How To SCROG Cannabis Plants For Better Harvest

SCROG The Secret to Growing improved Buds, Everything You Need To Know, cannabis, marijuana, weed, pot, growing, flowering
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How To ScrOG Cannabis Plant For Better Harvest

Scrog is one of the most effective training techniques for marijuana growers. An anonymous grower who used it to cultivate marijuana plants in a small space with limited resources developed the technique. Since then, scrog has grown in popularity among marijuana growers, considered a staple technique for many connoisseurs.

To make sure that you are doing the right thing, scrog is one of the most important aspects to grow weed quickly. As soon as you have your mother plants, start training them.

Do not allow your plants to grow freely with no support. The results will be disappointing and it will take much longer for these plants to go into flower. Instead, give them a solid foundation that they can build on top of later on down the track. SCROG Training allows for better airflow around all parts of the plant, which speeds up growth dramatically because it increases light exposure to the leaves where photosynthesis takes place. This also means more energy is available. So, without further ado, let us start with the basics:

What is SCROG?

ScrOG stands for Screen of Green, and this is a popular technique used by commercial cannabis growers to increase yield. This technique can be used with both indoor and outdoor cannabis cultivation. The goal of ScrOG is to train and manage the plant’s growth for the greatest possible yields.

For indoor grows, means taking advantage of the space above the grow light canopy. Outdoors, ScrOG can take full advantage of the vertical space available.

A ScrOG involves creating a ‘net’ (usually a nylon screen) over your plants in order to limit their growth to a single plane. The screen allows more light to reach all parts of the plant at once, which ultimately makes it easier to achieve even distribution of nutrients and water.

Isolated from other plants, each SCROG plant will flower at the same time, maximizing production.

Ed Rosenthal back created this technique in the 1980s and admits to using this technique for his cannabis cultivation. He recommends using the SCROG technique for many crops, including herbs and tomatoes. They proved this technique to increase production, reduce height issues, and make harvesting easier!

SCROG The Secret to Growing improved Buds, Everything You Need To Know, cannabis, marijuana, weed, pot, growing, flowering
Indoor SCROG Led

What Are The Benefits of the SCROG Technique?

There are many benefits to using this method, but it’s difficult to set up. If you haven’t tried SCROG yet, then it is definitely worth a try. All you need is some strong wire netting and some basic gardening tools.

This method allows for an increase in light exposure of the lower branches of the plant, which results in more bud production. As the buds grow larger, we move them into positions that receive even less light. Scrogging is an ideal solution for growers with limited space.

The major benefit of SCROG is that it allows you to maximize your yields by growing several plants at once. If you are growing in a space smaller than 3 square meters, SCROG will be the most efficient method for producing large amounts of high-quality bud.

It takes a few minutes a day to tuck branches under the screen once your screen is in place. The results will be well worth your efforts when you take down your cannabis harvest after only three or four months of growing!

When and How To Use It In Your Grow Room?

Scrogging is a great technique for raising lots of plants in a limited space.

Some SCROG growers prefer to top (or FIM) their plants. Topping involves cutting off the main growing tip, usually between the third and fifth node, during the vegetative phase. This method ensures a greater growth of new buds perfect to fill the net and ensure you a better result.

Keep in mind to take them to their vegetative stage for a week or two longer, so that you can have the time to fill your entire growing space with just one plant.

Growers like to vegetate longer their plants because:

When growing strains such as Indica-dominant hybrids, longer periods of vegetative growth may be needed to fill a SCROG screen/net. Pure Indicas can be tricky to work within a SCROG because the overall plant structure is not suited to this type of growing. Also, the broad leaves allow little light penetration and often break off easily if staked too early.

If you have an enormous distance between the plant and the screen/netting, consider letting it grow longer before harvest.

If you are filling a large SCROG net or cultivating just one plant, you can grow it vegetatively for a longer time.

Of course, those with limited growing space or those growing Sativa strains will prefer shorter veg periods. Those with experience will soon discover that they can reach new harvest quantities by fine-tuning their growing technique. If you want to know about the best strain for SCROG, look at our list.

How Much Height Space Do You Need?

One advantage of scrogging is that you can grow in areas with restricted vertical space, such as cupboards/rooms with low ceilings. By training your plants to grow in a net, you can take advantage of small vertical spaces without compromising the plants’ growth.

Under LED lighting, growers can use the SCROG to grow crops in tents just 1.5 meters high, or even less, which are often referred to as “micro SCROG”. Growers can adjust the distance between the screen and plant containers according to their own requirements. The distance between the light source and the canopy is fixed to make sure all the blooms grow as large as possible.

Two of the major advantages of scrogging are its ability to get as many buds as possible growing under maximized light intensity levels and its ability to get bigger yields by maximizing THC crystals and resin on your buds.

SCROG The Secret to Growing improved Buds, Everything You Need To Know, cannabis, marijuana, weed, pot, growing, flowering

Which Are The Best Strains For A SCROG?

Some cannabis strains varieties have brittle branches that cannot easily be bent and trained. Other strains produce internodes that are too far apart or branches that are too stiff, making them unsuitable for growing in an indoor S.C.R.O.G setup. However, some varieties grow well with SCROG. The following strains work particularly well when grown with SCROG.

1. Godfather OG, 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup winner

The Godfather OG strain is a cross between the OG Kush and Granddaddy Purple. It’s 60% indica and 40% Sativa, with a THC level of around 25%, perfect to provide you with a sublime high. When grown SCROG method, it can reach approximately 80–130 cm (2.6–4.3 ft) in height, making it a perfect candidate for your next SCROG. 

2. Pineapple Haze

Pineapple Haze is a fun and colorful strain that can leave you feeling awake and euphoric during the day and relaxed at night. It has a mildly psychoactive head high, and it also adds a bit of a body buzz. The Sativa genetics will have you feeling uplifted and motivated, while the indica influences leave you feeling relaxed. The THC levels can reach up to 19%.

Growing Pineapple Haze is easy if growers follow the right steps in their indoor growth space. It is not picky about nutrients like other strains, so it will grow perfectly in any growth method. 

3. Desfrán, Pure Sativa Genetics, Cannabis Cup Winner

Desfrán (Dutch Passion) is mixed of genetics from the multiple cannabis cup-winning Latin America strain. This hybrid is a dream for any grower using SCROG because of its flexible branches, which are easy to manipulate into a SCROG setup. The stretchiness of genetics means your screen will fill easily and quickly.

Desfrán is one of Dutch Passion’s ‘Very High THC’ strains, with a THC content of around 20%. Germination should take around three weeks. Flowering time is 9 to 10 weeks, occasionally longer, and with very heavy yields. 

4. Outlaw Amnesia, High THC Haze Strain

Outlaw Amnesia Feminised Cannabis Seeds result from crossing an elite Amnesia Haze clone with the Super Silver Haze. This amazing strain from the famous Dutch producer is in the exclusive series of ‘Very High THC Seeds’, with THC levels around 20%.

With a bloom period lasting up to 12 weeks for some phenotypes, Outlaw Amnesia rewards the patient grower with some of the finest quality buds he or she will ever enjoy. Its uniquely enjoyable and soaring psychedelic high has made it one of Dutch Passion’s most popular strains. Outlaw Amnesia grows well in SCROG systems and grows vigorously. 

5. Power Plant, The Queen of the South African Sativa

She’s a pure indica and produces heavily frosted buds coated with a thick layer of white resins. The high is an exciting vortex followed by deep relaxation and physical heaviness. Her branches quickly fill the screen and the resin-soaked blooms grow rapidly. She’s easy to grow, her “stretchy” growth pattern makes her the perfect candidate for SCROG method growing.

Power Plant is a winner of many cannabis cups and has a proven heritage and guaranteed quality. For many growers, this famous strain has earned its reputation as one of the quickest sativa strains which don’t compromise on quality or quantity. The flowering time takes about 8-10 weeks, its buds can reach 30cm long. Yields can be exceptionally heavy.

SCROG The Secret to Growing improved Buds, Everything You Need To Know, cannabis, marijuana, weed, pot, growing, flowering
Outdoor SCROG
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How to Choose a Net For Your SCROG System?

Use the right screen/net for your needs; There is no point in buying expensive SCROG netting if it will rip on you while you are working with it. For simple DIY projects, choose something that is rated for your local conditions and is easy to work with!

You need to use a Scrog net that is designed with an elevated frame support system that allows for easy access and maneuvering around the plants as they become established and heavy with buds.

The size of the net should be at least 3 times larger than the canopy space above your plants, but only 4 times larger is best.

What Is a Trellis net?

Trellis Net is a flexible net made of plastic or nylon usually used to train plants by gently holding them in place. It allows the grower to control the shape and growth direction of the crop, which gives the SCROGer the power to maximize grow space and light penetration. Cannabis growers use this support for SCROG or super cropping technique. this makes it a perfect choice for maximizing your result.

SCROG When Your Plants Reach The Right Height

There is a lot of confusion over how high your plants should be when scrogging and let’s smash those questions up!

The first thing you have to understand is that the major goal of scrogging an indoor marijuana plant is to create a super short, compact plant with as many buds as possible. To do this, force the plant into a vegetative state, so it grows roots and stems at a rapid pace.

It will grow long stems quickly if it thinks it has no choice but to grow up taller to get a light from the source. The height of your cannabis will depend on the setup. However, a good range to aim for when using SCROG is 25-45cm.

screen of green height picture, scrog, growing tips, cannabis, marijuana, weed, pot, plant, seeds

[screen of green height picture]


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Can I SCROG Autoflower Plants? The Best Strains For SCROG

Auto-flowering plants are the latest trend in growing marijuana. They allow you to grow your cannabis faster than traditional marijuana strains, but these auto-flowering strains require a little extra care.

Some growers find that the cannabis SCROG method works best with feminized seeds. Feminized seeds allow a grower to extend the period of the plant in the vegetative phase if necessary, and to use stress training techniques without compromising the final yield.

Auto-flowering plant has a limited life span, there are fewer guarantees that the screen will be filled as efficiently as you might like. When you want to grow cannabis auto-flower this technique is a better choice for a sativa hybrid genetic, which is more likely to stretch during flowering.

However, if your choice goes for SCROG with auto-flowers, for a big result, a recommendation is to choose some of the best XXL genetics with bigger growth, such as

Some of the Best Genetics by Dutch Passion seeds co

SCROG The Secret to Growing improved Buds, Everything You Need To Know, cannabis, marijuana, weed, pot, growing, flowering
4x4 screen of green

Can You Use The SCROG Method On Outdoor Plants?

Yes, you can use the SCROG method for your outdoor cannabis plants. This technique provides better airflow to the plant than a traditional marijuana plant. It also makes it easier to protect the plant from mold in autumn and against rain.

The obvious difference between SCROG outdoor and indoor growing is that SCROG outdoor plants lack natural fixings, although this isn’t a problem since four stakes (which can be as simple as bamboo canes cut to lengths,), at the corners of the plant provide a base on which to rest the screen.

In contrast to indoor SCROG, the screen of green outdoor growers needs to consider factors such as surrounding foliage and access to sunlight. As the summer months will yield ripe cannabis in September/October, the position of the sun—which hangs lower in the sky in these months than it does in mid-summer—needs to be considered.

Can Topping And Pruning Help You Grow Bigger Buds?

Topping and pruning are two methods that you can use to develop a marijuana plant with bigger buds. Topping is a technique that you can use in the vegetative phase of cannabis growth when the plant is less than three weeks old. We can also use pruning as a method that can be in both the vegetative and flowering stages of cannabis growth, but it’s more effective when done during the flowering stage.

Pruning is the practice of removing some of your plant’s growth to encourage more growth in other parts of your plant. This works well with SCROG because when you remove leaves from a cannabis plant, its stem becomes thicker and can support more weight. It also improves air circulation around your roots by thinning out your canopy.

Scrog Without Topping

Some growers prefer to top their plants or cut off the top main growth tip to promote new side branching and increase yields. When you remove a plant’s main growth tip, the plant releases hormones on other branches, resulting in faster growth in other parts of the plant.

You can get excellent results using SCROG with a topped plant, but you can also get significant results without topping your plants. You must just manipulate your un-topped plants into a bushy shape by bending and weaving the branches under the net.

SOG vs SCROG: Which Growing Method Is Better?

Scrogging cannabis (SCROG), is a training method used in the cultivation of cannabis. It is one of two fundamental techniques used to increase the yield and quality of indoor-grown cannabis.

SCROG (Screen of Green) and SOG (Sea of Green) are two terms used in the hydroponics industry to describe two ways of growing marijuana. SCROG stands for Screen of Green’ while SOG means Sea Of Green. It is vital to know these techniques because they can help you grow healthy marijuana plants that will get you bigger yields.

The difference between SCROG and SOG is that with SCROG, growers use a screen above their plants to push them towards each other so that they grow together. With the screen blocking light from reaching them, the “Sea of Green” is a cultivation technique that helps marijuana growers maximize their yields. It involves growing cannabis plants in a sea of green setup, where placing the main plant in the center and surrounded by smaller ones. The idea behind this method is to give each plant just enough space to grow properly without crowding out its neighbors.

The primary goal of the Sea of Green method is to make your garden look like a forest of weeds ready for harvest in less time than it would take otherwise. By using this technique, you can increase your yield per square foot.

screen of green height picture, scrog, growing tips, cannabis, marijuana, weed, pot, plant, seeds
Screen of Green net

A Step-by-Step on How to SCROG Your Cannabis Plants from Day 1

The size and shape of your SCROG will depend on the height in your garden and the type and wattage of your grow lamp. Take these factors into account before you start your SCROG.

1. Set Up Your SCROG System

When you build your grow tent, remember to leave some extra space at the top of your light, so if the plants grow taller than expected, you’ll have the vertical height available to raise your light.

Be sure to hang your grow light so that the tops of your plants are within the recommended lighting distance. Different grow lights come with varying hanging heights depending on their power and type.

When the grower can achieve optimal conditions, plants growing in the correct spot of maximized lighting will produce results that will be spectacular.

2. Vegetative Growth  

The scrogger who’s worth his salt knows that he needs to adapt the amount of vegetative time given to his plants depending on the strain he’s growing.

The primary goal is to have a full flowering site full of buds ready to explode in vertical growth as soon the plants stop stretching after a few weeks of blooming

Sativa dominant plants may gain up to 200% height in flowering; this rapid growth can be a boon to growers using the Screen of Green (SCROG) method. Indica dominant hybrids grow more slowly, and with lower stretch, so it can be better to grow them in the vegetative phase for longer to ensure that the net is filled.

It’s standard practice to wait until about three-quarters of the screen is full before flipping your plant to a 12/12 light cycle. If you grow sativa dominant hybrids, flip closer to half-full. Differently, if you grow indica dominant hybrids, you may prefer to wait until the screen is almost full, as they usually have less stretch than their sativa counterparts.

To optimize their yield, growers using SCROG should consider factors such as the number of plants per square meter and how much space individual plants may grow into.

For experienced cannabis growers, it is important to pay attention to the specific phenotype they growing. A lot of learning will happen once you have grown several plants under different conditions, with varying results.

How to irrigate 

Many SCROG growers choose to keep a small number of plants. It makes sense for the indoor grower to devote large containers, perhaps 50 liters in size, to one plant. With a large container, the pots have enough nutrients and space for a big root mass. The fewer plants you have, the larger the containers must be. For example, if you have only one plant in a 1 square meter SCROG, it would be best to use a container of 90 liters in size.

Remember to water/feed regularly your garden to keep your plants healthy. This creates an even canopy, which results in higher yields. The benefit of growing organically in big-size containers is that it can allow you to grow your plants from start to finish without needing to add extra nutrients.

When stop training the branches 

It all depends on the particular strain you are growing. Growers usually stop tucking branches through the screen when it gets difficult. There is no point in doit if this hurts the young buds.

The ideal thing is to achieve many blooms that reach a maximum of 40cm above the screen. It’s important to find out what the best time is, and this comes with experience.

3. Training Your Cannabis Plants 

Tuck the growing branches under the screen as the plant grows to encourage branching without creating an overly muddled canopy. Note that many experienced SCROG masters these days prefer to use cable ties to hold the branches in place over the net without actually tucking the branches through it.

The initial stages of plant training require little effort, but as your plant grows and approaches full bloom, you may need to spend a few minutes each day on this task.

A good operation can be also pruning your plants. Pruning, or removing leaves, is not always popular, but it is needed to allow light and air to reach lower branches that are trying to grow up to the screen. Growing cannabis under a ScrOG design may be one of the most gratified operations in your home garden.

4. Removing The Leaves Under the Net

For every grower, leaf removal is a matter of preference. While some growers think the leaves perform precious functions, other growers prefer to remove leaves in order to expose more bud sites to light. You may find that removing leaves helps expose the plants’ bud to more light, and thus produces larger yields.

5. Flowering Time

To induce your plants to flower, start reducing their daily light to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. After several weeks, you’ll notice that the plants have grown taller and flowered. Continue growing the plant to its maximum height and carefully tucking the new branches under the screen. After a few weeks, you will see they stop stretching and the plant’s energy will be devoted to bud production.

Screen of green video

Good Airflow Is Essential

It’s challenging to ensure sufficient airflow in cannabis gardens when the canopy is densely packed. Good airflow in your SCROG is key to the health of your plants, as well as preventing bud rot and mold.

There are several ways to improve your cultivation’s airflow. Scrog growers commonly remove branches that don’t reach the canopy, which allows more air to circulate under a light canopy.

Another technique is to use defoliation, especially with varieties that have large leaves blocking light penetration.

Maintaining proper airflow in your SCROG setup is important. Growers often place extraction fans in their grow tents and use clip-on fans above the canopy to blow air across the flowers. Some growers blow air vertically upwards through the canopy with a fan.

Screen Of Green Yield Per Plant

Using the best cannabis genetics, you can aim for 500-600g/m2. Expert growers can aim for 600-1000g/m2 if they have a high-quality LED grow light and fully optimized grow space.

Remember that it may take you a couple of attempts at SCROG growing before you can master the technique and apply it to your growing space. You must learn which strains are best for growing under SCROG, how long to veg them for, and exactly what the correct light height should be.

Maximizing your harvest by following these helpful tips:

If you want to grow the best possible crops, make sure you give your plants what they need, but don’t overfeed them.

  • Great growers use Air pots or fabric root pouches to help roots breathe easier, which results in healthier growth and heavier final yields.
  • Upgrade to LED grow lights right away—they’re incredibly efficient and can significantly improve cannabis growth at the quality of the final product.
  • Add a UVB light to increase THC production.


If you’re looking for a way to get a bigger yield of your cannabis plants, SCROG is a great option. By training your plants to grow vertically, you’ll be able to fit more buds under the light, which will help you achieve higher yields. We hope this article has been helpful and if there’s anything else, we can do for you, please let us know by liking our Facebook page or following us on Instagram today.

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