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Dutch Treat Haze strain review

Dutch Treat Haze strain review

 Dutch Treat Haze 


Indica dominant hybrid (Sativa 20%/ Indica 80%) Dutch Treat x Super Silver Haze


Harvest L, up to 300  gr/sqm, outdoor up to 400g/plant


8 – 9 weeks 


THC 19-27%, CBD 1%


New school 

Warm and dry mediterranean climate

Dutch Treat Haze strain review

 Dutch Treat Haze strain:

“Dutch Treat Haze ”strain—the common practice to divide a bill after a date — is almost not fun as the same-name cannabis strain. The strain is an Indica-heavy hybrid originally grown in northwest Pacific but is now very popular in Amsterdam. Dutch Treat Haze is also known as “Dutch Crunch.” This is a powerful strain that offers some physical benefit as well as its psychoactivity, despite the minimal CBD of around 1% and THC of 19% to 27%.

While the superiority of Dutch Treats is Indica, their buds tend Sativa more: they are conical rather than oval, and their leaves are wispy and lighter than tightly packed. The leaves themselves are golden and yellow, dark green under a thick layer of trichomes. During a bath, the buds of Dutch Treat can hardly be separated for a bath or joint since the resin content is strong and the bubble framework is weak.

The fragrance of this strain is not quite unforgettable or pungent, although it is good. Healed buds have a dumb wood-built scent of pine and cedar with a little unspecific citrus sweetness. The smoke is amazingly smooth and has a pine and herbal taste.

Dutch treatment may be managed by trimming and toping fan leaves when established on the ground, and stays fairly bushy up to 5 meters in height.

If planted outdoors, farmers are required to maintain plants in an environment that is no longer than the optimal range of Fahrenheit from 72 up to 80 degrees. The Dutch Treat yield is higher than average: each plant can yield up to 400 grams of flower if it grows successfully under ideal conditions. Dutch Handle flowers from indoor cultivation within 8 to 9 weeks, and from outdoor cultivation in late September.

The Dutch Treat is a nice way to calm, but is not necessarily successful or socialized – it is considered an evening-night pain by its indica leanings. The CBD content of Dutch Treat also helps in chronic pain and digestion medication conditions.

Dutch Treat Haze strain review
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Dutch Treat Haze strain review
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