Carlos Santana Cannabis Brand: Mirayo

Carlos Santana's Cannabis Brand: Mirayo, marijuana, weed, pot, cannabis news
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Carlos Santana Cannabis Brand: Mirayo

Mexican-American award-winning guitarist Carlos Santana is a master of Santana, a band whose music beautifully combines Latin-infused rock, jazz, blues, salsa, and African rhythms.  

Evidently, for decades, he used it as his predecessors had before him to encourage remedies and divine illumination.

He explained during an exclusive interview in Spanglish: “Cannabis is a frequency that occurs even before white people arrived from Europe.” “To treat and right the molecular structure and conscience all the shamans, the curanderos, learned how to use this drug. So, it’s practical because Jesus was introduced to America. Santana’s mother used the herb to medicate: to ease physical discomfort and stiffness she was to make her salts.

Word to the wise

But although it has been around for decades, right now in the U.S. cannabinoids have myriad medicinal effects and people come to recognize what the family of the singer knew for a while.

Santana explained this argument by saying: if the vehicle is not straight and bent, rather than straight ahead, you have to drive it to the supermarket to repair it. To explain this, Santana made an analogy. It’s the same for people.

“You also have an imbalance when you’re unhappy, depressed, or frustrated. So I heard that the people that smoke a herb have a different way to look at life than what we are programmed, from Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, Jerry Garcia, or whomever, he said.

“The only one with a light, Jesus isn’t. You do it as well. We were granted, imbued, celestial, celestial powers, when we were born. You may do signs and blessings, but to do this, you must broaden your mind to embrace the Spirit. And this is not what you are served by religious, corrupt institutions.

Santana has clarified that the issue of the ban is a matter of fear: policymakers and religious organizations have “afraid to let people think for themselves” because of the lack of political will to legalize cannabis and remedy damages caused on the plant by illicit practices.

“You do not need a psychiatrist if everybody is safe and healthy; if everyone is holy, the Pope is not required. Governments and organizations sell you fear in the same way. Then you start feeling like a little boy, fearless when you light up. Children laugh at terror, they know it’s false: Frankenstein, Dracula, an idea that has been created to frighten you, “he said.,” he said.

“But when you know that your sun, your sun, protect you from all foolishness, the darkness [the darkness and the folly of your light protect you], they are out of business. You will not give the catholic church your money; you will give your money to schools to help people get clean water and roads …

“It is about knowledge, guy. It’s just awareness that I’m concerned about. Not socialist or liberal, democrat or republican, I don’t care about that. I don’t care about that. All I care is: with desire, you can do anything if you do everything from the heart [by determination, if you do anything from the heart, you can do anything].

Carlos Santana's Cannabis Brand: Mirayo, marijuana, weed, pot, cannabis news
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Carlos Santana life and heritage: Mirayo

Cannabis is fundamental to Carlos Santana life and legacy, and it will only be fitting for him finally to have his brand, one that upheld his ideals and ideas.

So it is the Mirayo, in Spanish, came to be (“my ray” or “my lightning.”The luxury weed retail range was introduced in conjunction with Left Coast Ventures. It featured products created in cooperation with Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart and the Estate of Bob Marley.

“At the beginning of this particular family of the Left Coast Company, Bob Marley and Mickey Hart volunteered to join. I am thankful that I have added my name to a site that we can use to help American Indians, Navajos, Apakes, provide the pure freshwaters, teach … So I don’t have the confidence to vow it all to support my siblings. It is not just about playing guitar, everyone knows Santana. In Africa, India, and South America, I have the Milagro Foundation that helps girls … He also said that “It’s a blessing to be a blessing, una bendición ser Una bendición,”

As Mirayo by Santana himself states, it is all about motivating people to participate in their lives by embracing the light in their hearts emotionally.

“When you are coded like a laptop by someone who removes you from your light and only Jesus says that you are dark and that the light is … I am just like no. I’m just no. In all of us, God put the sun.

When he first intended to launch a more moderate CBD venture about a year earlier, Carlos Santana said “My mom used weed.” “She would take a piece of it, place it in an alcohol glass, and let it sit for hours, and after that, she could rub it in the knees or in the hands and joint where she had arthritis when she took it out …”

The firm partners with over a dozen brands – including one which sells lollipops flavored with cannabis, and “Marley Natural,” the official marijuana brand of the estate in Bob Marley, according to its website. Santana partners with the Left Coast Projects to help develop “Mirayo.”

The recipient of the 10-time Grammy award is an indica, sativa, and hylvanic herb fabric that is wrapped in decorative tins and pots and is declared as the “a weed line grown by the sun that celebrates the plant ‘s sacred and old Latin roots.”

The three strains (fourth of which is CBD-based), including artistic speech, high vision, and transcending the physical state, are broken down into ‘categories of consciousness. Although he made no guarantees, Santana says that marijuana helped him master the guitar, especially at the height of his career in the late 1960s.

Carlos Santana's Cannabis Brand: Mirayo, marijuana, weed, pot, cannabis news

Emulating La Herba

Carlos Santana himself has also individually and creatively sought his light through cannabis. “When you hear Abraxas, you can say. There is certain experience, some frequency that Abraxas, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix… some bands you knew what they were doing,’ he explained. “It feels odd when you hear the music. It all sounds inclusive. This music is beyond time. Cannabis is like water for him. Whether he is “tarried for intelligence, comprehension, or wisdom, he eats it when he wants it.

“I know instinctively, when I take a toke, where to go, what to learn, what to do or what to play guitar and what to think … Well, here you go [here it goes]: if it is aquarelle, you’re going to need water for the brush to dip to get it painted. To me, the smoking herb is like immersing the imagination in water. The more you develop your imagination, the more inspiration you have.

He continued, “I have told you this since 1967. Five packets of half g of pre-rolls and 7 g jars of luxury cannabis flora are part of the brand initial deals. The products are available in three distinct strains of sun-growing, i.e. Radiance (sativa), Symmetry (hybrid), and Oriented (indica). Santana hoping to achieve harmony and freedom from the often stressful atmosphere for those who love goods.

“I want a brand that gives you detachment, I want to create,” he said. “Detachment means that you’re not giving a crap or an ‘f.’ That means you care, but you don’t spend emotionally to make yourself break.

Carlos Santana's Cannabis Brand: Mirayo, marijuana, weed, pot, cannabis news

Benefit in helping native tribes

With Mirayo introduced on the biggest market in the United States for lawful cannabis, cynics may indicate that Santana hopes to cash in for personal benefit. Yet he focuses on philanthropically motivating his motivations.

“My purpose is to share with American Indian reservations — Navajo, Apache, and Hopi, all of them — the financial continued to support children worldwide. But I would like to devote the majority of Americans, if not all of them, to helping education, “Santana explained. “We hope that to secure the freedom that the White man does not fulfill, we will welcome sisters and daughters, the modern soldiers of today, to become lawyers. It is also only for me to use this energy for my sisters’ and brothers’ highest benefit.

In conclusion, Carlos Santana proposed that a common hedonist motto should be replaced with a more moral mantra during his early professional career.

“We say today: Love your light and render miracle and blessing. Timothy Leary has told us to do this. Love. “Love.” In San Francisco Bay Area and Southern California, Mirayo by Santana is available at select dispensaries, with preference given to Latinx companies. More details are available online about the new brand.

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