What If God Was One Of Us As A Pot Head?

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What If God Was One Of Us As A Pot Head?

Believers and non-believers would probably think so. That question arose, What if god was one of us as a pot head? If we could go back and find out that he was, would that make a big difference to our lives? Perhaps not, perhaps maybe, yes. 

This train of thought would make us wonder and to find out the theory, let us go deep into the world of history just for kicks and giggles.

Is It A BIG BANG Theory Or About Adam And Eve?

Let’s start dissecting from the very beginning. Paleontologists verify which your Jewish friends initially believed: old worship was much more enjoyable.

Cannabis, myrrh, Frankincense? On an ancient Israeli altar, archaeological excavations residues of weeds, inferring that only the polytheistic religion of the Hebrew people like a pothead was to enjoy getting stoned.

The findings were made on the Iron age Judahite Shrine of Tel Arad, in Israel’s Negev Desert, with gas chromatography and mass spectrometry tests. In the temple ‘s interior sanctum, known as the cella or sacred of the holy ones, was the cannabis altar.

Eran Arie, the Iron Age and Persian Periods Archeology curator in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, told CNN: “We know from all over the Ancient Near East and from all over the world that various civilizations have used hallucinogenic materials and ingredients to produce religious ecstasy. “With such cultic rituals, we never heard about Judah. It’s something fresh that we find cannabis in Judah’s official cult spot as a pothead.

What if God was one of us as a pot head? god stoner

Arie released a paper with the independent scholar Baruch Rosen and Dvory Namdar, a chemist and archeologist from the Volcani Agricultural Research Centre, on his observations in the Journal of the Institute of Archeology, University of Tel-Aviv

Studies suggest that the site was active from the ninth century BC until early sixth century BC, first discovered in the 1960s. At a certain level, as the sanctuary remained in operation, admirers tucked away on either side of the escalator to the star the two calcareous altars.

The charred remains on either hand were retained in the hot desert atmosphere over thousands of years. There was no conclusion from trials carried out by the original archeologists who discarded altars, so it was assumed that animal sacrifices are being burnt.

Modern science research now shows that one altar was designed for hemp, the second one was greater for open-minded incense, and herbal incense designed for the Boswellia tree resin. (Since it never had been found before at a dig site, though, its existence was not quite shocking considering the references in the Bible.)

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Leading Theory: Cannabis Is The Suspect

The theory is that cannabis was used to increase by worshippers. The residues showed that the drug was mixed with animal dung that would have produced a lower temperature cannabis burning, which allowed the psychoactive compounds of the drug to be activated. The candy was presumably on a different altar, and when burned at high temperatures the scent was release highest — the odor of animal fat was present, which increased the temperature to the optimal amount.

There was a much more shocking amount of tetrahydrocannabinol, cannabidiol, and cannabinol—compounds present in cannabis. The team inquired whether Namdar was a pothead inadvertently contaminating a study, as he had just begun a job in the laboratory studying cannabis use in medicine. The finding was then verified by an objective laboratory.

Both accessible incense and weed were possibly very expensive because merchants from abroad must have taken them to Israel.

Integrating weed and frankincense was a major expenditure that some scattered nomads couldn’t produce, and a strong State agency required help,” says Arie to Haaretz. “They needed support and therefore, “Some wise people in the area of Jerusalem, if they just wanted the temple to smell good, could burn it.”


So, To mildly Put: Cannabis Was Mostly Used For Religious Or Meditation Purposes

The weed could be smuggled from south-east Russia to the Middle East or China, which was found at an ancient graveyard last year as charred remains of 2,500 years-old seeds. The resin, known as hashish, would probably have been.

In the report, the ritual cannabis use was probably widespread in Israel at that time, as a local guardhouse of Judahite soldiers from Jerusalem had been running the shrine where they found the drugs. If so, biblical historians do not recognize the term used to talk of the ancient texts of the plants — or the tradition might have disappeared before the bible was written down.

This was a grain-by-grain study of the rubble trucked out of the Temple Mount, a splendorous structure that for 3,000 years has acted as a sign of the greatness of God and is now the meeting point between the three main monotheistic faiths. This remains the most interesting archeological activity in the country.

The Jewish belief has it that God has gathered the dust for Adam and that Abraham has nearly lost his father Isaac to justify his religion. The Bible reveals that King Solomon founded the First Jewish temple at this mountaintop about 1000 B.C. only to see the troops ordered by the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar, who forced several Jews into exile, take it down four hundred years later. Herod expanded and renovated a Second Temple for the Jews who were returned after their banishment in the first century before Christ.

What if God was one of us as a pot head?

Behind The Controversy Lies The Religions That Built Upon It

Between Muslims, Haram al-Sharif is the name of the Temple Mount. The Waqf transformed the place into a hall of prayer in 1996, which added floor tiles and lighting. The Waqf revealed proposals to build an emergency route to the El-Marwan Mosque, with the permission of the Israeli government three years later. But Israeli authorities subsequently accused the Waqf of exceeding the autonomy.

The Waqf dug out the two arches, establishing a massive vaulted entrance, rather than a small emergency exit. Some said that the Waqf was intent on obliviously obliterating Jewish history. EyalMeiron, an Eretz-Israel Research Researcher at the Ben Zvi Center, said: “This world has been filled with the history of Jerusalem. The operation did not involve Yusuf Natsheh, the chief archeologist of the Waqf.

Yet he informed the post of Jerusalem that the solid waste had been studied by archeological colleagues and nothing of importance. The Israelis “exaggerated” the importance of the foundations, he told me. And the Waqf tried to destroy Jewish history. He blistered at the suggestion that “A Muslim development is every stone,” she says. “Muslim development.

Zachi Zweig was a 3-year archaeology student at the University of Bar Ilan, near Tel Aviv, when he heard the reports of dumps transporting Temple Mount soil into Kidron Valley. “If anything had been destroyed, it had been Muslim heritage.” Zweig’s description sparked outrage among Israeli officials.

“To take such things without permission or consent was an illegal act.” Soon afterward, Israeli police interrogated and released Zweig. Zweig urged Barkay to take action on objects. In 2004, Barkay was allowed in Kidron Valley to search for soil that was dumped. At the foot of Mount Scopus, Zweig and he hired the carts from the Emek Tzurim National Park to support the project and recruited people to carry out this screening.

As it is often referred to, the Sifting Project of the Temple Mount represents the first instance that archeologists have regularly examined content collected from the holy complex. Barkay, 10 full-time workers, and several part-time volunteers have discovered a wealth of objects from the second millennium B, ranging from three scarabs. After the Ottoman Empire in Jerusalem was destroyed in the First World War, Edmund Allenby.


Back To God's Heavenly Pleasures

Moreover, in Judah – now southern Israel – prior scholars discovered another temple dated to about 900–600 BC and connected to a granary.

It had 150 congregations who adored Yahweh but also used idols to communicate with god. In 2012, a temple from the Iron Age was unearthed in Tel Motza near Jerusalem, dating back to 900 to 600 BC.

Sacrifices, especially burnt ultimate atonement as sacrificial lambs for the incense offerings, are described time and again as “the pleasant scent of the Lord [one of the names used by God in the Hebrew Bible].” In the case of the Arad temple, the two altars in question are placed just outside the holies’ door, so that they are as near as practicable to Yahweh’s location without disturbing his room.” Mainly because like a pothead, we don’t want any disturbance in the times of meditation.

In other terms, considering the position of the altar and the way the ritual operated, it ‘s extremely probable that those weeds will be burned to god’s satisfaction.

Thpoilerth from academic killjoy in your neighborhood: these are not the terms. The study of Allegro, written in 1970, was not pursued by a scholarly group. The notion that a phallic-like piece of fungus was accepted as their personal Lord and Savior did not impress Christians.

Therefore, there are those people are pursuing religious or mystical encounters through ingesting ayahuasca to this day. Any research also shows that it increases the wellbeing of the brain and may better relieve abuse, stress, PTSD, and anxiety. Rastafarians, though they frown upon alcohol, are famous for their cannabis use. The findings of Tel Arad can make us believe we’ve been priced a little too low for all of us who belong to religious sects that use incense.

There goes that saying from Willie Nelson, I think people need to be educated about the fact that marijuana is not a drug. Marijuana is a flower, god put it here.     


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