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BRUCE BANNER strain review



Hybrid (40 % indica/60 % Sativa) OG Kush X Strawberry Diesel 


Yeld L, indoor 600gr/sqm, outdoor up to 950gr/plant


Flowering time, 9-10 weeks


THC 25-29%, CBD 1.00%


New school

warm and dry outdoor climate


It is well known that the Bruce Banner strain has three popular phenotypes with a powerful pounce of high THC material. In this cannabis study, Bruce Banner Sativa has THC content usually in the 25-29% range with a 60% Sativa, 40% Indica and is one of the most strong cannabis strains .

And whether you accept it or not, Bruce Banner has an even better relative with Bruce Banner#3, who also has 30 percent of THC rates – a damn-like story. Cannabis from Bruce Banner is one-hit because it can do some significant harm to a puff of this healthy green stuff.

Believe us-the weeding strain of Bruce Banner tastes nothing like a huge green monster, you’d think. The dominant flavor is sweet, with notes of fruity-strawberry and a strong, pungent smell. Enlightened with a variety of vibrant and powerful green shades and good, alive and brassy, orange pistils blend between trichome and filled resin sugar leaf. The Bruce Banner strain sounds like a major green monster.

The blooms duration  is around 9-10 weeks, and those who want a more relaxing-heavy and indicative-like effect would extract at the 9-week threshold. The average harvest outside is early in October. External crops are around 950g per plant and are exceptionally decent. Indoor crops are predicted to produce slightly less weed, with about 600gr per square meter.

In the most serious of cases, Bruce Banner weed has been used successfully for assisting those who suffer from chronic stress and chronic pain disorders.

Considering the level of potency this strain contains, this cannabis strain has very few negative side effects, with paranoia and anxiety not even being a symptom that is commonly reported.

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