Peru Legalizing Cannabis update

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Peru Legalizing Cannabis Update

It was four years ago, in November 2017, Law 30,681 was passed which Peru Legalizing Cannabis administers cannabis and its derivatives for medical use. 

Peru legalizing cannabis update on  legislation shifted to regulate medicinal cannabis in 2017.  Granted, the law on marijuana characterized three types of permits and implemented the appropriate legal concepts.

Following a brief duration of more than one year, the government released the license requirements and regulations. Under the Supreme Decree (N 005-2019-SA) which approves Law 30681, Regulation, Licensing, Registration, Control and Inspection, and other provisions have been extensively contained.

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What were the guidelines?

Even though the course of action to having a license has been set out, further details of the required procedures have been deficient. Only last month, in November 2019, the Minister of the Interior (MININTER) issued guidelines for the safety protocols that it intends to adopt.

Currently, Peru legalizing cannabis law offers three licenses for those looking to work in the medical marijuana industry: 

  1. license for scientific research 
  2. license for import and commercialization 
  3. license for production

Based on the most recent Peru legalizing cannabis, a security method authorized by MININTER is a requirement for all types of licenses. With the authorization of the new safety guidelines, entities may begin to prepare their establishments correspondingly. It is the duty and obligation of the MININTER through its Anti- Directive (DIRANDRO) to issue safety protocols. The requirements of the Protocol include an Integrated Security Plan, a Responsible Risk Control Authority and a Control System.

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A mother's plea for change on Peru Legalizing Cannabis

An open letter was sent to Peruvian President Martín Vizcarra. In her statement, writer Francesca Brivio, a social communicator and mother of three from Lima, strongly encouraged the President to shift forward with the legislation of reasonable access to medicinal cannabis.

Brivio explained that she has an odd degenerative condition that has limited her life to exceptional circumstances, causing more than 60 various symptoms. She was in a wheelchair, had her uterus removed, had mental fogginess and numerous adverse reactions that almost caused her to die due to problems with the respiratory tract.

After having to take more than 32 various drugs a day without favorable results, she discovered that cannabis could help to relieve her ailments and to live a normal life. However, the state of Peru can not ensure access to medicine.

“Four years ago, in November 2017, Law 30,681 was passed which regulates cannabis and its derivative products for medical use. This law is inconclusive because it leaves home-growers behind, allowing only private laboratories to grow and sell. Yet we do not have a single cannabis product in pharmacies today, “says Brivio, who blames the lack of access for the lack of political will among the relevant actors who do not consider the plant to be a medicine.

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A call to the President: make a decision

“Cannabis is not a magic solution, but it is a valuable healing tool and must be considered,” said the advocacy group, who urges her president to take action in the name of quality of life.

In a dialogue with Benzinga, she explained that this is the second letter she sent to President Vizcarra. “Two years after our cannabis law was passed, we still don’t have Peru legalizing cannabis: not in pharmacies, not at home,” she said.

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Last word on Peru Legalizing Cannabis from this update

Brivio hopes to see a system that will allow both commercial and domestic cannabis cultivation soon. What is the law actually doing?

Even though Law 27.350 confers protected access to medical cannabis, changes in policy have never taken place and those in need of medicine are stuck behind the red tape.

In a recent interview, President-elect Fernández came out in favor of the legalization of the plant. However, he had already outlined the urgent agenda for his first months in charge, excluding the issue of cannabis reform.

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