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Pink Lemonade Kush strain review

Pink Lemonade Kush strain review weed

Pink Lemonade Kush 


Hybrid (Sativa 20%/ Indica 80%) Purple Kush X Lemon Skunk


Harvest XXL, up to 400-500 gr/sqm.


8 – 10 weeks 


THC 13-22%, CBD 0.2%


New school 

Temperate / continental

Pink Lemonade Kush strain:

As your aid in alleviating pain and anxiety, many people want Pink Lemonade kush. With arthritis, the body muscles up and the calming results relieve fear and depression. It’s not a sedative, so you can sleep on the couch without worrying about it. The THC percentage of this cannabis strain growing differs based on its production and drying, so inquire before eating. On average, look for THC levels of 13%-14%, with highs up to 17%-22%.
Usually, the buds are large, thick, arrowhead-formed. Pink Lemonade leaves follow patterns and expand around the stalk. Pink lemonade leaves are popular for their olive and purple stripe colors. Including its parent variety, Purple Kush. Low temperatures cause purple and therefore do not contribute to this coloring unless extended during the summer or indoors. That does not influence the taste, however, or cannabinoids, so it just is a question of aesthetics.
With the strawberry sweet scent and taste, Pink Lemonade derives its name. It is like a tiny sweet grapefruit. It knows. It is a little tropical, high on limonene, and just like a large lemonade throughout the season. on holiday. Throughout the exhalation is a shade of grassy.
The fragrance is the same as the perfume. There’s not so much excitement here a lemon candy is a general profile with a touch of bitterness and earthy undertone.
Pink Lemonade has a fairly quick harvest much like a lot of Indicas. As long as your system is reasonably small, it will take about 8-10 weeks to bloom. Plants usually stay below four feet but spread broadly. Expect two to three ounces of harvest per square foot.
At the end of September, Pink Lemonade typically flowering. Their height remains compact but ample space is needed to expand. We give up to 3 oz per square foot, but the growing plant is four to six feet; depending on the height of a plant, it’s 400-500 grams per square meters.
Pretty much across the board, the basic needs for Pink Lemonade render studying how to develop from clones a huge effort. The form of the bush is abundant in cola and results in high growth. You should get a good yield as long as your plants have ample sun.
Pink Lemonade Kush strain review weed
Pink Lemonade Kush strain review weed
Pink Lemonade Kush strain review weed
Pink Lemonade Kush strain review weed

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