SCROG The Secret to Growing improved Buds

SCROG The Secret to Growing improved Buds, Everything You Need To Know, cannabis, marijuana, weed, pot, growing, flowering

SCROG The Secret to Growing improved Buds

Scrog is one of the most effective training techniques for marijuana growers An anonymous grower who used it to cultivate cannabis plants in a small space with limited resources developed the technique. Since then, scrog has grown in popularity among marijuana growers, considering a staple technique for many connoisseurs.

To make sure that you are doing the right thing, scrog is one of the most important aspects to grow weed quickly. As soon as you have your mother plants, start training them. 

Do not allow your plants to grow freely with no support. The results will be disappointing and it will take much longer for these plants to go into flower. Instead, give them a solid foundation that they can build on top of later on down the track. Training allows for better airflow around all parts of the plant, which speeds up growth dramatically because it increases light exposure to the leaves where photosynthesis takes place. This also means more energy is available. So, without further ado, let us start with the basics:

What is SCROG?

SCROG is a relatively simple method using on any sized cannabis growth operation, from the smallest closet-sized home garden to the largest outdoor cannabis farm. SCROG stands for ‘Screen of Green’ and it works by letting you train your plants onto a horizontal screen. This forces all the buds to grow directly upwards, where you can then train them with LST (Low-Stress Training) or topiary training.

Ed Rosenthal back created this technique in the 1980s, who admits to using this technique for his cannabis cultivation. He recommends using the SCROG technique for many crops, including herbs and tomatoes. They proved this technique to increase production, reduce height issues, and make harvesting easier! The Scrog Method requires you to tie your marijuana plant to a supportthe system, usually using fishing lines or small stakes.

SCROG The Secret to Growing improved Buds, Everything You Need To Know, cannabis, marijuana, weed, pot, growing, flowering

Benefits of SCROG

This method allows for an increase in light exposure of the lower branches of the plant, which results in more bud production. As the buds grow larger, we move them into positions that receive even less light. Scrogging is an ideal solution for growers with limited space. 

The major benefit of SCROG is that it allows you to maximize your yields by growing several plants at once. If you are growing in a space smaller than 3 square meters, SCROG will be the most efficient method for producing large amounts of high-quality bud.

How to use SCROG in your grow room

Scrog is a method of training plants in cannabis cultivation whereby training the plants to grow in a flat, table-top shape under a screen or net. The technique is widely used by commercial growers,

because it allows for high yields while keeping plants short and stocky, ensuring that they will not grow taller than the height of the screen or net when grown indoors. 

Isolated from other plants, each ScrOG plant will flower at the same time, maximizing production.


The screen of Green (ScrOG), is a training method used in the cultivation of cannabis. It is one of two fundamental techniques used to increase the yield and quality of indoor-grown cannabis.

ScrOG (Screen of Green) and sog (Sea of Green) are two terms used in the hydroponics industry to describe two ways of growing marijuana. ScrOG stands for Screen of Green’ while sog means Sea Of Green. It is vital to know these techniques because they can help you grow healthy marijuana plants that give you high yields. 

The difference between ScrOG and sog is that with ScrOG, growers use a screen above their plants to push them towards each other so that they grow together. With the screen blocking light from reaching them, the “Sea of Green” is a cultivation technique that helps marijuana growers maximize their yields. It involves growing cannabis plants in a sea of green setup, where placing the main plant in the center and surrounded by smaller ones. The idea behind this method is to give each plant just enough space to grow properly without crowding out its neighbors. 

The primary goal of the Sea of Green method is to make your garden look like a forest of weeds ready for harvest in less time than it would take otherwise. By using this technique, you can increase your yield per square foot.

SCROG The Secret to Growing improved Buds, Everything You Need To Know, cannabis, marijuana, weed, pot, growing, flowering

Tips for getting the best results from your SCROG setup

Everyone loves a great SCROG setup, but most growers get disappointed when they don’t get the results they expect. Here are 5 key things to keep in mind when setting up your SCROG growth.

Use the right screen (Netting) for your needs; There is no point in buying expensive netting if it will rip on you while you are working with it. For simple DIY projects, choose something that is rated for your local conditions and is easy to work with!

  1. Positioning of lights–You want your lights positioned at approximately 45 degrees angle giving adequate light to all parts of the screen, but not too much that it will burn your plants at the edges.
  2. It’s all about balance here folks! – Height of Plant: The height of your plant will determine how many nodes you can grow under
  3. You need to use a Scrog net that is designed with an elevated frame support system that allows for easy access and maneuvering around the plants as they become established and heavy with buds
  4. The size of the net should be at least 3 times larger than the canopy space above your plants, but only 4 times larger is best

Can you SCROG Outdoor Cannabis Plants?

Yes, you can use the SCROG method for your outdoor cannabis plants. This technique provides better airflow to the plant than a traditional marijuana plant. It also makes it easier to protect the plant from mold in autumn and against rain. 

The obvious difference between outdoor and indoor growing is that outdoor plants lack natural fixings, although this isn’t a problem since four stakes (which can be as simple as bamboo canes cut

to lengths,), at the corners of the plant provide a base on which to rest the screen. 

In contrast to indoor SCROG, the outdoor grower needs to consider factors such as surrounding foliage and access to sunlight. As the summer months will yield ripe cannabis in September/October,

the position of the sun—which hangs lower in the sky in these months than it does in mid-summer—needs to be considered.

SCROG The Secret to Growing improved Buds, Everything You Need To Know, cannabis, marijuana, weed, pot, growing, flowering

How Topping And Pruning Help You Grow Bigger Cannabis Buds With Scrog.

Topping and pruning are two methods that you can use to develop a cannabis plant with bigger buds. Topping is a technique that you can use in the vegetative stage of cannabis growth when the plant is less than three weeks old. We can also use pruning as a method that can be in both the vegetative and flowering stages of cannabis growth, but it’s more effective when done during the flowering stage. 

Pruning is the practice of removing some of your plant’s growth to encourage more growth in other parts of your plant. This works because when you remove leaves from a cannabis plant, its stem becomes thicker and can support more weight. It also improves air circulation around your roots by thinning out your canopy.

Can You SCROG Auto-flowering Cannabis Plants?

Auto-flowering cannabis plants are the latest trend in growing cannabis. They allow you to grow your cannabis faster than traditional marijuana strains, but these auto-flowering strains require a little extra care. 

Scrogging auto flower cannabis plants are not advisable. Because of the speed at which they grow, and because they flower so quickly (60-75 days from seed to harvest), scrogging can be a risky proposition. The flowering period is very limited, and you don’t want to be stressing the plant out by training it too hard during its vegetive.

Our recommendation is to leave autos alone and let them grow naturally.

How High Should Your Cannabis Plants Be When Scroggins?

There is a lot of confusion over how high cannabis plants should be when scrogging and let’s smash those questions up! 

The first thing you have to understand is that the major goal of scrogging an indoor marijuana plant is to create a super short, compact plant with as many buds as possible. To do this, force the plant into a vegetative state, so it grows roots and stems at a rapid pace.  

It will grow long stems quickly if it thinks it has no choice but to grow up taller to get light from the source. The height of cannabis plants will depend on the setup. However, a good range to aim for when using SCROG is 25-45cm.

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Best Way to Train Your Cannabis Plant for a SCROG growth

We can do training your cannabis plant for SCROG growth in several ways. However, if you’re looking for the best way to train your cannabis plant for a SCROG grow, then I would recommend that you look into LST (low-stress training). 

LST is an effective means of increasing the yield and potency of your cannabis plants without having to bend or break them. It’s also very easy and inexpensive to do so it’s something worth considering if you want to increase the yield and potency of your crop. 

If you’re looking for a way to increase the yield of your cannabis plants, SCROG is a great option. By training your plants to grow vertically, you’ll be able to fit more buds under the light which will help you achieve higher yields. We hope this article has been helpful and if there’s anything else we can do for you please let us know by liking our Facebook page or following us on Instagram today.

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