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Chernobyl strain review

Chernobyl strain review, marijuana, cannabis, weed, pot, plant



Hybrid (Sativa 80%/ Indica 20%) Train Wreck X Trinity X Jacks Cleaner X Space Queen


Harvest indoor up to 400 gr/sqm, outdoor up to 400g/plant


8 – 9 weeks 


THC 16-22%, CBD 0.5%


New school 

Temperate / continental


This sativa-dominant bud, Chernobyl strain provides a wide range of THC levels, from an average of 16 to 22%. The effects on your mind and body are consequently considerable and can leave you with racing thoughts if taken excessively.
Chernobyl produces a high but consistently easy, very obvious sativa. This beautiful flora was created by TGA Genetics and is all about surreal brain highs. Unlike the nuclear shutdown its name might make you worry you will.
Chernobyl has a very distinct fragrance, especially for those who have had it on a few occasions – you will identify from afar her earthy lime scents, and all about it can smell like sour lemons and other astonishingly aromatic citrus fruits.
This sativa dominant strain is full of a rainbow of flavors, with its sour lemon goodness. Chernobyl is going to taste in your mouth as a citrus explosion. The cigarettes are tropical strawberry and occasionally cherries, then right after you exhale a strong burst of lime.
The average time for flowering and harvesting in Chernobyl is around 8-9 weeks. This hybrid is relatively resistant to common diseases and should produce about 14 units per square meter of fresh bud.
This sativa-dominant hybrid prefers to be open-plan and can take pleasure in the sun and be ready for harvest around October. It is expected to be ready for harvest. During harvest, Chernobyl will yield an amount of about 14 ounces of perfumed marijuana.
Chernobyl is a motivational and uplifting option that helps people to survive their days without getting grim, making it an ideal alternative for those experiencing mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. 
This is why it is an excellent way to alleviate fatigue, as you also experience similar de-motivating fatigue symptoms. In some cases, Chernobyl may make you feel a bit dizzy, and in some cases, you may feel slight paranoia, even if it is seldom.
Chernobyl strain review grow flower weed marijuana
Chernobyl strain review grow flower weed marijuana
Chernobyl strain review grow flower weed marijuana

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