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Sweet Tooth strain review

Sweet Tooth strain review grow flower

Sweet Tooth


Indica dominant hybrid (Sativa 30%/ Indica 70%) Hawaiian X Nepalese X Afghani strain


Harvest XXL, indoor up to 400-600 gr/sqm outdoor 500g/plant


8– 9 weeks 


THC 14-22%, CBD 1.5%, CBN 0.19%


Old school 

Temperate / continental

Sweet Tooth strain:

The sativa Hawaiian, sativa Nepalese, and indica Afghani are paired with the sweet tooth.
The peak THC levels of this strain stand at 14%, with estimates of 19%. It is a perfect option for night use as it contributes to sleepiness and a solid body stone that can relieve other sources of discomfort, including epilepsy or arthritis. Some critics note lucidity ‘s brain effects and award them high scores for usage at social activities. However, in the night, many people prefer to eat Sweet Tooth. This alleviates and causes munchies several recorded headaches.
The softly, complicated fragrance of the smoke is made of a sugar-like berry scent and pine undertones. Don’t be skeptical, it’s a good cannabis taste. The high rise arrives instantly, you have just one rip from a bong to take you a few hours in a cool, full-body stone. This is used medically for pain relief, stress, and insomnia.
With an internal columnar structure and reaching over 2 meters with more branching outdoors, Super Sweet Tooth Weed grows to 130 centimeters in height and creates a plethora of buds. The buds are big, thick, and coated in a lovely resin coating. The amount of THC is impressively 22%, and the amount of CBD is 1.5%.
The growth structure of the Super Sweet Tooth strain is ideal for SOG and LSTing growth. It is recommended that you grow in the soil if you want to make the most of its exquisite flavor. The flora is small, just eight weeks in total. However, commercial producers can truly maximize their yields by allowing the vegetative stage to remain in the flora for a further three weeks and generating exceptional yields of up to 600 g / sqm.
Super Sweet Tooth weeds are ideal for a warmer climate somewhere similar to the Mediterranean if you are to grow outdoors. The capacity to stretch about 2 meters outside contributes to a significant rise.
In conclusion, it is an amazing all-rounder, with features that activate any form of farmers.  The most ardent connoisseurs will impress with their exquisite taste, while the rich returns make this an ideal decision for commercial growing companies.
Sweet Tooth strain review grow flower
Sweet Tooth strain review grow flower
Sweet Tooth strain review grow flower
Sweet Tooth strain review grow flower
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