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Recreational cannabis legalization in New York 2020: still hopeful, despite coronavirus

Of 2019, recreational cannabis legalization in New York, notwithstanding the backing for the overall concept by many state lawmakers, the matter plummeted as a result of conflicts over technicalities, such as how the tax revenue would be apportioned.

Analysts were skeptical this year about the opportunities of taking up these debates and reaching an agreement. But the coronavirus pandemic has quickly caught the attention of the legislative assembly in recent weeks, and although Cuomo has constantly specified that it still wants legislators to tackle cannabis through the budget, it has eventually proved to be too challenging to address in the continuing resolution due this week.

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NYC Governor's proposition on recreational cannabis legalization

The governor has repeatedly insisted that the proposal is the only mechanism by which legalization will be implemented, however activists and legislators had anticipated that it will be discussed later in the year.

Sen. Liz Krueger (D), the main author of the stand-alone drug reform measure, said last month that while legal weed will not wind up being dealt with in the legislation, “that there’s no excuse why it can’t be handled correctly after.”

Given that the governor has called the legislative session “simply done,” that is less likely to take place.

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recreational cannabis legalization
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Points to ponder on this issue

Consequently, as Cuomo points out, it is largely up to the legislature to decide if they can come together next year. And discuss pending concerns such as cannabis legalization.

“Cannabis and the digital revolution were two of the most difficult things that we needed to move on that we didn’t have a chance to do,” he said. In addition to answer to a query regarding what legislative problems he’d like to discuss in the expenditure bill he introduced that week.

“Is the session done effectively? It’s up to the legislative body, but I think it’s safe to assume it’s done, “he added. Tallying up, that many state lawmakers had been diagnosed with coronavirus.  Who knows when that might happen.

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