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Wedding Crasher strain review

Wedding Crasher Strain review cannabis flower grow

Wedding Crasher 


Sativa dominant Hybrid (Sativa 70%/ Indica 30%) Purple Punch X Wedding Cake


Harvest XXL, up to 400-500 gr/sqm.


10 weeks 


THC 13-21%, CBD 0.2%


New school 

Temperate / continental

Wedding Crasher strain:

A crossbreed of Purple Punch and Wedding Cake has been produced by Wedding Crasher, by Symbiotic Gènetics. Even if classified as Hybrid, it has Sativa properties of up to 70% of the plant. 
Many Wedding crash phenotypes have mild trichomes icing and are happy while working with these buds for any sticky lip. Certainly, this pressure is not as filled as White Widow … so why expect a widow to appear at this wedding?
Aside from playing, the buds are mainly dark-green with only a few orange pistils. Although buds with a purple sprinkling can be obtained, not everyone is so common.
Wedding Crasher is a stunning combination between Wedding Cake and Purple Punch created with symbiotic genetics. With the smooth vanilla flavors, Symbiotic has created a mild earthy strain with highlights of sharp gassy and a sweet bay finish by blending Wedding cakes and sweet grape notes.
Wedding Crasher can also be grown indoors and outdoors (where the flowering period of plants is ±70 days). This strain has ten weeks of flowering time. The average/high yield was the bulk of phénos. Cookies with the lowest yield dominant phenotypes.
The high strain of Wedding Crasher cannabis will remind you why you love life and make the process easier for you. The consumers may sound a little chatty, but they may improve focus on the correct dose.
This strain typically provides a non-overwhelming energy level, unlike stronger sativa dominant strains. After attempting this test, even novice users rarely report getting anxiety. This bud probably won’t cause serious mood changes as long as users know their tolerance level. Wedding Crasher arrives with warning whether there is a background of heart attacks or psychotic spells.
Wedding Crasher Strain review cannabis flower grow
Wedding Crasher strain review
Wedding Crasher Strain review cannabis flower grow
Wedding Crasher Strain review cannabis flower grow
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