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Fruit Punch strain review

Fruit Punch strain review cannabis grow flower

Fruit Punch 


Sativa dominant hybrid (Sativa 70%/ Indica 30%) Skunk X Haze Northern Lights 


Harvest XXL, indoor 600gr/sqm, outdoor up to 900g/plant


7 – 9 weeks 


THC 21%, CBD 1.1%


Old school 

Temperate / continental

Fruit Punch strain:

The Fruit Punch strain is a versatile combination of iconic strains: Skunk, Haze, and Northern Lights developed by weed breeder Heavyweight Seeds. There was a misunderstanding. The website for Heavyweight Seeds reported that the strain comprises 21% THC and 1.1% CBD.
Fruit Punch is a perfect addition to any crowd. It stimulates the morale and calms the mind by euphorically pushing users out of the surface. Interestingly, intellectual clarity gives rise to a sense of creativity which keeps deep thoughts smooth.
The muscles are gradually being energized by a stimulating buzz. It strengthens the body and makes users feel up-to-date all day long. Along with the increased intellectual stimulus, the physical psychotic influence renders it a great host to brainstorm.
Fruit Punch ‘s scent is one of the most significant selling factors. It seems more like a cookie with its sweet fruity and berry-like scent. Dropping or crushing their buds reveals the wood and soil undertones.
The aromas of Fruit Punch are equally appealing and taste like a soothing tropical shake in the palate. When savored, the berries and citrus undertones flow into the lips. A slight spice complements the often fruity.
The Sativa-dominant herb flowers early and yields strongly in countries with colder weather amid its propagation to excessive sunlight in the Mediterranean regions. Aspiring growers expand indoors, they can need to top the plant early to hold the plant shorter because its height can exceed 7 meters.
Fortunately, Fruit punch has been provided in feminized form with heavyweight seeds. Even a strain version is automatically flowered. Both types make it easy for producers of all-female lots to grow.
Nevertheless, the flowering cycle can be as brief as 7 weeks or as long as 9 weeks, depending on the grower. Fruit Punch will bloom by 8 weeks. It produces at least 600 grams of buds per square meter, however.
Fruit Punch blossoms from the past week in September to the 2nd or 3rd week of October are grown in the Northern Hemisphere. It develops up to 990 grams of buds per plant until ready for harvest.
Fruit Punch strain review cannabis grow flower
Fruit Punch strain review cannabis grow flower
Fruit Punch strain review cannabis grow flower

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