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Blueberry Haze strain review

Blueberry Haze strain review flower groe marijuana

Blueberry Haze 


Sativa dominant hybrid (Sativa 60%/ Indica 40%) Blueberry X Haze


Harvest XL, indoor  300-350g/m², outdoor up to 450g/plant


9 – 10 weeks 


THC 15-20%, CBD <2%


Old school classic

Ideal for equatorial, tropical, subtropical and temperate climates

Blueberry Haze strain:

Blueberry Haze strain i thought to provide a calming, energizing, and high feeling for others, as well as helping to relieve all suffering from terror, depression, and tension, as a Sativa-leaning Hybrid. Blueberry Haze was created from a cross between Blueberry and Haze of DJ Fast, perhaps.
The dominant effect of Blueberry Haze is Sativa. When this happens, consumers are sensed to be uplifting by the cerebral rush. This strain makes the Grinch a beautiful fellow, in other words. Additionally, its appearance is a big, dark, frozen, pine-green bud with a ton of luminous trichomes.
Who doesn’t like fruit smell? Personally, this is a strain that smells so sweet, which you test before lighting it. It has a sweet, powerful scent of bleach with a soft, skunky accent. It is fun for almost everyone experiencing the scent.
The Blueberry Haze is one of those strains which already has a great smell and taste. It has a sweet blueberry taste with a slight wood aftertaste. On the flavor, nothing more can be said than that it is one of the best delicacies.
The indoor flowering time of the Blueberry Haze is between 9 and 10 weeks and the yields are 300-350 gr/m².
Growing in an appropriate outdoor environment and being properly cared for, this strain has an estimated yield of 450 grams per plant ready for harvest in October.
One of the advantages of Sativa dominant strains is how it leads to a cerebral high for consumers. Precisely because of this quality, chronic stress and other anxiety disorders are beneficial for people. Many with disorders with mental wellbeing such as depression, PTSD and others will that suicidal thinking and emotions until Blueberry Haze starts to slide through the brain. They feel not only uplifted but also happy, which contributes to tranquility.
Blueberry Haze strain review flower groe marijuana
Blueberry Haze strain review flower groe marijuana
Blueberry Haze strain review flower groe marijuana
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