The Leukemia Survival Rate: Cannabis Treatment On A 3 Years Old Boy

leukemia cannabis treatment, medical marijuana, weed, pot, survival rate, cure
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The Leukemia Survival Rate: Cannabis Treatment On A 3 Years Old Boy

Doctors also use Leukemia survival rate to assess the prognosis of a child as normal (outlook). Such figures tell you the parts are still alive for some time when children are infected with a similar condition (such as the same form and subtype of leukemia).

A severe type of leukemia was diagnosed when Landon was just 3 years old. The leukemia survival rate that had almost taken his life and was devastating. After a long heartbreak with radiation and chemotherapy, his mother Sierra turned to medical marijuana, which cost him a devastating sum of his overall well-being.

In 2019 children with cannabis for cancer and other illnesses became normal, but in 2012, Landon Riddle made headlines on the choice of his family to treat cannabis with his cancer. The family has been visited by numerous newsagents and asked them about how and when they should agree to avoid chemotherapy and treat Landon exclusively with cannabis herbal medicine. Seven years on, GRAM decided to like it was high time to follow up on the story of the first little boy who successfully treated his cancer with cannabis.

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leukemia cannabis treatment, medical marijuana, weed, pot, survival rate, cure
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Background story of children like Landon Leukemia survival rate

The story began in September 2012 when Landon’s two years old drums swelled and his voice rasped. When his wife, Wendy, took him to the hospital, he was first diagnosed with aggressive leukemia (Tcell-ALL leukemia) as a virus. Tests found that Landon ‘s chest had a mass of leukemia cells. Wendy says, “It wasn’t the sort of mass that could be taken out. Upon diagnosis, Landon had a 10% survival rate and Sierra and Wendy were advised by physicians

Landon Riddle latest update – May 2019

At Age 4: On 15 November 2012 Landon was placed in remission and is currently in remission for 6.5 years.

In August 2013, chemotherapy, radiation, and other medications were discontinued. Landon did not take any prescription drugs from here to keep him in remission. He takes cannabis oil every day and must make sure that he does not develop secondary cancers of the extreme chemical, radiation, and medications for the remainder of his life.

Because, should they’ve taken him in, he would have been dead in 48 hours. The news that no parent or grandparent wishes to learn about cancer rocked the house to its core, a child that they love dearly. They soon started chemotherapy, an intensive small body procedure, especially for the leukemia survival rate. They started offering him prescription drugs that seemed to intensify his symptoms to counter the effects of chemotherapy

Remember, “His wheelchair was needed for forty-five days in his chemo treatments; he stopped walking and talking, and every passing day became sicker.”

leukemia cannabis treatment, medical marijuana, weed, pot, survival rate, cure

His cancer journey throughout

When Landon’s health rapidly declined, Sierra and Wendy watched him suffer. Doctors continued to battle his rise in symptoms with more prescription medications and to prolong his cancer journey. “Oxycontin, Fentanyl, Morphine, Ativan and Zofran have all been prescribed for Landon’s chemicals. At one point he was even prescribed Marinol for vomiting, a synthetic THC form.

The worst part was that the FDA didn’t approve such drugs for children and did not have any specific dosing guidelines for children , particularly as young as Landon was, “said Sierra.

Wendy received a variety of messages almost instantly. Nonetheless, the post came from a close friend. Wendy was furious first of all. She thought, “He’s just a boy.” Kathleen, this woman, explained she was at the rescue of pancreatic cancer. “I was scared of death when I first tried cannabis, but that was after his third air lift,” Wendy said. Landon took the recommended chemo for 31⁄2 months before his relatives decided to treat Landon with marijuana.

“We’ve followed Rick Simpson’s dosing procedure, which shows that you’re having a patient up to one gram of oil a day within 90 days, because none of the physicians can give us a dosage or beginning point of cannabis oil. In the first six months, we have implemented this approach as closely as possible. “Landon needed a blood transfusion and platelet transfusion every 4-6 days before we began the cannabis oil. 

Just one more blood transfusion and platelet transfusion had been required once we began him on cannabis in January 2013. Since the accumulation of cannabis oil in his entire body, he never used any blood transfusion, platelet transfusion or drugs.

Wendy was posting in the Facebook community, “Give Hope for Landon,” which he created for Landon and asked for ideas about alternative cancer therapies for his few thousand followers.

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leukemia cannabis treatment, medical marijuana, weed, pot, survival rate, cure
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But in many areas of Landon 's life, the damage caused by toxic chemicals and drugs that were administered before was severe

These includes:

Landon’s nine and he can’t read yet. In any stressful situation, Landon experiences severe PTSD and still shows low intelligence when dealing with anxiety or stress. With this, Landon struggles with relationships because he was forced to do things that hurt him during ‘treatment.’ In his mind, the medical institution abused him and we agree. It was contained and covered in contusions and held down by the restrictions. His trust in adults is Low, and the majority of doctors are afraid.

Also Landon is suffering from neuropathy in his arms and hands and is interested in physical therapy. In particular, Landon isolates himself when he is under stress in his home. Out of anger he will behave and push everyone’s buttons. Though he’s nine years old, Landon responds like he’s 5 years old to the world around him. 

The shortcomings are immense and constant. Landon has grown to become a control freak, as he feels that he’ll be able to prevent him from suffering if he can control a situation. Every day of his life he lives in an attempt to keep any situation under control.

Additionally, Landon lives in a world in which every day he is reminded that he is almost dead and different from the other children in kindergarten. He sees his brain and life shortcomings and assumes he can never change. He also feels the damage to the chemo can never be repaired.

When Landon is scared, he experiences full PTSD and begins to act seriously. He’s going to yell, throw in exercise and get violent. It becomes much worse if the people around him are unable to intervene and all rise. This covers all aspects of Landon’s life and school.

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leukemia cannabis treatment, medical marijuana, weed, pot, survival rate, cure
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Well-being areas:

Cannabis oil had almost all the serious neuropathy in the legs healed of Landon. Landon’s very good in mathematics and we know his brain field was cleared of cannabis oil. Landon doesn’t have any more hallucinations, as cannabis has healed that part of his brain. Landon sleeps very much to protect his body comfortably and he continues to relax his body by taking his cannabis oil at night.

With this, Landon is extremely resilient and learns to be a protector of himself and to speak out for others. This strong boy is alive, and triviality in other fields!!! The key part of this update is:! He’s no longer painful, sleeping well, first since his diagnosis in 2012, at the targeted weight. For the first time since his 2012 diagnosis, he was also a targeted height!!! Cannabis has saved and keeps saving his life. The cure may come late, but progress is steady!

leukemia cannabis treatment, medical marijuana, weed, pot, survival rate, cure
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Thoughts for parents with their children of Leukemia

For any parents who have considered treating their child with cannabis but are still concerned about it, Sirra ‘s advice on Landon’s remarkable success is, “The number one thing you should do-be a champion of your child. Don’t take what [doctors] tell you to heart. Do your work.-Do your work. Don’t be a loving carol! ‘Please ask questions from the doctors. 

Please ask them for stuff like, ‘Has the FDA decided to take all the drugs your children would like to take? ‘Note that not just cannabis is holistic. Think outside of the box. Treatment in the USA can be claimed to be illegal or inaccessible, but equivalent care in the UK can be commonly used. It is disturbing to think that doctors are far more concerned with diagnosis than with our babies. That is why the child’s advocate is the most important thing you can do.

The Landon Riddle journey is set to be free from cancer for seven years and chemotherapy for five years on November 15 , 2019. Sierra says “This makes Landon an important part of the history of cannabis he is the first kid to cure his cancer. I hope that at a young age he will grow up and see the legacy he made. I hope he will take root in the ability to change the course of history unconsciously and to be otherwise.

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