Spiders on drugs hitting it high

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Spiders on drugs hitting it high

For shits and giggles, you would be wondering what happens to spiders when they are drugged or just completely stoned?

Peters, who back in 1948 was studying spider webs from spiders on drugs at the University of Tubingen in Germany, this was annoying as it meant he had to be awake between two and five am most days of the week to complete his study.

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spiders on drugs
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Do these spiders on drugs get so high?

Naturally, the spiders on drugs changed the size and shape of their webs, making them smaller and irregular, but they kept on weaving in the early morning. Witt also found that caffeinated spiders produce smaller but wider webs and that low doses of LSD made the spiders spin more webs with regular patterns. Subsequently, Peters eventually gave up, but Witt continued studying spiders.

However, Witt’s detailed analyses revealed that while all orb-web spider webs from spiders on drugs look basically alike, each is unique to the spider who built it. Witt was soon able to identify escapees by their webs.

They used house spiders and gave them caffeine, speed, marijuana, and chloral hydrate. The spiders spun bizarre webs, and the researchers used different statistical tools and image processors to analyze them.

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Spiders on drugs
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Differences on different chemicals with stoned spiders

MentalFloss reports, this allowed them to quantify the differences between webs.  And they suggested that comparisons like this could be used to test the toxicity of different chemicals on spiders instead of ‘higher’ animals like mice, saving time and money.

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Spiders on drugs
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Munchies, anyone?

The initial study of Witt was repeated by NASA in 1995 and identical findings were found. Astronomers used domestic spiders to examine them and modern computing technology to assess the outcome.

 It turned out, that the Space Agency released the findings of its crazy trial, which was as surprising as you would have predicted. The spiders on drugs seem to have left their site.

Nasa said the spiders studying the product were quickly removed and left their webs incomplete when constructing them.

You didn’t mention if the munchies were still theirs.

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