Treating Asthma with Medicinal Cannabis

Treating Asthma with Medicinal Cannabis, CBD, THC, marijuana, weed, pot
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Treating Asthma with Medicinal Cannabis

Asthma is a chronic respiratory condition caused by the inflammation of your lungs. That’s why your nasal passages are getting tighter. This results in shortness of breath and chest pain. Asthma is a constant problem for those who suffer from it. But in this present era, physicians are proposing medicinal cannabis for asthma treatment.

According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, 25 million Americans have asthma. Most of them are looking at organic and antidote methods of treatment.

To this, Ischemic doses of cannabis and THC have a conclusive corticosteroid influence on the small airways of the lungs. The structure of this effect is not known, but it appears to be distinct from other substances currently used as bronchodilators for asthma.

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Implications caused by using cannabinoids in Asthma

However, very few studies have been conducted on the bronchodilator implications of cannabinoids in asthmatic patients. All of these were studies conducted throughout the 1970s. Tashkin et al. studied 14 asthma volunteers and compared smoked cannabis (2 percent THC), oral THC (15 mg) and isoprenaline (0.5 percent).

They discovered that smoked cannabis and oral THC had a significant bronchodilatation duration of at least two hours. The overall impact of smoked cannabis was almost similar to the medical dose of isoprenaline. Smoked cannabis was also able to reverse quantitatively induced bronchospasm in three asthmatic topics.

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Additionally, Williams et al. tried to compare THC spray containing 0.2 mg THC to salbutamol aerosol (0.1 mg) in 10 asthmatic subjects. Both medications have significantly improved pulmonary function. The recurrence of the effect was faster with salbutamol, but the effects of both drugs were equivalent to one hour. 

Tashkin et al. compared several doses of THC aerosol (5-20 mg) with the standard dose of isoprenaline in 11 normal volunteers and 5 asthmatic subjects. In normal subjects and three asthmatics, the bronchodilator effect of THC was less than that of isoprenaline after five minutes, but significantly higher after one to three hours.

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Treating Asthma with Medicinal Cannabis
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Asthma Alternative Treatment

Asthma treatment comprises the use of anti-inflammatory drugs (corticosteroids) and bronchodilators. THC and cannabis are bronchodilators and may have anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects. 
Cannabis smoke contains carcinogens objectively normally found in tobacco smoke, including several toxins that may harm the mucosa. Ingestion of these combustion products should be prevented or significantly reduced. Cannabis can be taken orally to avoid the intake of combustion products.

Cannabis or THC can be inhaled by a vaporizer to reduce the amount of inhaled carcinogens, and/or cannabis with a high THC content may be used/smoked. In a number of situations, a confluence of simple oral medication and a mandate for the inhaled medication in acute asthma attacks may be helpful in reducing the risk of smoking. And also the risk of overdose with topical application. The accessibility of THC aerosols is beneficial.

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