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Purple Haze strain review

purple-haze-feminized strain review

Purple Haze


Hybrid (Sativa 80%/ Indica 20%) Purple Thai X Haze


Prize Winner


Harvest indoor 500.550gr/sqm, outdoor 400g/plant


9  weeks 


THC 18-20%, CBD 0.09-0.2%


Old school classic

warmer, sunny, Mediterranean climate

purple-haze-feminized strain review grow weed flower

Purple Haze strain:

Purple Haze strain is believed to come from the parents Purple Thai and Haze, with an indica/sativa 20%-80%. Who are loved for their beautiful scene with the smoking experience reflects the pleasant, lovely fruity notes of its roots and in more respects than one?
Everything of euphoria is what this bud will render you feel speechful, confident, and perfect for those who are normally a little shy. A little bit of this puff helps you overcome the blockage for a moment. This is a mental sensation that you will not ever miss and completely relaxes floating in another dimension.
That is to say, the aroma of Purple haze gives a wonderfully fragrant tone that is full of aromas that simply indicate its impending highness. This tastes like a bowl of freshly picked blueberries, with an awful shake. This delicious fragrance certainly fills the senses and trains you for its stunning height.
Granted, it tastes as beautiful and enjoyable. Purple Haze is more about its tropical heritage’s fruity sweetness. This smoke relishes like a blend of spice and sweetness and has a sweet grape aftertaste that stays for some time in your language.
Although this strain is a plant that grows well even in the northern climate, Purple Haze should be planted for maximum growth in a warmer, sunny, Mediterranean climate. The hydroponic systems, but even in well-engineered soil, will function well on the property.
Indoor Purple Haze is projected to produce around 19 ounces of healthy and sturdy bud per square meter. These seedlings will flourish and be ready for harvest for about 9 weeks.
There will be plenty of sunlight in this challenge to survive. Approximately late October Purple Haze can be anticipated to harvest with an estimated yield of approximately 14 oz per plant with a stunning purple bud.
Also, a strong weapon in the battle against chronic stress has proved this delicious flower. Purple Haze can help to curb unrest feelings and to induce a calmer and more relaxed state of mind, which also helps patients seeking help with insomnia problems.
purple-haze-feminized strain review grow weed flower online
purple-haze-feminized strain review grow weed
purple-haze-feminized strain review grow weed flower online
purple-haze-feminized strain review grow weed flower buds

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