Thailand’s 4 marijuana strains to be a part of the National Heritage

Thailand's 4 marijuana strains to be a part of the National Heritage, cannabis, marijuana, weed, pot, plant, medical
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Thailand's 4 marijuana strains to be a part of the National Heritage

According to Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health, four cannabis strains will be designated as National Heritage items to encourage research into their use.

These strains are ST1, TT1, UUA1, and RD1, according to Minister Anutin Charnvirakul. The Agriculture Department is currently certifying the strain’s registrations. 

And the process expects to be in completion in August. In addition, to announcing that four cannabis strains will be in designation as National Heritages. The move is making to promote medical marijuana research and to combat the effects of Covid-19.

There is no additional information on the strains. Such as whether they are indica, sativa, or blends. Each variety, however, will contain various levels of the psychoactive substances THC and CBD.

He stated that the Department of Medical Sciences (DMS) will be conducting the strains’ benefits and uses in collaboration with the following universities. These are the Rajamangala University of Technology, Isan Sakhon Nakhon Campus, and Kasetsart University Chalermphrakiat, Sakhon Nakhon Campus.

Prospective accounts revealed

“It will bring substantial gains while also increasing agricultural’ ability to develop a competitive advantage, which will help reduce trade deficits with other nations,” he said.

Furthermore, Mr. Anutin stated that the Department of Medical Sciences exhibited that marijuana roots improve rebuild function in lungs damaged by Covid-19 infection.

Mr. Anutin said he fully supports research into the issue, saying it will be a significant boon for Thai medical professionals if they can offer a cannabis-based treatment for Covid-19 patients.

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Thailand's 4 marijuana strains to be a part of the National Heritage, cannabis, marijuana, weed, pot, plant, medical

Creating and marketing marijuana excursions for the National Heritage

On the other hand, Thailand’s Tourist industry, Sports, and Community Health Ministries are preparing to launch the first medical cannabis tour in Southeast Asia next year, after finalizing a proposed rule for plantation owners across the country.

The tour’s goal is to educate marijuana for medical purposes and advise those interested in growing the plant about the laws, according to Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn, Thailand’s tourism and sports minister.

According to the Bangkok Post, the tour could include plantations in Mae Hong Son, Lampang, Samut Songkhram, Sakon Nakhon, Nakhon Ratchasima, Buri Ram, Phatthalung, and Chon Buri.

The goal is to educate locals who want to form a community enterprise and apply to become authorized cannabis growers. “This initiative will lay the groundwork for a basic understanding of marijuana and its economic benefits,” Mr. Phiphat said.

He stated that the Tourism Department is on the task of promoting medical tourism. These include the use of herbs and marijuana for traditional medicine. Hence, a collaboration with the Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine Department.

Consequently, recreational marijuana use is currently in prohibition Thailand, as the only restriction to medicinal purposes. Mr. Phiphat stated that the government plans to hold a cannabis expo in Buri Ram next October, following the first update in 2019.

Medical marijuana dispensary

According to Mr. Phipat, the exhibition could strengthen Thailand’s position as a marijuana medical center in the region because it will welcome international sellers and buyers involved in this medical science.

The event schedule was supposedly this year, but the dates were in postponement due to the pandemic. According to Mr. Phiphat, the tour program should reassure families and communities that are still concern about the policy. The tour activities are in an initial demonstration of each process. Such as growing, legislation, and how to profit from cannabis cultivation.

Lastly, “We should think of marijuana as a historical relic worth preserving. Thais have been using this plant as medicine since the reign of King Narai [in the 17th century],” he explained. “Modern research later confirmed its medicinal properties.

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