The Ultimate Strain Review & Growing Guide [Dutch Passion]

The Ultimate Strain Review & Growing Guide [Dutch Passion], marijuana, cannabis seeds, WEED
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The Ultimate Strain Review & Growing Info

Dutch Passion has named one of their remarkable strains “The Ultimate”. This strain has gained the attention of cannabis enthusiasts worldwide due to the amazing effects it produces.

The Ultimate is considered to be the ultimate and perfect strain because of its solid yields, resilient structure, and luxurious buds that offer powerful effects. It satisfies all the requirements of a high-quality cannabis strain. However, it is a heavy feeder and requires a good amount of nutrients to thrive.

The Ultimate by Dutch Passion is a hybrid strain with 50% indica and 50% sativa genetics. With THC levels of around 20%, it is a potent strain that is mainly recommended for experienced smokers.

Novice users should be careful when consuming this strain and start with small hits. Once the high sets in, the user experiences uplifting sensations that gradually develop into relaxed spiritual highs. The strain allows users to delve deep into their consciousness and enjoy the evening of intellectual exploration that awaits them with The Ultimate.


The Ultimate strain offers a strong and potent high that hits quickly and lasts for a long time. It is important to note that this is a powerful high that becomes more intense the more it is smoked, especially for those with a low tolerance.

If you are new or inexperienced with cannabis, it is recommended to vape or smoke this strain slowly, taking breaks between puffs to allow the high to take full effect. The Ultimate is known for its calming and uplifting effects, providing a strong anti-anxiety effect and a potential boost in creativity as well.

This strain is perfect for smoking with friends as it provides a relaxing experience without any trippy or anxious feelings. Moreover, The Ultimate is highly appreciated by medical users due to its ability to provide relief from pain, possibly because of its partial Indica heritage and unique terpene profile.

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The Ultimate Strain Review & Growing Guide [Dutch Passion], marijuana, cannabis seeds, weed


Dominant terpenes:

Terpinolenefloral, pinewood, herbal, lime
Humulenewoody, hoppy, spicy, herbal, earthy
D-Limonenelemon, orange, spice
Terpineolapple blossom, citrus, piney

The Ultimate has a diverse and rich terpene profile that consists of several dominant terpenes, as well as some minor ones. Here are some of the main terpenes that you can find in The Ultimate:

  • Terpinolene: This terpene has a floral, pinewood, herbal, and lime aroma. It is also found in other plants, such as sage, tea tree, and nutmeg. Terpinolene is known for its sedative and relaxing effects, which can help with insomnia, anxiety, and stress. Terpinolene can also have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which can benefit the immune system and the skin.
  • Humulene: This terpene has a woody, hoppy, spicy, herbal, and earthy aroma. It is also found in other plants, such as hops, basil, and clove. Humulene is known for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects, which can help with arthritis, inflammation, and chronic pain. Humulene can also have appetite-suppressing effects, which can help with weight loss and obesity.
  • D-Limonene: This terpene has a lemon, orange, and spice aroma. It is also found in other plants, such as citrus fruits, peppermint, and rosemary. D-Limonene is known for its uplifting and mood-enhancing effects, which can help with depression, anxiety, and stress. D-Limonene can also have antibacterial and antifungal properties, which can help with infections and skin conditions.
  • Terpineol: This terpene has an apple blossom, citrus, and piney aroma. It is also found in other plants, such as lilac, eucalyptus, and pine. Terpineol is known for its relaxing and calming effects, which can help with insomnia, anxiety, and stress. Terpineol can also have neuroprotective and anticancer properties, which can help with brain health and cancer prevention.
The Ultimate weed Strain Review & Growing Guide [Dutch Passion], marijuana, cannabis seeds

Aroma & Flavor

The Ultimate has a powerful and distinct smell that changes throughout its flowering cycle. Towards the end of the flowering phase, it emits a strong aroma of pine, petrol, and citrus fruit with a spicy undertone. Although a few phenotypes may have a slightly more fruity scent. During the final month, the smell becomes even stronger, so it’s recommended to use high-quality carbon filters.

Once dried, the buds may have a slightly earthy and spicy smell, but breaking or grinding them will release a fruity and piney aroma. The taste is similar to the smell, with a spicy and fruity flavor that’s often Skunky, with occasional sweet notes.

Adverse Reactions

The Ultimate is not for the faint of heart, as it can have some strong effects on the mind and body. Some of the common adverse reactions that users may experience are thirst and dry mouth, red eyes, dizziness, heightened sensory perception, and headache.

These effects are usually mild and manageable, but they can be more intense for a novice or sensitive users. It is advisable to drink plenty of water, avoid driving or operating heavy machinery, and consume this strain in moderation.


“The Ultimate” strain of cannabis has been reported to offer various medical benefits for a range of different conditions. Some of the potential benefits include the relief of chronic pain caused by arthritis, migraines, fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, and other conditions. It may also help reduce stress levels by inducing relaxation and euphoria.

Additionally, it may help lift your mood by stimulating serotonin production enhancing positivity, and calming your nerves by reducing feelings of paranoia and panic attacks.

Furthermore, it may help increase your appetite by triggering hunger hormones and enhancing flavors, and boost your energy levels by increasing dopamine production and motivation.

The Ultimate weed Strain Review & Growing Guide [Dutch Passion], marijuana, cannabis seeds

Growing The Ultimate Weed Strain

When growing The Ultimate, it is important not to start flushing too early or harvest it too soon. This variety rewards growers who exercise patience with an extra fat yield!

To prevent mold growth, it’s recommended to use a dehumidifier during the flowering phase as the buds become thick and compact.

If you want to maximize your yield, try growing it in a SCROG (Screen of Green). Alternatively, you can use low-stress training by bending the plant during the growth phase and securing it with a garden cord to allow it to grow wider. Both methods ensure that all buds receive an equal amount of light, enabling you to achieve an epic yield!

Flowering Time

The Ultimate is a plant of medium size, usually growing up to 0.75 – 1 meter tall, although sometimes it can grow even taller. This strain produces dense flowers on both the side branches and the main cola.

It takes around 9 weeks on average for the plant to flower, and during the last 2-3 weeks, there is explosive development of blooms. The plant needs a lot of nutrients during the growth cycle, and it can handle high light intensity during the flowering phase, resulting in a higher yield.

Experienced cultivators will appreciate the plant’s outstanding bloom power during the final weeks of flowering. Furthermore, the strain produces a lot of white pistils, even until the end of the flowering phase.

The Yield From The Ultimate

The Ultimate strain is perfect for indoor cultivation, and achieving yields of around 500-600g/m2 is quite easy. This strain grows well in soil, coco, and hydro systems, and it does extremely well in a SCROG grow.

With the right knowledge, care, and growing conditions, a single plant of this strain can produce more than 750g/m2. However, this high yield is only possible for the most experienced growers.

Outdoors, The Ultimate grows to an impressive size and can carry several kilos per plant. It thrives in controlled greenhouses and warm, dry climates where the risk of mold is much less.

FAQs about The ULTIMATE Strain

The Ultimate has a moderate to high THC level, ranging from 16% to 20%. This means that it can produce a potent psychoactive effect that can alter your mood, perception, and cognition. However, the THC level is not too overwhelming, so you can still enjoy the relaxing and calming effects of the strain without feeling too anxious or paranoid.

The Ultimate is known for its high yield, both indoors and outdoors. If you grow it indoors, you can expect to harvest about 600 to 750 grams per square meter after nine weeks of flowering. If you grow it outdoors, you can get even more, as much as one kilogram or more per plant. The Ultimate thrives in warm and dry climates, so make sure to provide enough sunlight and ventilation for optimal growth.

The Ultimate is a perfect 50/50 hybrid of sativa and indica genetics. This means that it can offer you the best of both worlds: the uplifting and energizing effects of sativa, and the soothing and relaxing effects of indica. The Ultimate can help you feel happy, euphoric, creative, and focused, while also relieving stress, pain, anxiety, and depression.

Strain profile:


The Ultimate Strain Review & Growing Guide [Dutch Passion], marijuana, cannabis seeds
The Ultimate Strain Review & Growing Guide [Dutch Passion], marijuana, cannabis seeds, WEED
The Ultimate Strain Review & Growing Guide [Dutch Passion], marijuana, cannabis seeds
The Ultimate Strain Review & Growing Guide [Dutch Passion], marijuana, cannabis seeds


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