CBD Hemp News on Disney grandma

Great-grandma suing Walt Disney for wrongful CBD oil arrest
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CBD Hemp News on Great-grandma suing Walt Disney for wrongful arrest

CBD Hemp News alert on a Great-grandma suing Walt Disney for wrongful arrest by Lawyer Ben Crump, on the part of Hester Burkhalter.  The 69-year-old white woman of Hickory, North Carolina, and her family has launched civil charges against many agencies, such as The Walt Disney Co. and the orange county sheriff.

In 2019, Crump said she “was arrested and detained for getting federally legal CBD oil at the Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.” stated for CBD Hemp News.

CBD is a natural cannabis herbal anti-inflammatory medicine.

Afterward, the lawsuit against the Walt Disney Corporation and some of its executives, the Orange County Sheriff, and several of its deputies claimed wrongful detention, unlawful arrest, and civil violations were lodged. This is according to Crump and a July 29 lawsuit at the 9th Judicial Circuit Court in Orange County.

Furthermore, The lawsuit states that the family of Burkhalter is searching for millions more. For that reason, the Sheriff’s Office of Orange County said to the media “it was not brought before a judge, but we do not comment either on future lawsuits.”CBD

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Great-grandma suing Walt Disney for wrongful arrest
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Arrested for possessing CBD

The complaint states that Burkhalter, who was “harmless, absolutely devoid of responsibility,” was “arrested and detained as a drug suspect and checked for stripes.”

Her “only offense,'” as the grievances are enforced, “was that the family, including a debilitating adult daughter and two adopted pre-teen twins, decided to relieve crippling osteoarthritis pain through the use of a doctor-prescribed hemp-based oil while offering her family a pleasant holiday.”

According to a complaint and news conference Wednesday, Burkhalter took a trip she had been saving for more than two years along with her husband, daughter, and adopted kids.

After the complaint was lodged, Burkhalter was arrested on 15 April 2019, after she told him she wanted to empty her safety bag and the material contained a 1-ounce CBD oil container she placed in a secure bin.

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Unlawful arrest and unwarranted search

Burkhalter said at the meeting, she didn’t know if the oil was THC. The bottle registered 0 percent THC, according to the complaint. Consequently, a sheriff’s administrator twice tested the oil, which was first negative and then positive.

Subsequently, Burkhalter was arrested for possession of illegal drugs and, according to the lawsuit, she was met with drug-sniffing dogs, threw them up, and begged for medical help that was refused her.

Once Burkhalter’s son had been released in early April 16, after almost 15 hours of incarceration, was “played nude and bent over” for a body cavity search at the detention center. For, in this case, Burkhalter was released.

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CBD Hemp News on Great-grandma suing Walt Disney for wrongful arrest, cannabis, weed
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No updates as of the moment from CBD Hemp News

According to the CBD Hemp News conference, the family was informed that they were arrested for trespassing if they returned to Disney’s land.

While the camp of Burkhalter has asked Disney to apologize, Crump says the corporation did not give any, and the office of the sheriff has simply been mother-saving to try “to justify their untenable conduct.” Crump also represents George Floyd’s family, who was killed in late May by police.

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