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The Epidemic Rise of Synthetic Drugs: an In-Depth Analysis

Across The World, Synthetic Drugs Are Developing I have spent over 20 years studying the mechanism behind drug trafficking, particularly how prohibition has been driving

mAD honey hunters nepal

The Hallucinogen Honey Hunters of The Himalayan Mountains Few have captured, if not witnessed, the centuries-old traditions of the Gurung, the Hallucinogen Honey Hunting Tribe

THC diamonds, purest form at 99.9%, cbd, cannabis, marijuana, weed, pot

THC Diamonds, Purest Form At 99.9%: Everything You Need to Know THC diamonds are relative newcomers to unbelievably high-strength cannabis concentrates. Often known as THCA

George Jung, The Drug Smuggler Who Inspired The Movie Blow, died at 78

What Happened to George Jung, The Infamous Drug Smuggler Who Inspired The Movie Blow Was the most famous drug dealer of all time could be

Weed Bonsai, the basics of growing creatively, cannabis, marijuana, weed, pot

How to Grow a Bonsai Weed Plant, The Basics of Growing Creatively The bonsai trees of marijuana are real. This isn’t a myth, and you

Marks was an educator throughout his early life. He studied physics between 1964 and 1967 at Balliol College, Oxford. It was during this time that cannabis was first introduced to him. He started training as a teacher at St Anne's College, Oxford, in 1967. He gave up teacher training and continued his education until 1968 at the University of London, then continued further studies until 1969 at Balliol College. He went to the University of Sussex to study the philosophy of science between 1969 and 1970. He was only selling weed to close friends or acquaintances when Marks first began selling hash. But in 1970, he was convinced to help Graham Plinston deal with drug trafficking on a larger scale. Marks was introduced to Mohammed Durrani during this time, a Pakistani hashish trafficker who offered him the opportunity in London to sell cannabis on a large scale. Mark's empire of hash trafficking continued to expand, and he trafficked cannabis all over Europe before long

Howard Marks: Life And Legacy In The Cannabis World Howard Marks, Mr. Nice Guy supplied the mafia with millions but is now hailed as an

Getting the best possible strain for medical marijuana, cannabis, weed, pot, plant

Medical Marijuana Strains: Which One Will Work Best For You? Among the many advantages that medical marijuana provided by dispensaries is the opportunity to select

How to use CBD in your anxiety baked, cannabis, marijuana, weed, pot, recipe

How to use CBD in your anxiety baked goods this holiday season Cannabidiol uses for your cookies, brownies, and desserts, and here’s how to use

Cannabis in the time of the pharaohs: drugs of the ancient Egyptians, marijuana, weed, pot, drug

A Fascinating History Of Marijuana And The Ancient Egyptians Archaeological and ethnobotanical studies have revealed that ancient Egyptian prelates used the following psychoactive plants to

Jack Herer's Legacy continues, Ben dronkers , activist, cannabis, marijuana, weed, pot, man, story

Happy Birthday To The Emperor Jack Herer: The Legend Never Die Jack Herer is one of the most important and influential activist in the long

Carlos Santana's Cannabis Brand: Mirayo, marijuana, weed, pot, cannabis news

Carlos Santana Cannabis Brand: Mirayo Mexican-American award-winning guitarist Carlos Santana is a master of Santana, a band whose music beautifully combines Latin-infused rock, jazz, blues,

cooking-with-marijuana-a-basic-guide-for-beginners, cannabis, weed, pot, cannabis recipe

Cooking With Marijuana: A Basic Guide For Beginners Cooking with marijuana is an excellent way to reap all the benefits that can also be a

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