Seedsman Review, cannabis, marijuana, seed bank, weed, seeds

Seedsman Review: Is It A Trusted Cannabis Seeds Bank? If you’re planning to grow cannabis, it’s essential to select the right seed bank and seeds. You should take several factors into account, including the quality, variety, and dependability of the seeds, as well as the seed bank’s customer service, shipping, […]

Headband Strain Review & Growing Guide, weed, marijuana, cannabis seeds

Headband Strain Review & Growing Guide This strain, which is dominant in Indica, is named for its high potency. It can cause a bit of brain fog, hence the name “Headband”, which makes your head feel like it’s wrapped in something. Another name for this strain is “Sour Kush”, as

Purple Punch Strain Review & Growing Guide, weed, marijuana, cannabis, seeds, crop king seeds, barneys farm, ilgm, seedsman

Purple Punch Strain Review & Growing Guide Purple Punch is an Indica dominant hybrid strain that is often associated with royalty due to its purple color. This strain is known for its relaxing effects and is a favorite among those looking to unwind. Purple Punch buds have a grape and

Sour Tangie Dream strain review, cannabis, marijuana, weed, pot, plant

Sour Tangie Strain Review & Growing Info If you suffer from stress and depression, the Sour Tangie strain could be your right choice. This sativa dominant cannabis strain is highly sought after among patients who use medical marijuana to alleviate their mental health problems. However, it has many benefits for

Ice Cream Cake weed Strain Review & Growing Guide, marijuana, weed, cannabis seeds, seedsman, Barneys Farm

Ice Cream Cake Strain Review & Growing Guide If you’re looking for a sweet, relaxing strain that can relieve stress and pain, then Ice Cream Cake might be the perfect choice for you. This Indica-dominant hybrid contains a high THC content of 20-25% and a low CBD content of 1.3%,

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