ILGM Seed Bank Review:  Honest Reviews From Real Users

ILGM Seed Bank Review: Honest Reviews From Real Users, cannabis, weed, strain
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Is ILGM Seed Bank Legit? Honest Reviews From Real Users

LGM, which is short for “I Love Growing Marijuana”, has become one of the most highly-rated online seed banks in recent years, with many positive reviews praising the company’s quality products and services.

In this article, we will take a closer look at this seed bank and examine various verified ILGM reviews to help you decide if it’s worth your time.

ILGM: Brand Overview

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) is a renowned name in the field of cannabis cultivation. It was established by Robert Bergman, an expert grower, and offers over 100 strains of top-quality seeds, detailed grow guides, and a supportive community forum.

ILGM sells high-quality marijuana seeds, as well as free tips, guides, and resources for growing cannabis at home. It also provides a 100% germination guarantee, free shipping to the US, and excellent customer service.

ILGM Pros and Cons



Top Features of ILGM

Upon further inspection of ILGM’s seed bank and offerings, we discovered a plethora of features that set them apart in the realm of cannabis cultivation.


ILoveGrowingMarijuana provides a fast-shipping service for its customers in the United States. They usually ship orders within two business days, and customers typically receive their seeds within 2 to 10 business days. This is notably faster than many other seed banks, especially those based outside the US.

Germination Guarantee

ILGM guarantees a 100% germination rate for its seeds, which is highly praised in many positive reviews.

Discreet and Guaranteed Delivery

At ILGM, they understand that privacy and security are of utmost importance to our customers. That’s why they take great care in shipping your seeds in discreet packaging without any indications of their contents, so your privacy is always protected.

Additionally, they offer a reshipping guarantee in case your package is lost or seized by customs. This means that we will resend your order free of charge if necessary.

ILGM Seed Bank Review: Honest Reviews From Real Users, cannabis, weed, strain

Multiple Payment Options

ILGM offers various ways to pay to cater to customer preferences, including:

  • Online bank transfer using an email address.
  • ACH or WIRE bank transfer.
  • Check or Bill Pay.
  • Bank deposit.
  • Send a cash.
  • Bitcoin (get a 10% discount when you use this method).
  • Credit cards (not recommended).

ILGM accepts Bitcoins, which helps you to buy your marijuana seeds in total anonymity. If you pay with Bitcoin, you get an additional 10% off your entire order. You’ll also be able to find an electronic payment or bank transfer to wire the cash straight from your account. It’s secure and safe.

By mail, they’ll accept cash and checks, so you have many options to settle on the form. They also accept credit or debit cards, but it’s not recommended because of fees that apply to international transactions by your bank. To avoid frustration, give your bank a call and allow them to know that you’ll be making these purchases on your card before time.

ILGM Loyalty Program

ILGM, like every great cannabis seed company, offers a rewards program. You earn points as soon as you make your first purchase, so you’re encouraged to pick up some of the best cannabis products around while they’re on sale.

The more points you have, the greater the perks! When you’ve collected 100 ILGM Points, you earn $5; at 200 points get you $10, and so on. Show your support on social media refer your friends to ILGM and earn extra points.

Growing Resources Available

ILGM not only sells seeds but also provides growers with valuable knowledge. Their website is a treasure trove of information on different strains, including detailed grow guides, a blog with helpful tips, and a free downloadable Marijuana Grow Bible.

ILGM Customer Service

The ILGM support team is knowledgeable and responsive, always available to assist with any queries or issues. ILGM forum is also a dynamic community of growers where you can share experiences, ask questions, and learn from others.

ILGM Coupon Code Deals and ILGM Freebies

As mentioned earlier, we have thoroughly reviewed the ILGM coupon codes available and would like to share our findings with you. ILGM frequently offers coupon code deals and freebies that make their premium seeds more affordable. They often run promotions like “Buy 10, Get 10 Free” on popular strains and also provide bulk discounts.

Along with the coupon codes, you can also benefit from other straightforward deals like $10 off if you are a new customer. The combination of these deals and the high quality of their seeds makes for great value for money.

ILGM Stealth Shipping

ILGM provides stealth shipping options to ensure the safety, protection, and confidentiality of your order. This means that your product is carefully packaged in every day containers that do not give any indication of containing cannabis products.

Additionally, your bank statement is protected through the use of carefully chosen language, preventing it from being flagged by your bank. This shipping method is always free and provided with every order, giving you the confidence and peace of mind you need.

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Cannabis Seed Selections Sold by ILGM

Most reviews of ILGM are seed reviews, so let’s explore their unique strains.

ILGM Feminized Seeds

ILGM provides an extensive selection of feminized marijuana seeds, featuring top-rated strains such as Girl Scout Cookies Extreme and Gorilla Glue. Feminized seeds are specially bred to eliminate male chromosomes, ensuring that every plant grown from these seeds will produce female flowers.

This is a vital aspect of cannabis cultivation, as only female plants yield the desired buds that are used for both medicinal and recreational purposes.

ILGM Autoflowering Seeds

ILGM offers some of the best-rated autoflower seeds such as Amnesia Haze, Blueberry, and Northern Lights. These seeds are perfect for novice growers due to their simplicity and quick growth.

Unlike traditional cannabis plants, auto-flowering plants do not require specific light cycles to start the flowering phase. They automatically transition from the vegetative phase to the flowering phase after a certain period, which usually results in a harvest-ready plant within 10 weeks from the time of planting the seeds.

ILGM Medical Seeds

Medical marijuana seeds are specially bred to contain higher concentrations of CBD, a non-psychoactive compound known for its therapeutic benefits.

ILGM provides various therapeutic strains that include CBD Kush, Harlequin, and Critical Mass CBD.

ILGM Mixed Packs

ILoveGrowingMarijuana offers not only single strains but also mixed packs. These packets are collections of seeds that share similar characteristics or effects.

ILGM indicates that these mixed packs are quite popular among customers. For example, the “Heavy Hitters Mix” contains three highly potent strains with high levels of THC, namely Gorilla Glue, Blue Dream, and MK Ultra.

ILGM Best Strains

It is important to note that determining the best cannabis strains from ILGM largely depends on individual grower preferences and needs. This can require going through a lot of ILGM seed reviews.

However, some strains have consistently received high praise from growers for their unique characteristics. These include:

ILGM Seed Bank Review: Honest Reviews From Real Users, cannabis, weed, strain

ILGM Nutrients and Other Products

ILoveGrowingMarijuana offers a variety of fertilizers, nutrient boosters, and plant protectors to keep your cannabis crop healthy and thriving. These products can be purchased separately or as part of an all-in-one grow kit at a discounted price.

Additionally, ILGM provides organic 5% CBD oil for sale.

ILGM Reviews From Verified Buyers

We always make sure to gather feedback from real users before reviewing seed banks. In line with that, we have gone through hundreds of ILGM reviews online.

Here are some of the noteworthy comments we found:

Joseph, who is a verified user, said that he discovered ILGM through the numerous positive reviews and he was not disappointed. He gave ILGM an A+ rating.

Toni, another verified customer, posted one of the many favorable reviews. She commended the company’s germination guarantees, smooth shipping process, and helpful support representatives.

Frank’s experience was a little different than that as his second order didn’t arrive on time. However, he was still satisfied with the excellent service from the support team and how his problem was resolved.

ILGM Alternatives

Folks searching for ILGM reviews online often like to explore other options. Here are some other top marijuana seed banks online you might want to consider.

ILGM Seed Bank Review: Honest Reviews From Real Users, cannabis, weed, strain

If You Have a Website, Join the ILGM Affiliate Program and Start to Earn Money Today

If you’re looking to earn money through your cannabis website, we can help. ILGM offers some of the highest fees in its industry.

They pay affiliates 20% of all sales, with no minimum. On average, you earn $25 per sale. They have a cookie period of 90 days, so your friends and family have plenty of time to shop and shop without losing the chance to earn commissions.

This can mean more commissions on a purchase! And if that’s not enough, they also offer a 5% commission program for new affiliates referred by existing ones.

ILGM Seed Bank Review: In Conclusion

We highly recommend ILoveGrowingMarijuana as the go-to place for high-quality cannabis seeds, valuable growing information, and excellent customer service.

ILGM offers guaranteed discreet delivery and germination, making it a secure option for those looking to purchase cannabis seeds. This marijuana seed bank is beginner-friendly and has a great selection that experienced growers will appreciate.

With free shipping and reasonable prices, growing amazing crops from ILGM weed seeds has never been more affordable.

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ILGM Frequently Asked Questions

Our ILGM seed bank reviews article is not complete without answering some of the FAQs.

ILGM, which stands for I Love Growing Marijuana, is a Dutch seed bank. It began as a cannabis blog but then started selling seeds. Today, it is a highly-rated seed bank based in Amsterdam.

While looking for a seed bank online, most customers have concerns about the privacy of their packages and delivery. ILGM Seed Bank is one of the most popular seed banks in the world, as it has a discreet delivery system. Most of ILGM’s customers receive their packages at their doors promptly.

If you have any delivery issues or concerns, you can contact ILGM’s customer services. Their friendly representatives respond quickly and help resolve any issues.

ILGM frequently offers promotional deals that include free seeds with specific purchases. One of their most popular promotions is the “Buy 10, Get 10 Free” deal on selected strains.

Additionally, you can avail of a $10 discount on your first purchase and various other coupon codes for ILGM.

ILGM offers a guaranteed delivery, as confirmed by numerous reviews. If your package is confiscated or lost during transit, they will reship it at no additional cost.

ILGM typically processes orders within two business days and delivers seeds in the United States within 2-10 business days, as confirmed by verified customer reviews of the ILGM seed bank.

ILGM provides customers with a range of payment methods to suit their preferences. You can make payments using credit cards, bank transfers, cash, checks, or Bitcoin.

This flexible payment system makes the purchasing process convenient and allows for different levels of purchase anonymity.

ILGM’s pot seeds are highly regarded for their exceptional quality, as evidenced by thousands of positive reviews.

Yes, we have tried them ourselves and they are totally legitimate! Their customer service is amazing and they are one of the few online cannabis seed sellers who has a 100% delivery rate. They have tons of different varieties to choose from and many exclusive seeds that you won’t find anywhere else.

ILGM is headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands, a country known for its progressive cannabis laws and top-notch seeds.

They offer worldwide shipping and have a substantial presence in the United States, ensuring fast and guaranteed delivery.

This is supported by a large number of positive reviews from ILGM’s US-based customers.

As we have mentioned before in our review, this seed bank provides a variety of strains that have a high content of THC for people who are looking for strong effects.

Some of their best high-THC strains are Gorilla Glue #4 and Bruce Banner, both containing THC levels of up to 26% and Gold Leaf, which has a THC content of up to 21%.

No, unfortunately, ILGM does not currently offer shipping to Canada or the UK. However, they do ship to the USA.

ILGM seeds are bred in-house, ensuring you’re buying from the source. They have excellent germination rates and glowing reviews from happy customers.

ILGM reliable seed bank that sources its seeds from breeders and growers in Amsterdam. They carefully select strains based on characteristics and grow them in optimal conditions to ensure quality and viability.

Yes, the ILGM cannabis seed bank is completely legal. They are a registered European company located in the Netherlands.

In most countries and states, purchasing cannabis seeds online is not considered a criminal offense.

However, it’s always advisable to verify the laws in your country or state before buying seeds online.

ILGM will ship seeds to states where cannabis cultivation is illegal. However, in their terms and conditions, they mention that the buyer is responsible for checking the state laws before placing an order.

ILGM is a seed company that ships your seeds in vacuum-sealed packages. They promise that if your seeds don’t arrive within 25 days of shipping, they’re going to re-send you your seeds at no extra cost.

Ensure you allow them to know within 90 days that you just haven’t received your seeds. They would send replacements pretty quickly.

If your marijuana seeds are damaged during shipping, simply take a photograph and hang on to them. Customer service will work with you to send you new seeds. Whether you use the wrong address when purchasing, they’ll resend you your seeds free.

ILGM offers a 100% guarantee of germination for their in-house genetic strains.

ILGM is widely regarded as one of the best cannabis seed banks in the industry, with thousands of positive reviews from experienced growers.

ILGM seeds cost more but come with a 100% germination guarantee, fast shipping, and excellent customer service.

Numerous reviews of ILGM highlight the company’s exceptional quality seeds, customer-centric approach, and informative resources.

They also share the opinion that ILGM is among the top seed banks for many reasons.

However, whether it is the best option or not, as some people claim, is entirely subjective and depends on your personal preference.

ILGM is a reputable source for all your cannabis growing needs. Although some customers may have experienced issues with shipping, germination, or customer service, this company is known for being responsive, helpful, and generous in addressing these concerns. They offer a 100% guarantee of germination and a 90-day money-back policy.

ILGM ships its seed daily to all U.S. states. Free of charge! Unfortunately, they can’t ship to any other countries.

According to their website, the best-yielding autoflower strain is Super Lemon Haze. This strain can produce between 3 to 6 ounces of buds per plant, depending on the growing conditions and the phenotype [Buy Seeds].

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