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Orange Cookie strain review

Orange Cookie Strain review seed weed

Orange Cookie


Hybrid (Sativa 40%/ Indica 60%) Girl Scout Cookies x Orange Juice


Harvest indoor up to 350 gr/m², outdoor up to 450 gr/plant


8-9 weeks 


THC 14-16%, CBD <2%


New school 

Temperate / continental

Orange Cookie strain:

The Orange Cookies strain, made famous by Girl Scout and all its other siblings, belongs to the established family of the Cookies type.
The roots of orange cookies seem to be in “What do orange and cookies look like?” ’. While its real source, whether the girl scout cookies and orange juice cross over, or whether they are made from forum cookies, is unquestionable, Orange cookies are fundamentally unique, both for their effects and their flesh.
Granted, these Orange Cookies provide the powerful scent of tangy citrus, like an overripe orange coming from the tree. Yet if you continue to play with the flowers, then you can find that the breeze is bizarrely herbal as though there was an outbreak of a bag of herbal tea thrown to the sky.
Aside from the somewhat distorted scent of Orange Cookies, that is the sweet oranges’ general fragrance. Burning this special fragrant herb is an extraordinarily smooth smoke that carries an almost pure cane sugar scent.
Appearance-wise, Orange Cookies is an indica-leaning type, which makes the form very characteristic of these varieties. A decently sized cola with a dense structure and leaves with hints of purple may be expected.
Surprisingly enough, the color itself incorporates traces of orange, resulting in an amazing combination of fascinating, almost interwoven shapes.
Also, you need to think about how you plan to plant it before you can start building your very own OC.
It takes about 8-9 weeks to flower from plantation and has a relatively typical temperature preference.
When you have harvested, make certain that you have a deep and rich coloring on the final product, because it can suffer from insufficient drying techniques, that you can thoroughly dry the product.
This type of strain is a great attempt to carry out irrespective of whether you choose to take a resting place into the woods for a different outlook or simply love the smooth flavor of the delicious oranges.
Orange Cookie Strain cannabis marijuana flower buds
Orange Cookie Strain cannabis marijuana flower
Orange Cookie Strain cannabis marijuana flower buds
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