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2024 Thailand's Cannabis Law Reforms: A Look Into the Future of the Industry

2024 Thailand’s Cannabis Law Reforms: A Look Into the Future of the Industry In 2021, Thailand made significant progress in its cannabis regulation approach, becoming the first country among its Southeast Asian counterparts to decriminalize the use and possession of marijuana. This bold step has resulted in an increase in […]

Belgium’s Plan to Decriminalize All Drugs: Following Portugal’s Example

Belgium Considers Following Portugal’s Lead in Decriminalize All Drugs Belgium is currently considering the possibility of decriminalizing drug use and possession, inspired by Portugal’s example. Belgian national drug commissioner Ine Van Wymersch is in favor of the proposal. If implemented, the new policy would view drug use as a public

Weed Legalization Map: All The Bangkok Dispensaries Open Right Now

Weed Legalization Map: Where to Buy Cannabis in Bangkok? When cannabis was made legal this past Thursday, a slew of dispensaries popped up, selling everything from excellent Thai strains to export absurdity weed. We thought of creating a weed legalization map. We’ve written about a few of them, including Highland

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