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Grape Pie strain review

Grape Pie strain review cannabis seeds weed

 Grape Pie


Hybrid (Sativa 30%/ Indica 70%) Grape Stomper X Cherry Pie 


Harvestindoor  up to 300 gr/sqm, outdoor 450g/plant


9 – 10 weeks 


THC 18-22%, CBD 0.2%


New school 

comfortable Mediterranean climates

Grape Pie strain review cannabis seeds weed flower

 Grape Pie strain :

Grape Pie strain is a dominant Indica hybrid created by crossing the delightful Grape Stomper X Cherry Pie strains. You’ll want to take another bite again and again after a taste of this delicious pie. This baby has a very rich fruity cake with a slightly spicy nutty exhale.
Fruit fans are happy: Grape Pie is your favorite. It’s a fruity, intense, and delicious hybrid of the 70/30 indicator. The fast heart-hearted hustle and bustle of your head will help you get back on the couch all night long. The high body helps you to remain sound and conscious but at ease. On the other hand. This results in a healthy indica atmosphere that does not let you sleep before the night passes.
Grape Pie has heavy grape juice notes balanced by a herbal, earthy fragrance. Sugar and spice are long after the other fragrances have disappeared, reminding everybody of this delicious strain nearby.
GP weeds have a very intense fruity berry aroma. A suggestive note is difficult to miss. The exhalation becomes a little more grassy and nutty, helping to offset the almost sweet flavor. 
Indoors, where nutrients and conditions can be monitored, Grape Pie is easier to grow. Plants are medium in height and in 9 to 10 weeks they will be ready for harvest. Grape Pie should produce 10-12 ounces per square meter of indoor space according to its parentage.
Grape Pie can thrive outside in comfortable Mediterranean climates. Their harvest is expected to take place before the beginning of October. Depending on the training technique their yields should be averaged 12–16 ounces per plant.
When grape pie marijuana goes into play, you can certainly know. In just a few minutes, the first effects were struck by a rush of euphoria from all directions. The euphoria is a soothing pleasure and is perfect for the night and the night’s cleaning. No sedation and no sleep, so it’s great to watch TV or to have friends with each other.
Grape Pie strain review cannabis seeds weed flower
Grape Pie strain review cannabis seeds weed
Grape Pie strain review cannabis seeds weed
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