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Gold Leaf Strain Review & Growing Guide, marijuana, weed, cannabis seeds, ILGM
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Gold Leaf Strain Review & Growing Guide

If you are searching for a rare and potent hybrid strain that can uplift your mood and soothe your body, you might consider trying Gold Leaf. This strain is a slightly Indica-dominant hybrid with a mysterious origin but has a loyal fan base.

Gold Leaf buds have gorgeous elongated dense popcorn-shaped emerald green nugs with golden amber undertones, vivid orange hairs, and frosty thick golden amber crystal trichomes. The smell and taste are distinctive and enjoyable, with a sweet, spicy, and skunky aroma that turns into a fresh piney scent. Some users also detect a diesel note.

Gold Leaf can produce a powerful euphoric and relaxing effect that is suitable for both medical and recreational purposes. However, it is not advisable for novices or those with a low THC tolerance as it can be overpowering and cause dizziness, anxiety, and paranoia.

Gold Leaf Strain Effects

Gold Leaf is a highly sought-after strain of cannabis known for its uplifting effects and long-lasting high. Its quick-hitting effect will lift your spirits almost immediately after your first exhale.

You’ll feel a positive, upbeat energy seeping into your mind, filling you with creative motivation and a touch of focus. However, this initial focus will quickly turn into a heady feeling, leaving you slightly stoned and sleepy as the effects begin to wear off.

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Gold Leaf weed Strain Review & Growing Guide, marijuana, weed, cannabis seeds, ILGM

Gold Leaf Terpenes

Terpenes are aromatic compounds found in cannabis that contribute to its unique flavor and scent. The effects of terpenes on the body and mind depend on their concentration and type. Gold Leaf is a cannabis strain that has a complex terpene profile, which gives it its distinctive taste and potent effects.

Dominant terpene:

Myrceneearthy, musky, fruity, clover, hop, pungent

The most abundant terpene in Gold Leaf is Myrcene, which is known for its sedative, anti-inflammatory, and pain-relieving properties. It can also enhance the potency of THC by increasing its absorption into the brain.

Secondary terpenes:

Caryophyllenespicy, cinnamon, clover, pepper
Limonenelemon, orange, spice
Valencenesweet, fresh, orange, grapefruit, wood
Bisabololfresh, herbal, spicy, chamomile, balsamic, sweet, floral
Geraniolfloral, roses, citrus
Pinenedill, parsley, basil, hops, wood, pine

Gold Leaf also contains several other terpenes that add to its flavor and effects:

  • Caryophyllene is known for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, which can help with chronic pain, arthritis, and neuropathy.
  • Limonene is known for its antidepressant, anti-anxiety, and anti-inflammatory effects, which can help with mood, stress, and inflammation.
  • Valencene is known for its anti-inflammatory and antiallergic effects, which can help with skin conditions, asthma, and allergies.
  • Bisabolol is known for its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal effects, which can help with wound healing, infections, and skin problems.
  • Geraniol is known for its neuroprotective, antioxidant, and anticancer effects, which can help with brain health, aging, and cancer prevention.
  • Pinene is known for its bronchodilator, anti-inflammatory, and memory-enhancing effects, which can help with respiratory issues, inflammation, and cognition.
Gold Leaf weed Strain Review & Growing Guide, marijuana, weed, cannabis seeds, ILGM

Aroma & Flavor

Gold Leaf boasts a truly unique aroma that sets it apart from other strains in the market. When you light it up, you’ll first notice an earthy-sweet scent that eventually transitions into a fresh piney aroma. The smoke is thick, smooth, and rich, and it develops into a pungent and skunky aroma that you’ll surely enjoy.

In terms of flavor, the Gold Leaf has a lot to offer. You’ll notice earthy industrial scents of diesel and tar pools blending with sweet and powerful flavors that dance on the tip of your tongue. The taste finishes off quickly but leaves a sweet aftertaste that’s not too overwhelming.

Adverse Reactions

Gold Leaf is generally safe for most users. However, in some cases, it can cause minor side effects such as dry mouth and dry eyes. To alleviate these symptoms, staying hydrated and using eye drops when necessary is recommended.

In some cases, taking large doses or having a low tolerance may lead to feelings of paranoia. To avoid this, starting with a low dose and gradually increasing it as needed is best.


If you’re looking for a quick fix for daily stress or loss of appetite, this strain serves as a natural appetite stimulant. It improves your mood and relaxes your body without causing couch lock and works quickly.

Interestingly, this strain can also be used in small doses to combat tiredness, and like most Indica strains, it can also help you sleep soundly at night.

Gold Leaf marijuana Strain Review & Growing Guide, marijuana, weed, cannabis seeds, ILGM

Gold Leaf Strain Grow Info

Gold Leaf is an excellent choice for beginners who want to grow cannabis outdoors during the summer. One of its key advantages is that it is a tall plant, capable of reaching up to 7 feet or more. This means that it can produce a large number of buds and more resin, resulting in higher potency and better quality. It also germinates quickly, so you can start growing it as soon as the weather allows.

Gold Leaf marijuana plant has a moderate growth rate, which helps it develop strong branches and a sturdy structure. It is also resistant to diseases and pests, making it a low-maintenance strain. However, you still need to provide it with adequate water, sunlight, and nutrients to ensure optimal growth and yield. It is a resilient strain that can withstand pests, mold, and harsh weather conditions.

If you prefer to grow the Gold Leaf plants indoors, it is still possible to achieve great results, but you will need to put in some extra effort. This strain tends to stretch a lot, so you will need to control its height by using techniques such as topping, cropping, or pruning. You will also need to use a suitable growing medium, such as soil or hydroponics, and provide enough light, ventilation, and humidity.

One of the methods recommended by expert growers for growing Gold Leaf indoors is the Screen of Green (SCROG) technique. This involves using a net or a screen to create a horizontal canopy of buds, which maximizes light exposure and yield. Using this method, you can reduce the height of the plants and increase the number of colas.

Another important factor for growing this strain indoors is feeding it the right nutrients. This strain requires a balanced diet of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and other micronutrients throughout its life cycle. You can use organic or synthetic fertilizers, but make sure to follow the instructions and avoid overfeeding or underfeeding your plants.

Gold Leaf is a strain that can reward you with high-quality buds and generous yields if you grow it properly.

Gold Leaf cannabis Strain Review & Growing Guide, marijuana, weed, cannabis seeds, ILGM

Gold Leaf Strain Flowering Time


When grown indoors, Gold Leaf can be harvested in 54-63 days.


When grown outdoors, this strain can be harvested by early October outdoors in the northern hemisphere.

Gold Leaf Yield

Gold Leaf is a high-yielding strain that can produce impressive harvests both indoors and outdoors. Indoor growers can expect to get around 15 to 23 ounces of buds per square meter of space, while outdoor growers can harvest up to 28 ounces per plant.

Gold Leaf Origin

Gold Leaf is a high-quality cannabis strain developed by Robert Bergman, the founder of ILGM.

Bergman aimed to create a hybrid Gold Leaf strain that would possess the best qualities of different plants.

As a result, he crossed 40% Sativa genes with 60% Indica genes, which led to the development of a tall, sativa-like plant with Indica characteristics.

FAQs about Gold Leaf Marijuana Strain

Indoors, growers can expect to get 16 to 23 ounces of buds per 3x3ft area, depending on the growing conditions and techniques. Outdoors, the plants can reach up to 28 ounces of buds per plant, thanks to their vigorous growth and resistance to pests and diseases.


Gold Leaf is a hybrid strain that has a moderate to high THC level, ranging from 17% to 21%.

Gold Leaf is a hybrid cannabis strain that can produce a range of effects, such as euphoria, happiness, relaxation, and upliftment. It can be used for both medical and recreational purposes, depending on the user’s preference and dosage.

However, users should be aware of some adverse reactions to Gold Leaf, including dry eyes, dizziness, paranoia, anxiety, and headaches. These side effects may vary depending on the individual’s tolerance and sensitivity to cannabis.

Gold Leaf is a hybrid strain that combines the best of both indica and sativa effects. It has a balanced ratio of 60% Indica and 40% Sativa, making it ideal for users who want to experience relaxation and euphoria without being too sedated or energized.

Gold Leaf is a strain with a complex flavor profile. It combines the pungent aromas of diesel and tar with the sweet and potent tastes that linger on your tongue. The flavor is quick and smooth, leaving a pleasant aftertaste that is not too strong.

Gold Leaf is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain that was created by Robert Bergman, a renowned cannabis breeder and founder of

This strain has a high THC content of 21% and a moderate CBD content of 2%, making it a potent and well-balanced option for both medical and recreational users.

It is known for its sweet, earthy, and spicy flavors, as well as its relaxing and euphoric effects that can aid in the treatment of anxiety, depression, insomnia, and stress.

You can buy Gold Leaf cannabis seeds from ILGM [check link], an online seed bank with a reputation for excellence. These seeds are feminized, meaning they will produce female plants with potent buds.

Gold Leaf Strain Info:


Gold Leaf Strain Pictures:

Gold Leaf Strain Review & Growing Guide, marijuana, weed, cannabis seeds, ILGM
Gold Leaf Strain Review & Growing Guide, marijuana, weed, cannabis seeds, ILGM
Gold Leaf Strain Review & Growing Guide, marijuana, weed, cannabis seeds, ILGM


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