Michael J. Fox 2019 cannabis research

Michael J. Fox 2019 cannabis research, Michael J. Fox 2019 Foundations serves as advocates for cannabis and CBD research, weed, cannabis, marijuana, medical
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Michael J. Fox 2019 Foundations serves as advocates for cannabis and CBD research

The Michael J. Fox 2019 Foundations for Parkinson’s Disease advocate the rescheduling of marijuana to raise obstacles for medical practitioners to study the effects of cannabis on health. The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Study (MJFF).

Three legislation that would rearrange cannabis, expand veterans’ access to medical marijuana, and pave the way for more study are sponsored.

Recent comments by an organization, set up by famous actor Michael J. Fox. In addition to advocate legislation to eliminate regulatory roadblocks currently impeding research into medical marijuana.

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Michael J Fox 2019 Foundations serves as advocates for cannabis and CBD research
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The MJFF initiatives

The Michael J. Fox Foundation (MJFF) has declared funding for three reform measures for cannabis that are currently being considered in Congress. A non-profit group committed to seeking a cure for Parkinson’s disease. The organization’s senior vice president for public policy, Ted Thompson, clarified that eliminating obstacles to medical cannabis research.  “Is one way Congress can help scientists decide whether Parkinson’s disease can benefit from medical cannabis.”

“The MJFF supports increased access to cannabis for medical research. Congress has begun to recognize this need, and there are several bills in the U.S. House and Senate designed to remove barriers that impede safe and legal access to cannabis by medical researchers,” the organization states. “The MJFF public policy team is tracking these bills and working to educate members of Congress and their staff on their importance to the Parkinson’s community.”

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Michael J Fox 2019 Foundations serves as advocates for cannabis and CBD research
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Education and Issue advocacy for all

The Medical Cannabis Research Act is called for by the MJFF in particular for its advocacy. And would shield federal authorities from research institutes who wish to study cannabis. The proposal will also guide the Veterans Affairs Department (VA) to educate veterans on opportunities to engage in cannabis research approved by the Federal Government. This bill also will allow the DEA, and this has been postponed for years. This is to support the consent of other organizations to cultivate federally licensed research cannabis.

In its attempts to reschedule marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule III under the Controlled Substance Act, the MJFF calls on legislators to adopt the Cannabis Study and Knowledge Act. Such reclassification would recognize that cannabis is an approved medical substance. The proposed legislation would also eliminate several regulatory restrictions that currently make research studies involving marijuana difficult for universities.

The final legislation promoted by the group is the VA Medicinal Cannabis Research Act, which mandates the VA to perform research to assess whether medicinal marijuana can improve problems common to veterans, for example, PTSD and chronic pain. Many studies have already demonstrated the efficacy of cannabis therapy in these circumstances, but due to federal illegalness, VA has continually restricted veterans’ access to cannabis.

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Michael J Fox 2019 Foundations serves as advocates for cannabis and CBD research
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Obstructions that are deterrent to pursue legalization

“Current laws are obstructing rigorous cannabis medical investigations, which makes it hard to obtain the information required for consistent recommendations,” said Andrew Koemeter-Cox, Associate Research Program Director of MJFF, in a statement. “This is especially a problem as certain drugs can be harmless to human use and likely have adverse drug interactions.”

During an interview with Parkinson himself, Michael J. Fox never mentions medical marijuana, although it has a long history of pushing for cannabis legalization. The company that he created. MJFF sent the Food and Drug Administration three letters to the department later last year, asking the agency to help both the US and the global governing bodies in their rescheduling of cannabis and also to call for the FDA to label and monitor the health of medicines.

Recently, the MJFF has released a # AskThe ® video, which includes questions about how medical cannabis can help people suffering from Parkinson’s. MJFF VP of Medical Communications Rachel Dolun, MD.

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