘s laws of last fall, which regulated manufacture and production. The country’s early signs suggest that cannabis crime can be extremely hard to eliminate. A recent fact-finding mission to North America by Dutch police found that, despite Canada now possessing outlets for state-supervised. Legally produced cannabis and the black market still undercuts these in price, creating a large clandestine market.
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Netherlands News: Weed Growers wanted, coffeshop
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Risks and Assessments

The line of legal and illicit output was in turn fluctuating. Nonetheless, certain licensed producers through be fronts by cartels, whereas substantial amounts of officially sanctioned producers also may be sold on the black market. The justice structure failed, however, to cope with the problem and to separate lawfully from unlawfully. These arguments are not generally opposed to legalizing development but demonstrate how strong crime trends maybe after decades of prohibition.
Such theoretical risks relate to the Netherlands News experiment — in fact, that’s why the marijuana study is set aside as an experiment. Although THC rates are necessary for labeling, participating towns are not putting limitations to them. Such that consumers who try better options are less likely to find themselves on the black market. In turn, the scheme would provide coffee shop consumers with a relatively large variety of items. Including 15 different kinds of weeds and 10 different hash sold per outlet.
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Netherlands News: Weed Growers wanted, coffeshop
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Final Call from the Netherlands News

When the scheme progresses, Netherlands News mentioned that there is already some ambivalence in the public. On how the system operates (the first step of locating appropriate growers). But even more important, the status quo isn’t working. “The present condition in which you can lawfully purchase Marijuana in a coffee shop. But can never supply it legal is broken as a local politician in the participating city of Zaanstad told the newspaper Het Parool.”
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